Sheffield Pure Maths Colloquia

algebraic geometry algebraic topology differential geometry geometric topology K-theory and homology number theory operator algebras representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Haluk Sengun*
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The talks will take place in J-11 unless it is an online talk, in which case we will advertise a Google Meet link individually.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedApr 2613:00Tyler KellyTBA
WedMay 0313:00Neil StricklandTBA
WedMay 1713:00Min LeeTBA
WedMay 2413:00Robert Fraser(ONLINE)
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WedMar 2914:00Polyxeni Spilioti(ONLINE) On the spectrum of twisted Laplacians and the Teichmüller representation
WedMar 0814:00Samuele Anni(ONLINE) Isomorphisms of modular Galois representations and graphs
WedMar 0114:00Evgenios KakariadisMorita equivalence for operator systems
WedFeb 1514:00Markus SzymikCANCELLED DUE TO UCU STRIKE
WedFeb 0814:00Johannes GirschIntroduction to the representation theory of $p$-adic groups
WedDec 0714:00Cecilia SalgadoCANCELLED
WedNov 2314:00Luis GarciaModular symbols, linking numbers and the Euler class
WedNov 1614:00Dan CiubotaruUnipotent conjugacy classes and group representations
WedNov 0914:00Min Lee (moved to Term 2)TBA
WedNov 0214:00Eleonore FaberFrom the magic square of rotations and reflections to the McKay correspondence
WedOct 2613:00Celine MaistretThe Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture and the Parity conjecture
WedOct 1913:00Vlad BavulaHolonomic modules and 1-generation in the Jacobian Conjecture
WedOct 1213:00Andre Henriques2d QFTs as objects of mathematics
WedOct 0513:00Haluk SengunLocal theta correspondence via $C^*$-algebras
WedJun 0813:00Bachir BekkaThe spectral gap property for group actions
WedMay 2513:00Umut VarolgunesLocal-to-global methods in relative symplectic cohomology
WedMay 1813:00Shahn MajidQuantum Riemannian geometry of the $A_n$ graph, jets and geodesics
WedMay 1112:30Sven RaumSimple operator algebras associated with groups and group-like structures
WedApr 2713:00Wushi GoldringPropagating algebraicity of automorphic representations via functoriality
WedMar 1614:00Hossein MovasatiPeriods of families of curves in threefolds
WedMar 0915:00Vesna StojanoskaDuality for some Galois groups in stable homotopy theory
WedDec 1514:00Oliver LorscheidThe moduli space of matroids
WedNov 2414:00Oscar Randal-WilliamsHomeomorphisms of $\R^d$
WedNov 1014:00Ananyo DanMcKay correspondence for isolated Q-Gorenstein singularities
WedNov 0314:00Robert KurinczukLocal Langlands in families for classical groups
WedMay 2613:00Du PeiHidden algebraic structures in geometry from fivebranes
WedMay 1913:00Birgit RichterDetecting and describing ramification for structured ring spectra
WedMay 1213:00Ana LecuonaRational homology balls in low dimensional topology
WedApr 2113:00Cihan OkayTopology of quantum resources
WedMar 2414:00Magnus GoffengA problem of magnitude
WedMar 1714:00Ulrich BunkeMotivic ideas in coarse homotopy theory
WedMar 1014:00Anssi LahtinenAn introduction to string topology
WedMar 0314:00Jasmin MatzQuantum ergodicity of compact quotients of SL(n,R)/SO(n) in the level aspect
WedFeb 1714:00Kang LiGhost projections and expanderish graphs​
WedDec 1614:00Marina IliopoulouA discrete Kakeya-type inequality
WedDec 0914:00Kathryn HessTopological insights in neuroscience
WedDec 0214:00Yemon ChoiFourier algebras and dual convolution
WedNov 1814:00Sara Arias de ReynaModular forms and the arithmetic of fields
WedNov 0414:00Ulrich PennigBundles of Algebras - Dixmier-Douady Theory and Beyond
WedOct 2814:00Clara LoehAmenable covers
WedOct 1413:00Indira ChatterjiGroup ring conjectures and relative hyperbolicity
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