Exceptional geometry seminar series

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 12:30-13:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Franz Ciceri*, Gianluca Inverso*, Emanuel Malek*
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This is an online seminar series focusing on new developments in exceptional field theory, generalised geometry and their applications.

See sites.google.com/view/egseminars/ for more details and instructions on how to join the meetings.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriOct 3013:30Roberto BonezziTBA
FriOct 2312:30Kanghoon LeeDuality manifest approach for double copy
FriOct 1612:30Hermann NicolaiStandard Model Fermions and K(E10)
FriOct 0912:30Mariana GrañaThe generalized geometry of backgrounds with gaugino condensates
FriOct 0212:30Falk HasslerQuantum corrections for generalised T-dualities
FriSep 2513:30Justin KaidiExotic Branes from del Pezzo Surfaces [UNUSUAL TIME]
FriSep 1812:30Charles Strickland-ConstableOn symmetries and dynamics of exotic supermultiplets
FriSep 1112:30Gabriel LariosKaluza-Klein spectra and consistent truncations
FriSep 0412:30Henning SamtlebenToward exotic 6D supergravities: Beyond exceptional field theory
FriAug 2812:30Luigi AlfonsiHigher geometric aspects of global Double Field Theory
FriAug 0712:30Tomas OrtinCompactification, duality and black-hole entropy in stringy black hole
FriJul 3112:30Niall MacphersonAdS$_3$ string vacua and duals to small N=(4,0) CFTs
FriJul 2413:30Dan ButterE_7 ExFT in superspace [UNUSUAL TIME!]
FriJul 1712:30Saskia DemulderIntegrable deformation of CPn and generalised Kähler geometry
FriJul 1012:30Victor LekeuHomotopy transfer and L-infinity algebras
FriJun 2612:30Gianluca InversoOn uplift conditions for gauged supergravities
FriJun 1912:30Aybike Catal-OzerNon-abelian T-duality as a transformation in double field theory
FriJun 1213:30Olaf HohmDuality Hierarchies (UNUSUAL TIME)
FriJun 0512:30Camille EloyDuality invariance and higher derivatives
FriMay 2912:30Gregoire JosseGeneralised Geometry and consistent truncation
FriMay 2212:30Chris BlairNon-relativistic duality and TTbar deformations
FriMay 1512:30Riccardo BorsatoLocal beta-shifts and alpha'-corrections
FriMay 0812:30David TennysonGeneralising G2 geometry: involutivity, moment maps and moduli
FriMay 0112:30Axel KleinschmidtEFTs and ExFTs
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