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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Wesley Calvert*
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Description: Seminar on all areas of mathematical logic

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Past talks
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ThuDec 0219:00Vasco BrattkaTBA
ThuDec 0919:00Mostafa MirabiMS-measurability via Coordinatization
ThuDec 1619:00Todor TsankovTBA
ThuJan 1319:00Caleb CamrudContinuous Logic, Diagrams, and Truth Values for Computable Presentations
ThuJan 2019:00Daniel TuretskyTBA
ThuJan 2719:00Lauren WickmanTBA
ThuFeb 2419:00Roman KossakTBA
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ThuNov 1819:00Sara UckelmanJohn Eliot's Logick Primer: A bilingual English-Algonquian logic textbook
ThuNov 1119:00Jana MařikováDefinable matchings in o-minimal bipartite graphs
ThuNov 0418:00Natalia García FritzHilbert's tenth problem for rings of exponential polynomials
ThuOct 2818:00Alexandra ShlapentokhA Mysterious Ring
ThuOct 2118:00Gregory CherlinHomogeneity and generalized metric spaces
ThuOct 1418:00Franziska JahnkeDecidability and definability in unramified henselian valued fields
ThuOct 0718:00Françoise PointDefinable groups in topological fields with a generic derivation
ThuSep 3018:00Gihanee SenadheeraEffective Concept Classes of PACi/PAC Incomparable Degrees and Jump Structure
ThuSep 1618:00Caroline TerrySpeeds of hereditary properties and mutual algebricity
ThuSep 0918:00Marcelo ArenaDescriptive Complexity for Counting Complexity Classes
ThuSep 0218:00Cristina SernadasDecidability via Reduction in Logics and Their Combinations
ThuAug 2618:00Colin JahelSome progress on the unique ergodicity problem
ThuAug 1918:00Joel NaglooGeometric triviality in differentially closed fields
ThuJul 2918:00Hunter SpinkProbabilistic Littlewood-Offord anti-concentration results via model theory
ThuJul 2218:00Noah SchweberCeers higher up
ThuJul 1518:00Cristobal RojasComputability of Harmonic Measure
ThuJul 0818:00Dimitra ChompitakiDecidability results of subtheories of commonly used domains in Algebra and Number Theory
ThuJul 0118:00Daoud SinioraGeneric automorphisms of homogeneous structures
ThuJun 1718:00Christina BrechIsomorphic combinatorial families
ThuJun 1018:00Rachael AlvirScott Complexity and Finitely α-generated Structures
ThuJun 0318:00Tarek Sayed-AhmedAtom canonicity, complete representations, and omitting types
ThuMay 2718:00Alexi Block GormanDefinability on the Reals from Büchi Automata
ThuMay 2018:00Andrew MoorheadHigher commutators, hypercubes, and the hierarchy of centralizer conditions
ThuMay 1318:00Andrés VillavecesA partition relation for well-founded trees by Komjáth and Shelah, and two applications to model theory.
ThuMay 0618:00Valentina HarizanovComputability theory and automorphisms of lattices of substructures
ThuApr 2918:00Mariana VicariaElimination of imaginaries and stable domination in multivalued fields
ThuApr 2218:00Sylvy AnscombeSome existential theories of fields
ThuApr 1518:00Sarah ReitzesReduction games over $\textup{RCA}_0$
ThuApr 0118:00Deirdre HaskellTameness properties of theories of valued fields with analytic functions
ThuMar 2518:00Michael LiebermanRecent developments in categorical model theory
ThuMar 1119:00Matthew MooreThe Hidden Subgroup Problem for Universal Algebras
ThuMar 0419:00Dakota IhliWhat generic automorphisms of the random poset look like
ThuFeb 2519:00Sophia KnightReasoning about agents who may know other agents’ strategies in Strategy Logic
ThuFeb 1819:00Marcos Mazari-ArmidaCharacterizing noetherian rings via superstability
ThuFeb 1119:00Ludovic PateyCanonical notions of forcing in computability theory
ThuFeb 0419:00Peter CholakOld and new results on the computably enumerable sets
ThuJan 2819:00Raimundo BriceñoDismantlability, connectedness, and mixing in relational structures
ThuJan 2119:00Angeliki Koutsoukou-ArgyrakiAristotle's Assertoric Syllogistic in Isabelle/HOL
ThuJan 1419:00Aleksandra KwiatkowskaSimplicity of the automorphism groups of countable homogeneous structures
ThuDec 1019:00Gil SagiFormalization, Commitments and Constraints
ThuDec 0319:00Johanna FranklinLimiting densities and finitely presented structures
ThuNov 1919:00Anush TserunyanContainers made easy
ThuNov 1219:00Lynn ScowTransfer of the Ramsey property
ThuNov 0519:00Farzaneh DerakhshanStrong Progress for Session-Typed Processes in a Linear Metalogic with Circular Proofs
ThuOct 2918:00Adam PřenosilSemisimplicity, Glivenko theorems, and the excluded middle
ThuOct 2218:00Steffen LemppThe Turing Degrees: On the Order Dimension of and Embeddings into the Turing Degrees
ThuOct 1518:00John BaldwinTowards a finer classification of Strongly minimal sets
ThuOct 0818:00Artem ChernikovIdempotent Keisler measures
ThuOct 0118:00Victoria NoquezThe Sierpinski Carpet as a Final Coalgebra Obtained by Completing an Initial Algebra
ThuSep 2418:00Arno PaulyHow computability-theoretic degree structures and topological spaces are related
ThuSep 1718:00Alexander BerensteinExpansions of geometric theories as measurable structures
ThuSep 1018:00Mirna DžamonjaOn logics that make a bridge from the Discrete to the Continuous
ThuSep 0318:00Carl MummertThe strength of König's edge coloring theorem
ThuAug 2718:00Dima SinapovaIteration, reflection, and Prikry forcing
ThuAug 2018:00Damir DzhafarovMilliken's tree theorem and computability theory
ThuAug 1318:00James HansonStrongly Minimal Sets in Continuous Logic
ThuAug 0618:00James WorrellDecision problems in program analysis
ThuJul 3018:00Manuela BusanicheResiduated Lattices: algebraic constructions related to substructural logics
ThuJul 2318:00Dana BartošováDynamics of finite products of groups and of group extensions
ThuJul 1618:00Linda Brown WestrickBorel combinatorics fail in HYP
ThuJul 0918:00Henry TowsnerShould we believe in nonstandard analysis?
ThuJul 0218:00Ruiyuan ChenStone duality and strong conceptual completeness for infinitary logic
ThuJun 2518:00Rodrigo Torres-AvilésTopological Mixing and Linear Recurrence on SMART
ThuJun 1818:00Elaine PimentelA game model for proofs with costs
ThuJun 1118:00Samaria Montenegro GuzmánModel Theory of Pseudo Real Closed Fields
ThuJun 0418:00William BrianLimited-information strategies in Banach-Mazur games
ThuMay 2818:00Wesley HollidayExtensions of choice-free Stone duality
ThuMay 2118:00Moshe VardiThe automated-reasoning revolution: From theory to practice and back
ThuMay 1418:00Chris PorterRandomness extraction from a computability-theoretic perspective
ThuMay 0718:00Rebecca CoulsonThe Bipartite Diameter 3 Metrically Homogeneous Graphs of Generic Type: Their Ages and Their Almost Sure Theories
ThuApr 3018:00Margaret ThomasPoint counting and parameterizations
ThuApr 2318:00Mariya SoskovaFragments of the Theory of Enumeration Degrees
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