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quantum computing and information Mathematics Physics

Harvard University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 14:30-15:30, Thursday 14:30-15:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Arthur Jaffe*
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Past talks
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TueFeb 2021:30Jacob FoxSubset Sums
TueJan 3021:30Frederick MannersInverse theorems and approximate structure
ThuDec 1414:30Ryan BabbushThe search for valuable applications of fault-tolerant quantum computers
TueDec 0514:30Dimitri ShlyakhetenkoFree dimension via the Wasserstein Metric
TueNov 2814:30David EvansOn Quantum Symmetry
TueNov 1414:30Alina VdovinaHigher dimensional digraphs from cube complexes and their spectral theory
TueNov 0714:30Steven GirvinAdventures in Phase Space: Non-commuting coordinates meet quantum control and quantum error correction
TueOct 3113:30Daniel SpielmanDiscrepancy Theory and Randomized Controlled Trials
TueOct 2413:30Tzu-Chieh WeiLearning marginals suffices!
TueOct 1713:30Gaeme SmithMathematical challenges in quantum information theory
TueOct 0313:30Madhu SudanProofs and Computation
TueSep 2613:30Ken DuffyAn introduction to Forward Error Correction and Guessing Random Additive Noise Decoding
TueSep 1913:30Man-Duen ChoiMy Adventures in Quantumland
TueSep 1213:30Jun YangLimit multiplicities, trace formulas and von Neumann dimensions
TueSep 0513:30Maciej DunajskiEquivalence principle, de-Sitter space, and twistor theory
TueMay 0913:30Kaifeng BuMagic from a quantum convolutional approach
TueMay 0213:30Brian SwingleHydrodynamics and Corrections to Random Matrix Universality in Quantum Chaos
TueApr 2513:30Jesse PetersonAmenability and von Neumann algebras
TueApr 1813:30Klaus FredenhagenConstructing algebraic quantum field theory
TueApr 0413:30John CardyTTbar deformation of 2d quantum field theory and modular forms
TueMar 2813:30Yitang ZhangNon-positive sequences in analytic number theory and the Landau-Siegel zero
TueMar 2113:30Peter LoveContextual Subspace Variational Quantum Eigensolver
TueFeb 2814:30Andrew ChildsQuantum divide and conquer
TueFeb 2114:30Dongling DengRecent Advances in Quantum AI
TueFeb 1414:30Anne-Marie AubertA bridge between the Baum-Connes conjecture and the Langlands program
TueFeb 0714:30Dan FreedWhat is an anomaly?
TueJan 3114:30Beni YoshidaHolographic scattering from quantum error-correction
TueNov 2914:30TBDTBA
TueNov 1514:30Roy GarciaResource theory of quantum scrambling
TueNov 0814:30Kushal SeetharamQuantum simulation of parameter-averaged NMR experiments
TueNov 0113:30Eric CarlenQuantum Entropy Inequalities and Reversible Quantum Markov Semigroups as Gradient Flow for Quantum Relative Entropy
TueOct 2513:30Phillippe FaistTime-energy uncertainty relation and quantum error correction for noisy quantum metrology
TueOct 1813:30Liang JiangPath-Independent Quantum Gates
TueOct 1113:30Narutaka OzawaKazhdan's property (T) for Aut(F_n) and EL_n(R)
TueOct 0413:30Giacomo De PalmaThe quantum Wasserstein distance of order 1
TueSep 2713:30Jens EisertTBA
TueSep 2013:30Melanie WoodDetermining Distributions of Groups from their Moments
TueJun 0713:30Patrick Coles"Training landscapes for parameterized quantum circuits"
TueMay 2413:30Alice Guionnet"Matrix models, the enumeration of maps and free probability"
TueMay 1713:30Israel Michael Sigal"Long-time Dynamics in Quantum Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics"
TueMay 1013:30Sitan ChenLearning Polynomial Transformations
TueMay 0313:30Ramon van Handel"Nonasymptotic random matrix theory"
TueApr 1913:30Assaf Naor"Vertical versus horizontal isoperimetry"
TueApr 1213:30Jintai DingPost-quantum cryptography and post-quantum key exchange based on the LWE and RLWE problems
ThuApr 0713:30David RuelleA Natural Limitation for Properly Human Scientific Progress
TueApr 0513:30Edward FrenkelAnalytic Langlands correspondence for complex curves
TueMar 2913:30Alice GuionnetMatrix models, the enumeration of maps and free probability
TueMar 2213:30Hsin-Yuan (Robert) HuangProvably efficient machine learning for quantum many-body problems
TueMar 0814:30Thomas SpencerContinuous symmetry breaking along the Nishimori line
TueMar 0114:30Feng XuRigorous results about entropy in QFT
TueFeb 2214:30Yury PolyanskiyUniqueness of BP fixed point for Ising models
TueFeb 1514:30Jian DingRecent progress on random field Ising model
TueFeb 0814:30Roland BauerschmidtRandom forests and the OSp(1|2) nonlinear sigma model
TueFeb 0114:30Norman YaoWhat is a time crystal?
