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Harvard University / MIT

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Aaron Landesman*
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TueSep 0519:00TBATBA
TueSep 1219:00TBATBA
TueSep 1919:00TBATBA
TueSep 2619:00TBATBA
TueOct 0319:00TBATBA
TueOct 1019:00TBATBA
TueOct 1719:00TBATBA
TueOct 2419:00TBATBA
TueOct 3119:00TBATBA
TueNov 0720:00TBATBA
TueNov 1420:00TBATBA
TueNov 2120:00TBATBA
TueNov 2820:00TBATBA
TueDec 0520:00TBATBA
TueDec 1220:00TBATBA
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TueMay 2319:00Nicolas TholozanComplex variations of Hodge structures of rank 2 over curves
TueMay 1619:00No seminarTBA
TueMay 0919:00Thomas BitounOn the D-module of an isolated singularity.
TueMay 0219:00Sebastian Casalaina-MartinModuli spaces of cubic hypersurfaces
WedApr 2617:30Jun-Yong ParkHeight moduli on algebraic stacks and counting families of varieties (special time and location SC 221)
TueApr 2519:00Dawei ChenCounting differentials with fixed residues
TueApr 1819:00Padmavathi SrinivasanA canonical algebraic cycle associated to a curve in its Jacobian
TueApr 1119:00Tristan CollinsMirror symmetry, stability conditions and geometric invariant theory
TueApr 0419:00Gavril FarkasResonance and Koszul modules in algebraic geometry
TueMar 2819:00Melody ChanThe weight 0 compactly supported Euler characteristic of moduli spaces of marked hyperelliptic curves
TueMar 2119:00Junliang ShenNon-abelian Hodge theory and the P=W conjecture
WedMar 1519:00Christian SchnellHodge theory and Lagrangian fibrations (special time/location: 2-255)
TueMar 1419:00Tomer SchlankHigher Tsen Theorem
TueMar 0720:00Justin LaciniSyzygies of adjoint linear series on projective varieties
TueFeb 2820:00Asher AuelMaximal Brill-Noether loci
TueFeb 2120:00James HotchkissThe period-index problem over the complex numbers
TueFeb 1420:00Alex K├╝ronyaNewton-Okounkov bodies and local positivity
TueFeb 0720:00Sung Gi ParkKodaira dimension and hyperbolicity for smooth families of varieties
TueJan 3120:00Luigi LombardiOn the invariance of Hodge numbers under derived equivalence
MonDec 1220:00Samir CanningThe Chow ring of the moduli space of degree 2 K3 surfaces
TueDec 0621:30Tasuki KinjoCohomological Donaldson-Thomas theory for 2-Calabi--Yau categories
TueDec 0620:00Alina MarianOn quot schemes of rank zero quotients over a curve
TueNov 2920:00Juliette BruceTop weight cohomology of A_g
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