Seed Seminar of Mathematics and Physics

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Institut Henri Poincaré / Université Paris-Saclay

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Seed Seminar of Mathematics and Physics*
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The Seed Seminar hosts talks in mathematics and theoretical physics mainly by young researchers. Zoom link available by registering at our mailing list here

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedMay 2913:00Houcine Ben DaliDifferential equations for the series of hypermaps with control on their full degree profile
WedMay 2912:00Victor NadorJack polynomials and b-deformed constellations
ThuMay 0909:00Harini DesirajuThe correspondence between Painlevé equations and c=1 conformal blocks, and its generalisation
ThuMay 0908:00Julien RoussillonDegenerate conformal blocks for the $W_3$ algebra at $c=2$ and Specht polynomials
TueApr 2314:00Niklas AffolterDiscrete Integrability, Dimers and Geometry
TueApr 2313:00Catherine WolframThe dimer model in 3D
WedMar 2715:30Claudia FevolaComputational Algebraic Geometry for Feynman Integrals and their Singularities
WedMar 2714:00Qianyu HaoAbelianization of Virasoro conformal blocks at $c=1$
WedMar 2712:30Jérémie BouttierOn the O(n) loop model on random maps
TueMar 1212:30Ngoc Nhi NguyenWeyl laws for interacting particles
TueFeb 2713:00Chiara FranceschiniInteracting particles systems out of equilibrium
TueFeb 1313:00Gabriel CuomoSpontaneous symmetry breaking on surface defects
TueJan 3014:00Haina WangInverse Statistical Mechanics: Inferring Interactions from Materials’ Spectra
WedJan 1715:30Anna Ritz-ZwillingPartition function for string-net models
WedJan 1714:00Pierre Le BrisProving Propagation of Chaos and Mean-field Limits
WedJan 1712:30Cristina ToninelliBootstrap percolation and kinetically constrained models: universality results
TueDec 1213:00Baptiste CercléA probabilistic approach to Toda Conformal Field Theories
TueNov 2813:00Giuseppe Di GiulioCharged moments and symmetry-resolved entanglement in two-dimensional free conformal field theories
TueNov 1415:00David PecherskyOrthodiagonal maps, tilings of rectangles and their convergence to the Riemann map
TueOct 3113:00Aleix Gimenez-GrauScale without Conformal Invariance in Dipolar Ferromagnets
TueJun 2712:00Tom HutchcroftCritical behaviour in long-range and hierarchical percolation
TueJun 0612:00Gabriele SicuroClassification of fat-tailed clusters in high dimensions
TueMay 3012:00Ali KhezeliUnimodular Random Measured Metric Spaces and Palm Theory on Them
TueMay 1612:00Joonas TurunenStatistical mechanics models on random maps of the disk and the half-plane
TueMay 0212:00Anna Paola MuntoniAn approximate solution for the compressed sensing problem using statistical mechanics tool
TueMar 2811:00Alicia CastroScale-invariant random geometries from mating of trees
TueFeb 2813:00Yannick HerfrayGeometrical asymptotics in General Relativity
TueFeb 0713:00Bram PetriLinear programming on hyperbolic surfaces
TueDec 2013:00Claudio CorianòTesting Anomaly Induced Actions using CFT in momentum space
TueDec 1313:00Emilio TrevisaniRandom field models and Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry
TueNov 2215:00Kostas SkenderisConformal Field Theory in momentum space
TueNov 0813:00Eveliina PeltolaTowards a conformal field theory for Schramm-Loewner evolutions?
TueJun 2112:00Quentin BergerDirected polymers and the Stochastic Heat Equation with heavy-tail noise
TueJun 0712:00Karl LandsteinerQuantum Anomalies and Matter
TueMay 3112:00Maurice de GossonOn the notions of mixed Gaussian quantum states and density operators
TueMay 1712:00Cristina ManuelChiral Kinetic Theory with small mass corrections and quantum coherent states
TueMay 1012:00Utku ZorbaCarrollian and Non-relativistic Jackiw-Teitelboim Supergravity
TueApr 1912:00Edoardo LauriaConformal boundary conditions for free fields
TueMar 2912:00Pietro Benetti GenoliniLocalization of the action in AdS/CFT
TueMar 1513:00Thomas RaujouanSoap bubbles: a gauge theory
TueMar 0113:00Mahmut ElbistanCircularly polarized periodic gravitational wave and the Pais-Uhlenbeck oscillator
TueFeb 1513:00Giacomo De PalmaThe quantum Wasserstein distance of order 1
TueFeb 0110:00Kazuya MamedaQuantum kinetic theory in curved spacetime
TueJan 1813:00Clotilde Fermanian-KammererSemi-classical analysis and the correspondence principle
TueDec 1411:00Yoshimasa HidakaGeneralization of the Nambu-Goldstone theorem
TueNov 3015:00Thomas RichardQuantitative implications of positive scalar curvature
TueNov 1613:00Maxim ChernodubMachine-learning applied to deconfinement phase transitions and topological defects
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