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Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizers: Markus Rademacher*, Saba Khan*, Muddassar Rashid*, Clara Wanjura*, Hendrik Ulbricht
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WedMay 1813:00Martin Frimmer, Alexander EichlerParametron optomechanics
WedApr 1314:00Xavier Rojas; John Davis;Superfluid Optomechanics with Phononic Nanostructures & Superfluid Helium Electromechanics
WedApr 0613:00Christopher Baker; Swati Singh;Superfluid Optomechanics: Optomechanics with superfluid helium films & Searching for dark matter and dark energy with mechanical systems
WedMar 1614:00Niccolò Fiaschi; Andrei RakhubovskiyRouting quantum information via optomechanical devices & Optimal generation and detection of nonclassical correlations in levitated optomechanics
WedMar 0914:00Michael VannerBrillouin optomechanics in whispering-gallery-mode microresonators:
WedFeb 1614:00Tirth Shah; Aash ClerkTopological phonon transport in an optomechanical system; Non-Hermitian quantum dynamics: from sensing to non-equilibrium steady states
WedFeb 0214:00Amir Youssefi; Ewold VerhagenSuperconducting circuit optomechanics in topological lattices & Hermitian and non-Hermitian topology in nano-optomechanical networks
FriJan 2110:00Vittorio PeanoLecture Series on Cavity Optomechanics: From basics concepts to advanced applications
ThuJan 2010:00Vittorio PeanoLecture Series on Cavity Optomechanics: From basics concepts to advanced applications
WedJan 1910:00Vittorio PeanoLecture Series on Cavity Optomechanics: From basics concepts to advanced applications
TueJan 1810:00Vittorio PeanoLecture Series on Cavity Optomechanics: From basics concepts to advanced applications
MonJan 1710:00Vittorio PeanoLecture Series on Cavity Optomechanics: From basics concepts to advanced applications
WedDec 0814:00Panel discussion: Paul Seidler, Prof Pavel Ginzburg, John R. Lawall, Prof Shankar Kumar and Guilhem MadiotBlock 8 - Nanofabricating optomechanics
WedDec 0114:00Otto Muskens, Mika SillanpääBlock 8 - Nanofabricating optomechanics
WedNov 1014:00Janet Anders, Raúl Rica, Raam Uzdin, Nikolai KieselPanel discussion on Optomechanical Machines
WedNov 0314:00Juliette Monsel, Mauro PaternostroBlock 7 - Nonequilibrium Physics and Nano thermodynamics: ECR + Introduction
WedOct 1313:00Cindy Regal, Yiwen Chu, Florian Marquardt, Peter RablPanel discussion on hybrid optomechanics
WedOct 0613:00Marko Toroš, Philipp TreutleinCreating atom-nanoparticle quantum superposition & Coupling quantum systems with a laser loop
WedJul 0713:00Panel discussionPanel discussion: How do you build a research network?
WedJun 3013:00Carla Faria and Charles AdamsA conversation on: How do you run a research group?
WedJun 2313:00Poster session IIUniKORN Virtual Poster Session
WedJun 1613:00Poster session IUniKORN Virtual Poster Session
WedJun 0913:00Tracy Northup, Yuwen Chu, Ewold Verhagen, Andre XuerebPanel discussion on "Beyond the Quantum Ground State"
WedMay 2613:00Ricardo Puebla Antunes, Clara Wanjura & John PriceFrontiers talks on State Preperation & Control
WedMay 1913:00John TeufelListening to the Sound of Entanglement
WedMay 1213:00Albert SchliesserMeasurement-based quantum control of macroscopic motion
WedApr 2813:00Mike Cruise, Chris Lee, James Endicott, Daniel OiPanel discussion: Space-based tests with optomechanics
WedApr 2113:00Jasminder Sidhu, Christian Vogt, Stephan Tobias SeidelPhotonics, nanoparticles and cold-atoms as role models for space-based test with optomechanics
WedApr 1413:00Rainer KaltenbaekTesting quantum physics in space: challenges and progress
WedApr 0713:00Stefano VitaleLISA Pathfinder and LISA
WedMar 2415:00Kai Bongs, John Davis, Gabriella Mifsud, Clemens Schäfermeier and Douglas PaulPanel discussion: How do you build and sell an optomechanical sensor?
WedMar 1714:00Nancy Aggarwal, Ben Wood and Peng JuSensing: Optomechanical Squeezing, Superposition of Nanodiamonds & An Optically Levitated Nanorotor
WedMar 1014:00Dave MooreSearching for new physics with levitated optomechanics
WedMar 0310:00Warwick BowenSensing beyond the conventional limits
WedFeb 1714:00Angelo Bassi, Miles Blencowe, Caslav Brukner, Ivette Fuentes, Andrew Geraci and Gary SteelePanel discussion "Optomechanical interfaces of quantum mechanics and gravity"
WedFeb 1014:00Ryan Marshman, Sandro Donadi, Matteo CarlessoQuantum Nature of Linearised Gravity, the Diósi-Penrose model & Challenges in table-top experiments
WedFeb 0314:00Igor PikovskiOptomechanics as a versatile tool to probe classical and quantum gravity.
WedJan 2714:00Mauro PaternostroSeeing without looking: an optomechanical quest for quantum gravity
FriJan 1510:00Benjamin A. SticklerLecture series: Decoherence in Macroscopic Quantum Systems
ThuJan 1410:00Benjamin A. SticklerLecture series: Decoherence in Macroscopic Quantum Systems
WedJan 1310:00Benjamin A. SticklerLecture series: Decoherence in Macroscopic Quantum Systems
TueJan 1210:00Benjamin A. SticklerLecture series: Decoherence in Macroscopic Quantum Systems
MonJan 1110:00Benjamin A. SticklerLecture series: Decoherence in Macroscopic Quantum Systems
WedDec 0914:00Gabriel HetetSpin-mechanics with levitating diamonds
WedDec 0214:00Antonio PontinQuadratic optomechanical cooling of a cavity-levitated nanosphere.
WedNov 2514:00Jack ClarkeCreating quantum states of mechanical motion via pulsed optomechanics
WedNov 1814:00Montserrat CallejaBiosensors based on optonanomechanical systems
WedNov 0414:00Hannah McAleeseMacroscopic quantumness of optically conditioned mechanical systems
WedOct 2814:00Giles HammondGravitational Wave Detection
WedOct 2113:00Benjamin A. SticklerQuantum rotations in levitated optomechanics
WedOct 0713:00Marta MarcheseHypothesis testing for fundamental physics
WedSep 2313:00Yue MaQuantum Persistent Tennis Racket Dynamics of Nanorotors
WedSep 1613:00Jack HarrisSingle phonon quantum acoustics with superfluid helium
WedSep 0913:00Anna PearsonMeasuring the thermodynamic cost of timekeeping with a radio-frequency optomechanical system.
WedSep 0213:00Daniel GoldwaterA Quantum Spectrometer for Arbitrary Noise
WedAug 1913:00Natalia AresCircuit optomechanics for thermodynamics at the nanoscale
WedAug 1213:00Laure Mercier de LépinayOptomechanical nonreciprocal refrigerator
WedAug 0513:00Alessio BelenchiaOptomechanics meets Thermodynamics: Experimental assessment of entropy production in a continuously measured mechanical resonator
WedJul 2913:00Georg EnzianBrillouin cavity optomechanics with whispering-gallery microresonators
WedJul 2213:00Marko TorošQuantum sensing and cooling in three-dimensional levitated cavity optomechanics
TueJul 1413:00Markus AspelmeyerQuantum optical control of levitated solids: a fresh perspectives on the gravity-quantum interface
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