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general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory mathematical physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Panagiotis Betzios*, Adam Bzowski
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Description: Seminars in high energy physics

Weekly HEP Seminars in the broad spectrum of High Energy Physics at University of Crete.

Recordings of past seminars can be found at

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueJul 2710:15Dimitrios PatramanisA geometric perspective on the holographic Berry phase
TueJul 0610:00John RizosOn nonsupersymmetric string models and the decompactification problem
TueJun 2914:00Ioanna KourkoulouLorentz invariance in Framids as a potential technical analog of the CCP
TueJun 2214:00Dam SonVolume preserving diffeomorphism as a higher-rank gauge symmetry
TueJun 1510:00Kostas SkenderisHolographic cosmology and the origin of time
TueJun 0810:00Enrico PajerA Timeless History of Time
TueJun 0110:00Victor GorbenkoBra-ket wormholes in gravitationally prepared states
TueMay 2510:00Pawel CaputaHolographic Path Integral Optimization
TueMay 1810:00Alexander ZhiboedovProbing gravitational EFTs with the four-graviton amplitude
TueMay 1110:00Riccardo RattazziThe quantum mechanics of a perfect fluid
TueMay 0410:00Georgios PapathanasiouCluster Algebras for Feynman Integrals
TueApr 2713:00Gui PimentelDecoding and bootstrapping cosmological fluctuations
TueApr 2010:00Shiraz MinwallaTBA
TueApr 1310:00Georgios KarananasSpontaneous Conformal Symmetry Breaking in the Fishnet CFT
TueApr 0615:00Konstantinos RoumbedakisSymmetries and Strings of adjoint QCD in two dimensions
TueMar 3010:00Alessandro GeorgoudisSupergravity Amplitudes on AdS5×S5 and their flat-space limit
TueMar 2315:00Miguel MonteroChern-Weil global symmetries and completeness of the spectrum
TueMar 1611:00Eric PerlmutterA CFT Distance Conjecture
TueMar 0915:00Christian JepsenTensor Models and Limit Cycles
TueFeb 2311:00Mikhail ShaposhnikovEinstein-Cartan gravity: Inflation, Dark Matter and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
TueFeb 1611:00Adam BzowskiConsistency of supersymmetric 't Hooft anomalies
TueFeb 0911:00Georgi DvaliS-matrix constraints on de Sitter and on black holes
TueFeb 0211:00Dieter LustThe swampland at large number of space-time dimensions
TueJan 2611:00Joao PenedonesBootstrapping Quantum Field Theories
TueJan 1911:00Wilke van der ScheeEntanglement entropy in expanding spacetimes
TueJan 1211:00Ben CrapsSlow scrambling in extremal BTZ and microstate geometries
FriJan 0811:00Blaise GouterauxHydrodynamic diffusion and its breakdown near AdS2 fixed points
TueDec 1515:00Robert MyersQuantum Extremal Islands Made Easy
TueDec 0811:00David TongComments on Chiral Fermions
TueDec 0111:00Eliezer RabinoviciQuantum fluctuations and instantons
TueNov 2415:00Stefanos AretakisAsymptotics for the wave equation on black hole spacetimes
TueNov 1714:00Simon Caron HuotGravity: the force from the UV
TueNov 1015:00Alexey MilekhinHumanly Traversable Wormholes
FriNov 0615:00Lampros LamprouInside the Hologram: The bulk observer's experience
TueOct 2712:00Ofer AharonyLittle String Theory on Curved Manifolds
TueOct 2010:00Shai ChesterAdS/CFT at Finite String Coupling
ThuOct 1512:00Zohar KomargodskiSymmetry, Confinement and Naturalness
TueOct 1314:00David MeltzerThe Inversion Formula and 3d CFTs
TueOct 0614:00Andreas StergiouUncovering the Structure of the ε Expansion
TueSep 2910:00Nick WarnerTidal Trapping of Strings by Microstate Geometries
ThuSep 2410:00Ioannis MatthaiakakisTurbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome materials
TueSep 2210:00Anatoly DymarskyQuantum codes, lattices, and conformal field theories
TueSep 1510:00Domenico OrlandoIntroduction to the large charge expansion
TueSep 0810:00Adam BzowskiToy models for AdS black holes
TueJul 1410:00Constantin BachasEnergy transmission at holographic interfaces
ThuJul 0210:15Panagiotis BetziosLiouville theory and Matrix models - A Wheeler DeWitt perspective
TueJun 3010:15Georgios MoschidisThe instability of Anti-de Sitter spacetime
TueJun 2316:00Mark Van RaamsdonkThe holographic CFT masquerade
TueJun 0910:15Mihalis DafermosStrong Cosmic Censorship versus Λ
TueJun 0210:15Jelle HartongDynamics of Fluids without Boost Symmetries
ThuMay 2811:15Stefanos KousvosBootstrapping theories with $O(m)\times O(n)$ global symmetry in three dimensions
TueMay 2613:15Achilleas PorfyriadisThe connection problem for AdS2
TueMay 1911:15Dimitrios GiataganasAnisotropic holography
TueMay 1211:15Aristomenis DonosVortex Lattices From Holography
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