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Organizers: Evgeny Skvortsov*, Xavier Bekaert
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TueJun 1508:00Guilia IsabellaOn-shell effective theory for higher spin dark matter
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TueJun 0808:00Predrag PresterHigher-spin-motivated theories (in Minkowski spacetime)
TueMay 1808:00Nikita MisunaOff-shell Higher-Spin Equations and External Current
TueMay 0408:00Eric PerlmutterA CFT Distance Conjecture
TueApr 2008:00Alexet SharapovIntroduction to Higher Spin Mathematics
TueApr 1308:00Harold SteinackerHigher-spin gauge theory and gravity from matrix models
TueMar 3008:00Yuri ZinovievCubic interaction vertices for massless higher spin particles and supermultiplets in d = 4
TueMar 1609:00Sergey FedorukTwistor formulation of infinite spin (super)particle
TueMar 0209:00Evan McdonoughCosmological Signatures of Higher Spin Fields
TueFeb 1609:00Bob KnightonFrom CFT2 to AdS3
TueFeb 0209:00Pierre BieliavskyThe quantum hyperbolic plane
TueJan 1909:00José Calderón InfanteTackling the SDC in AdS with CFTs
TueJan 0509:00Ofer AharonyA derivation of AdS/CFT for vector models
TueDec 1509:00Andrea CampoleoniHigher-spin asymptotic symmetries in any dimensions
TueDec 0109:00Dionysios AnninosSpheres and de Sitter space
TueNov 1709:00Jin-Beom BaeOn the spectrum of pure higher-spin gravity
TueNov 0309:00Mirian TsulaiaHigher Spin Interactions: form classical to quantum
TueOct 2008:00Yasha NeimanHigher-spin holography beyond boundary locality
FriSep 1808:00Sergei Kuzenko, Michael PondsConformal higher spin gauge models in curved backgrounds
WedSep 0208:00Maxim GrigorievOn matter-free Higher Spin Gravities in 3d: (partially)-massless fields and general structure
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