TueDec 1414:30Guoliang YuHigher invariants of Dirac operators and positive scalar curvature
TueDec 0714:30Alain ConnesProlate spheroidal functions and zeta
TueNov 3014:30Yue LuLearning by Random Features and Kernel Random Matrices: Sharp Asymptotics and Universality Laws
TueNov 1614:30Leslie ValiantHolographic Algorithms
TueNov 0914:30Semyon DyatlovResonances for Open Quantum Maps
TueNov 0213:30Seth LloydQuantum algorithms for topological and geometric analysis of data
TueOct 2613:30Weinan EA Mathematical Perspective of Machine Learning
TueOct 1913:30Jordan CotlerQuantum-enhanced Learning using a Quantum Memory
TueOct 1213:30Zhengwei LiuUncertainty Principles on Quantum Symmetries
TueOct 0513:30Cynthia DworkDifferential Privacy: The Mathematical Bulwark Against Reidentification and Reconstruction
TueJun 2214:00Francis BrownInvariant differential forms, graph complexes, and Feynman integrals
TueJun 1514:00Jeongwan HaahTopological phases of discrete time evolution
TueJun 0814:00No SeminarTBA
TueJun 0114:00Svetlana JitomirskayaFractal properties of the Hofstadter's butterfly and singular continuous spectrum of the critical almost Mathieu operator
TueMay 2514:00Feng XuRigorous results about relative entropy in QFT
TueMay 1814:00Yann LeCunThe Energy-based Learning Model
TueMay 1114:00Xun GaoUnderstanding the linear cross entropy benchmark by using a statistical physics model
TueMay 0414:00Rupert FrankLieb-Thirring bounds and other inequalities for orthonormal functions
TueApr 2714:00Bruno NachtergaeleDimerization in quantum spin chains with O(n) symmetry
TueApr 2014:00Haribabu ArthanariEmerging frontiers in nuclear magnetic resonance
TueApr 1314:00Jens HoppeAspects of M Theory
TueApr 0614:00Anton AlekseevConjugation of words, self-intersections of planar curves, and non-commutative divergence
TueMar 3014:00Dietmar BischThe wondrous world of hyperfinite subfactors
TueMar 2314:00William HeltonNoncommutative real algebraic geometry and quantum games
TueMar 1614:00Misha LukinExploring new scientific frontiers with programmable quantum systems
TueMar 0915:00Sorin PopaSome Analysis Aspects in Subfactor Theory
TueMar 0215:00Antii KupiainenIntegrability of Liouville Theory
TueFeb 2314:30Jian-Wei PanFrom multi-photon entanglement to quantum computational advantage
TueFeb 1615:00Emily RiehlElements of ∞-Category Theory
TueFeb 0915:00John ImbrieMany-body localization near the critical point
TueFeb 0215:00Stefaan VaesW*-rigidity paradigms for embeddings of II_1 factors
TueJan 2615:00Matthias ChristandlFault-tolerant coding for quantum communication
TueJan 1915:00Kaifeng BuComplexity of neural networks
TueJan 1215:00Christopher RybaStable character polynomials for symmetric groups
TueJan 0515:00Renato RennerFundamental bound on time signal generation
TueDec 2915:00No SeminarTBA
TueDec 2215:00Zhengwei LiuBrain-storming in Math and Physics--dedicated to Arthur Jaffe
TueDec 1515:00Gian Michale GrafTopology in shallow-water waves: A violation of bulk-edge correspondence
TueDec 0815:00Xiao-Gang WenSymmetry as a shadow of topological order
TueDec 0115:00Yasuyuki KawahigashiTopological order, tensor networks and subfactors
TueNov 2415:00No SeminarTBA
TueNov 1715:00Quanhua WangMikhlin type Fourier multipliers on free groups and free products of von Neumann algebras
TueNov 1015:00Sergei GukovLearning to Unknot
TueNov 0315:00Liang KongOn the classification of topological orders with finite internal symmetries
TueOct 2714:00Sebastien PalcouxThe quest of a finite, purely-quantum group
TueOct 2014:00Joost SlingerlandExploring small fusion rings and tensor categories
TueOct 1314:00Xun GaoFractionalization, Exactly Solvable Models, and Quantum Circuits
TueOct 0614:00Zhenghan WangReconstructing CFTs from MTCs
TueSep 2914:00David EvansK-theory of Operator Algebras, Orbifolds and Conformal Field Theory
TueSep 2214:00Yunxiang RenTriangular prism equations and categorification
TueSep 1514:00Avi WigdersonOptimization, Complexity and Math (or, can we prove P!=NP by gradient descent?)
TueSep 0814:00Nilanjana DattaDiscriminating between unitary quantum processes
TueSep 0114:00Jinsong WuSome inequalities in locally compact quantum groups
TueAug 1814:00Laurent Pascal Saloff-CosteIs any compact Lie group uniformly doubling?
TueAug 1114:00Marianne LeitnerIntegrability, rationality and convolutions
TueAug 0414:00Gilles PisierA non-nuclear C*-algebra with the Weak Expectation Property and the Local Lifting Property
TueJul 2814:00David GrossThe representation theory of the Clifford group, with applications in quantum information
TueJul 2114:00Vaughan JonesApplied von Neumann Algebra
TueJul 1414:00Paul FendleyIntegrability and Braided Tensor Categories
TueJul 0714:00Marius JungeDecay estimates and complete Bakry-Emry theory
TueJun 3014:00Robert RaussendorfA hidden variable model for universal quantum computation with magic states on qubits
TueJun 2314:00Zhengwei LiuQuantum Fourier analysis
TueJun 1614:00Matt HastingsThe power of adiabatic quantum computation with no sign problem
TueJun 0914:00Elizabeth CrossonThe sign problem and its relation to the spectral gap of quantum many-body systems
TueJun 0214:00Shawn CuiKitaev's Finite Group Model as an Error Correcting Code
TueMay 2614:00Scott AaronsonFrom Archimedes to Quantum Supremacy
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