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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Friday 11:00-12:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Selman Ipek*, Walker Stern*
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A weekly seminar on Friday afternoons at 2:30 pm (GMT+3) held via Zoom that are typically an hour and a half in length, including questions. In previous semesters we emphasized the foundations of measurement-based quantum computation (Fall 2022) and classical simulation of quantum circuits (Spring 2023). This semester (Spring 2024) we will explore categorical structures in quantum mechanics and quantum information theory.

The schedule of the seminar series, including the abstracts, titles, and corresponding references are here and at:

Depending on speaker preference seminar talks will be available on YouTube at:

NOTE: Talks may be held more/less frequently depending on availability of speakers and may also change time of day to accommodate speakers in other time zones.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 1711:00Walker H. SternHigher quantum theory and 2-Hilbert spaces
FriMay 1011:00Redi HaderiBicategories and monoidal bicategories
FriMay 0311:00Selman IpekComplete positivity
FriApr 2611:00Selman IpekApplications of Categorical Quantum Mechanics to quantum computation: ZX calculus
FriApr 1911:00Selman IpekCategorical treatment of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm
FriApr 0511:00Victor Torres CastilloFrobenius algebras and complementarity
FriMar 2911:00Redi HaderiNo-cloning theorem in categorical quantum mechanics
FriMar 2211:00Selman IpekCategorical Quantum Mechanics
FriMar 1511:00Walker SternSymmetric Monoidal Categories (III)
FriMar 0111:00Redi HaderiSymmetric Monoidal Categories (II)
FriFeb 2311:00Walker SternSymmetric Monoidal Categories (I)
FriFeb 1611:00Selman IpekMotivating Categorical Quantum Mechanics
FriFeb 0911:00Walker SternIntroduction to Category Theory
FriMay 2611:30Hakop PashayanClassical simulation of quantum circuits
MonMay 2210:30Selman IpekQuasiprobability methods in classical simulation (I)
FriMay 1211:30James SeddonStabilizer simulation methods for mixed magic states and noisy channels
FriApr 1411:30Selman IpekTrading classical and quantum resources
FriApr 0711:30Mark HowardTopics in Stabilizer Quantum Computation
FriMar 3111:30Selman IpekQuantum universality and magic state distillation
FriMar 2411:30Selman IpekUniversal Quantum Computation with ideal Clifford gates and noisy ancillas
FriMar 1711:30Selman IpekImproved Simulation of Stabilizer Circuits
FriMar 0311:30Selman IpekIntroduction to the Stabilizer Formalism
FriFeb 1711:30Selman IpekPutting paradoxes to work: contextuality in measurement-based quantum computation
FriFeb 1011:30Igor SikoraCohomological framework for contextual quantum computation
FriFeb 0311:30Ho Yiu ChungContextuality as a resource for measurement-based quantum computation beyond qubits
FriDec 3011:30Ho Yiu ChungContextuality as a resource for measurement-based quantum computation beyond qubits
FriDec 2311:30Selman IpekGeneralized Bell Inequality Experiments and Computation
FriDec 1611:30Selman IpekNonclassical correlations as a resource for computation
FriDec 0911:30Mehmet KırtışoğluSimplicial quantum contextuality
FriDec 0211:30Aziz KharoofThe Sheaf-Theoretic Structure of Definite Causality
FriNov 1111:30Selman IpekNonlocal correlations as an information-theoretic resource (2005)
FriNov 0411:30Selman IpekIntroduction to Measurement-Based Quantum Computing
MonSep 1913:00Amy SearleClassifying the Noncontextual Measurement Spaces via the Sheaf Approach
MonSep 1213:00Arne HeimendahlWigner’s theorem of stabilizer states
MonAug 0813:00Nicola PinzaniThe Topology and Geometry of Causality
MonAug 0113:00Martti KarvonenNeither Contextuality nor Nonlocality Admits Catalysts
MonJul 0413:00Sivert AasnæssContextuality as a resource for quantum circuits
MonJun 2013:00Michael ZurelPolytope theory and classical simulation of quantum computation with magic states
MonJun 0609:00Mark WebsterThe XP Stabiliser Formalism: a Generalisation of the Pauli Stabiliser Formalism with Arbitrary Phases
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