Informal string-math seminar

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mathematical physics algebraic geometry representation theory symplectic geometry

University of California, Berkeley

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Monday 21:10-22:40 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Peter Koroteev*, Mina Aganagic*, Semeon Artamonov, Vivek Shende, Miroslav Rapcak*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMar 0121:10Andrea BriniQuantum geometry and physics of Looijenga pairs
MonMar 0821:10Tobias EkholmKnot conormals, quantum curves, holomorphic disks, and quivers
MonMar 1520:10Vivek ShendeTBA
MonMar 2921:10Ivan DanilenkoTBA
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MonFeb 2221:10Petr HoravaTopological Quantum Gravity of Perelman's Ricci Flow
MonFeb 0821:10Benoit VicedoTBA
MonFeb 0121:10Davide GaiottoVertex operators and screening charges as gauge-invariant brane intersections in twisted M-theory
MonJan 2521:10Nikita NekrasovBeneath the surface: Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation in four dimensions
MonNov 3021:10Miroslav RapcakMiura Operators, Degenerate Fields and the M2-M5 Intersection
MonNov 2321:10Andrew ManionHigher representations and cornered Heegaard Floer homology
MonNov 1621:10Joerg TeschnerProposal for a geometric characterisation of topological string partition functions, part II
MonNov 0921:10Nathan HaouziNon-Perturbative Schwinger-Dyson Equations for 3d N = 4 Gauge Theories
MonNov 0221:10Pierrick BousseauRefined holomorphic anomaly equation for local P^2
MonOct 2620:10Masahito YamazakiQuiver Yangians and Crystal Melting
MonOct 1920:10Joerg TeschnerProposal for a geometric characterisation of topological string partition functions
MonOct 0522:10Tomoyuki Arakawa4D/2D duality and representation theory
MonSep 2820:10Wei GuA proposal for nonabelian mirrors
MonSep 1419:10Max ZimetK3 Metrics
MonAug 3120:10Alexander ShapiroCluster structure on K-theoretic Coulomb branches
MonAug 0321:10Andrei OkounkovInductive construction of stable envelopes and applications II
MonJul 0621:10Andrei OkounkovInductive construction of stable envelopes and applications
MonJun 2219:10Marcos MarinoSpectral theory of quantum curves and topological strings
MonJun 0819:10Anton ZeitlinGeometry of Bethe Equations and q-Opers
MonMay 2519:10Andy NeitzkeAbelianization of flat connections, and its q-deformation
MonMay 0419:10Yan SoibelmanCohomological Hall Algebras, Instantons and Vertex Algebras
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