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University of Chicago

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 19:30-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Luca Delacretaz*, Nima Afkhami-Jeddi
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MonJun 0718:30Matthew LapaMomentum occupation number bounds for interacting fermions
MonMay 3118:30Sandipan KunduSwampland Conditions from CFT
MonMay 2418:30Zhenbin YangWormholes and Unitarity of Black Hole Evolution Process
MonMay 1719:30Ethan Dyer and Guy Gur-AriThe role of scale in deep neural networks
MonMay 1018:30Mark MezeiEffective field theories for quantum chaos
MonMay 0318:30Shu-Heng ShaoObstructions to Gapped Boundaries from Three-Manifold Invariants
MonApr 2618:30Anatoly DymarskyQuantum codes, conformal field theory, and holography
MonApr 1918:30Hank LammQuantum Simulations for High Energy Physics
MonApr 1218:30Ilya EsterlisLarge N theory of critical Fermi surfaces
MonApr 0518:30Herman VerlindeTowards a string dual of SYK
MonMar 2918:30Andrea GuerrieriTBA
MonMar 2218:30William Witczak-KrempaCornering the universal shape of fluctuations and entanglement
MonMar 0819:30Nathan BenjaminNarain to Narnia
MonMar 0119:30Sid ParameswaranTBA
MonFeb 2219:30Marcel FranzHigh-temperature topological superconductivity in twisted double layer copper oxide
MonFeb 1519:30Cheng ChinSuper-resolution microscopy of cold atoms in optical lattices
MonFeb 0819:30Yunfeng JiangDynamical hard rods and TTbar deformation
MonFeb 0119:30Aaron HuiBeyond Ohm’s law—Bernoulli effect and streaming in electron hydrodynamics
MonJan 2519:30Mukund RangamaniReal-time gravitational replicas
MonJan 1119:30Matthias GaberdielAn exact AdS/CFT duality
MonDec 1419:30Alexander SeidelEntangled Pauli Principles
MonDec 0719:30Leo RadzihovskyQuantum smectic gauge theory
MonNov 3019:30Brian SwingleHydrodynamics and the Spectral Form Factor
MonNov 2316:00Gabriel WongEntanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory
MonNov 1619:30Venkatesa ChandrasekaranGravity dual of Connes cocycle flow
MonNov 0919:30Ehud AltmanSymmetry and information flow in quantum circuits with measurements
MonNov 0219:30Tomaž ProsenExactly solved models of many-body quantum chaos
MonOct 2618:30Israel KlichTBA
MonOct 1918:30Ryan Thorngren't Hooft Anomalies of Fermi Liquids and Luttinger's Theorem
MonOct 1218:30Julian SonnerCausal symmetry breaking: late time physics of holographic quantum chaos
MonOct 0520:30Simon Caron-HuotDispersion relations for S-matrices and CFTs
MonSep 2818:30Mark Van RaamsdonkTowards Microscopic Models of Big Bang Cosmology
MonSep 2118:30Hong LiuEntanglement entropies of equilibrated pure states in quantum many-body systems and replica wormholes
MonSep 1418:30Alex MaloneyGravity from Averaging CFTs
TueSep 0815:00Shiraz MinwallaFermi seas from Bose condensates and a bosonic exclusion principle in matter Chern Simons theories
MonAug 3118:30Sri RaghuDual perspective on quantum Hall to insulator transitions
MonJun 1518:30Michael AizenmanMarginal triviality of the scaling limits of 4D critical Ising and $\varphi^4_4$ models
MonJun 0818:30Ki-Seok KimEmergent holographic dual effective field theory as a mean-field theory with all-loop quantum corrections in the large N limit
MonJun 0118:30Gabriel CuomoThe epsilon expansion meets semiclassics
MonMay 1818:30Chong WangA theory of deconfined pseudo-criticality
MonMay 1118:30Wen Wei HoInteracting phases of matter protected by multiple time-translation symmetries in quasiperiodically-driven systems
MonMay 0418:30Jeremias Aguilera DamiaNon-Fermi liquid quantum critical points and IR divergencies
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