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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Alexandre Girouard*, Jean Lagacé*, Laura Monk
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Description: Seminar on spectral theory and differential geometry

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ThuMar 2117:00Young researchers in spectral geometry IITBA
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MonMay 0216:00Pedro FreitasTBA
MonApr 2516:00TBATBA
MonApr 1816:00BreakTBA
MonApr 1116:00Andrea MondinoTBA
MonApr 0416:00Bruno ColboisTBA
MonMar 2816:00Mikhail CherdantsevTBA
MonMar 2116:00Young researchers in spectral geometry IVTBA
MonMar 1416:00James BonifacioTBA
MonMar 0717:00Nelia CharalambousTBA
MonFeb 2817:00Ilaria LucardesiOn the maximization of the first (non trivial) Neumann eigenvalue of the Laplacian under perimeter constraint
MonFeb 2117:00Malo JézéquelTBA
MonFeb 1417:00Maxime Fortier BourqueTBA
MonFeb 0717:00Francesco FerraressoTBA
MonJan 3117:00Alessandro SavoTBA
MonJan 2417:00Gregory BerkolaikoTowards Morse theory of dispersion relations
MonJan 1717:00Oleksiy KlurmanBoundary-adapted arithmetic random waves and spectral semi-correlations
MonDec 1317:00Rafe MazzeoTBA
MonDec 0617:00Jean-Claude CueninTBA
MonNov 2917:00David SherTBA
MonNov 2217:00Michael MageeTBA
MonNov 1517:00Ben SharpTBA
MonNov 0817:00Sabine BoegliTBA
MonNov 0116:00Jonathan RohlederA new approach to the hot spots conjecture
MonOct 2516:00Valentin BlomerEigenvalue statistics of flat tori
MonOct 1816:00Daniel SternSteklov-maximizing metrics on surfaces with many boundary components
MonOct 0416:00Philippe CharronTBA
MonSep 2716:00Gabriel RivièrePoincaré series and linking of Legendrian knots
MonSep 2016:00Martin VogelTBA
MonSep 0616:00Nalini AnantharamanTBA
MonAug 3016:00Jürgen JostTBA
MonAug 2316:00Wencai LiuTBA
MonJul 2616:00Victor IvriiTBA
MonJul 1916:00Yannick SireTBA
MonJul 1216:00Derek KieltyTBA
MonJul 0516:00Steve ZelditchTBA
MonJun 2816:00Ari LaptevTBA
MonJun 2116:00Paolo LuzziniTBA
MonJun 1416:00Javier Gómez-SerranoTBA
MonJun 0716:00Mikhail KapukhinTBA
MonMay 3116:00Maciej ZworskiTBA
MonMay 2416:00Genqian LiuTBA
MonMay 1716:00Alexandre GirouardFree boundary minimal surfaces and large Steklov eigenvalues
MonMay 1016:00Ram BandNeumann domains on manifolds and graphs
MonMay 0316:00Jared WunschTBA
MonApr 2616:00Karl-Mikael PerfektInfinitely many embedded eigenvalues for the Neumann-Poincaré operator in 3D
MonApr 1916:00Bernard HelfferSemi-classical edge states for the Robin Laplacian (after Helffer-Kachmar)
MonApr 1216:00Svitlana MayborodaThe landscape law for the integrated density of states
MonApr 0516:00BreakTBA
MonMar 2916:00Mariel SaezEigenvalue bounds for the Paneitz operator and its associated boundary operator
MonMar 2216:00Young researchers in spectral geometry IITBA
MonMar 1516:00Nilima NigamTBA
MonMar 0817:00Graham CoxTBA
MonMar 0117:00Grigori RozenblumTBA
MonFeb 2217:00Peter KuchmentTBA
MonFeb 1517:00Uzy SmilanskyTBA
MonFeb 0817:00Alessandro CarlottoTBA
MonFeb 0117:00Luigi ProvenzanoSpectral representation of the trace spaces of H² and biharmonic Dirichlet problems for multi-parameter Steklov problems
MonJan 2517:00Zeev RudnickRobin vs Neumann spectra for planar domains
MonJan 1817:00Pavel ExnerTBA
MonJan 1117:00Olaf PostTBA
MonDec 1417:00Marco MarlettaTBA
MonDec 0717:00Simon LarsonTBA
MonNov 3017:00Édouard OudetMetric Optimization in Spectral geometry
MonNov 2317:00Peter SarnakGap Sets for the Spectra of Cubic Graphs
MonNov 1617:00Katie GittinsUpper bounds for Steklov eigenvalues
MonNov 0917:00Jeffrey GalkowskiTBA
MonNov 0217:00Stefano DecioNodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions near the boundary
MonOct 2616:00Christiane TretterTBA
MonOct 1916:00Antoine HenrotIsodiametric inequalities for eigenvalues
MonOct 1217:30Sugata MondalHot spots conjecture for polygonal domains
MonOct 0516:00Richard LaugesenTwo balls maximize the third Neumann eigenvalue in hyperbolic space
MonSep 2816:00Jeremy MarzuolaA local test for global extrema in the dispersion relation for periodic graphs
MonSep 2116:00Davide BuosoThe Bilaplacian with Robin boundary conditions
MonSep 1416:00Alix DeleporteSemiclassical analysis of a problem with a circular well
MonSep 0716:00Jean LagacéMeasure theoretic methods in spectral shape optimisation
MonAug 3116:00Gerasim KokarevComparison principles, minimal surfaces, and eigenvalue inequalities
MonJul 2716:00Julie RowlettSame-same but different: Polyakov formulas via microlocal analysis and mathematical physics
MonJul 2016:00Asma HassannezhadEigenvalue bounds for the mixed Steklov problem
MonJul 1316:00Panagiotis PolymerakisBottom of spectra and coverings
MonJul 0616:00Rupert FrankSharp Weyl Laws in 3d with rough potentials
MonJun 2916:00Daniel SternMin-max harmonic maps and extremal metrics for Laplacian eigenvalues
MonJun 1516:00Cristina TrombettiNodal sets of eigenfunctions: Progress via optimal transport
MonJun 0816:00Peter HumphriesThe random wave conjecture and arithmetic quantum chaos
MonJun 0116:00Xuwen ZhuSpectral properties of reducible spherical conical metrics
MonMay 2516:00Iosif PolterovichLambdas, bubbles, and spheres
MonMay 1816:00Yaiza Canzani$L^p$ norms via geodesic beams
MonMay 1116:00Henrik MatthiesenAsymptotic behaviour of eigenvalues in glueing constructions and new minimal surfaces via shape optimization
MonMay 0416:00Dorin BucurStable and unstable spectral inequalities
MonApr 2716:00Emilio LauretOn the first Laplace eigenvalue of a homogeneous sphere
MonApr 2016:00Michael LevitinInverse Steklov spectral problem for curvilinear polygons
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