Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics Seminar

computational geometry discrete mathematics commutative algebra combinatorics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:15-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Karim Adiprasito, Arina Voorhaar*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuJun 2214:15Isaiah OsborneSign Invertibility of Graphs
ThuJun 1514:15no seminar----
ThuJun 0814:15Tianran ChenWhat lattice polytopes can tell us about network of oscillators?
ThuJun 0114:15Alex CohenImproved bound for Heilbronn's triangle problem and connections to projection theory
ThuMay 2514:15Iván RasskinConnecting numbers with knots through polytopes and sphere packings
ThuMay 1814:15Guillaume Laplante-AnfossiThe combinatorics of the permutahedron diagonals
ThuMay 1114:15Hunter SpinkAdditive combinatorics at infinity in the presence of a lattice
ThuMay 0414:15Sophie HuibertsSmoothed analysis of the simplex method
ThuApr 2714:15Benjamin SchröterValuative invariants for large classes of matroids
ThuApr 2014:15Torsten UeckerdtWhen Surrounding is not Catching in Cops and Robber
ThuApr 1314:15Sebastian DebusThe wonderful geometry of the Vandermonde map
ThuApr 0614:15Benjamin JanyThe direct sum of q-matroids and their decomposition into irreducible components
ThuMar 3014:15Matthew FaustOn Irreducibility of the Bloch Variety
ThuMar 2315:15no seminar----
ThuMar 1615:15Rosna PaulCompatibility Graph of Spanning trees in Simple Drawings
ThuMar 0915:15Meghana M. ReddyOn the Number of Edges in Maximal 2-planar Graphs
ThuMar 0215:15István TomonConfigurations of boxes
ThuFeb 2315:15Stephanie MuiOn the $L^p$ dual Minkowski problem for $−1 < p < 0$
ThuFeb 1615:15Geunho LimBounds on rho-invariants and simplicial complexity of triangulated manifolds
ThuFeb 0915:15Cosmin PohoataConvexity, color avoidance, and total domination
ThuFeb 0216:20Vadim SemenovThe Discrete Gauss Image Problem
ThuFeb 0215:15Vladislav PokidkinDiscriminants of polynomial systems
ThuJan 2615:15James MaxwellGeneralising Kapranov’s Theorem for hyperfields and RAC maps
ThuJan 1915:15Oliver JanzerSmall subgraphs with large average degree
ThuJan 1215:15Miruna-Ştefana SoreaPoincaré-Reeb Graphs of Real Algebraic Domains
ThuJan 0515:15Damian OsajdaInjective spaces, Helly graphs, and their automorphism groups
ThuDec 2215:15Khanh Nguyen DucNewton polytope of good symmetric functions
ThuDec 1515:15Nick EarlyPolytopes in particle physics, starting from associahedra
ThuDec 0815:15Daria Poliakova2-Associahedra and the velocity fan
ThuDec 0115:15Ayah AlmousaRoot Polytopes, Tropical Types, and Toric Edge Ideals
ThuNov 2415:15Benjamin NillAn update on Gorenstein polytopes : reducibility and local $h*$-polynomials
ThuNov 1715:15Boulos El HilanyCoupler curves of moving graphs and counting realizations of rigid graphs
ThuNov 1015:15Eva PhilippeSweep polytopes and sweep oriented matroids
ThuNov 0315:15Leonid MoninK-Theory and polytopes
ThuOct 2714:15Søren EilersChromatic numbers for contact graphs of mutually congruent cuboids
ThuOct 2014:15Lorenzo VecchiSkew Young Tableaux for KL polynomials of matroids
ThuOct 1314:15Christian HaaseNewton-Okounkov Semigroups (are often not finitely generated)
ThuOct 0614:15Karin BaurCluster structures for Grassmannians
ThuSep 2914:00Joachim KockFrom Möbius inversion to renormalisation
ThuSep 2214:15Ruy Fabila MonroyToken graph reconstruction in Diamond and C_4 free graphs
ThuSep 1514:15Déborah OliverosIntersection Patterns and Tverberg type theorems
ThuSep 0814:15Lisa SauermannAnticoncentration in Ramsey graphs and a proof of the Erdös-McKay Conjecture
ThuSep 0114:15Alexandros HollenderPure-Circuit: Strong Inapproximability for PPAD
ThuAug 2514:15Radoslav FulekAtomic Embeddability, Clustered Planarity, and Thickenability
ThuAug 1814:15Mehtaab SawhneyOn low-degree dependencies for sparse random graphs
ThuAug 1114:15Marie-Charlotte BrandenburgTropical Positivity and Determinantal varieties
ThuJul 1414:15Federico CastilloTangent hyperplanes to convex bodies
ThuJul 0714:15Zilin JiangRainbow structures via topological methods
ThuJun 3014:15Jean CardinalDiameter estimates for graph associahedra
ThuJun 2314:15Soohyun ParkAnti-Ramsey theory, lattice points on polytopes, and Hodge structures on toric hypersurfaces
ThuJun 0914:15Shira ZerbibKKM-type theorems and their applications
ThuJun 0214:15Mathilde BouvelLimits of permutations and graphs avoiding substructures
ThuMay 2614:15Jesus de LoeraOn Polyhedra Parametrizing ALL pivot rules for the Simplex Method
ThuMay 1914:15Erika RoldanParity Property of Hexagonal Sliding Puzzles
ThuMay 1214:15Yelena YuditskyWeak Coloring Numbers of Intersection Graphs
ThuMay 0514:15Roman KarasevCovering by planks and avoiding zeros of polynomials
ThuApr 2814:15Andrew SukUnavoidable patterns in simple topological graphs
ThuApr 2114:15Amita MalikPartitions into primes with a Chebotarev condition
ThuApr 1414:15Jamie Tucker-FoltzPolitical Redistricting, Graph Partition Sampling, and Counting Spanning Trees
ThuApr 0714:15Simon MachadoWhen are discrete subsets of Lie groups approximate subgroups ? Around a theorem of Lagarias.
ThuMar 3114:15Lorenzo VenturelloGorenstein algebras from simplicial complexes
ThuMar 2415:15Ashwin SahHigh-Girth Steiner Triple Systems
ThuMar 1715:15Samuel LundqvistThe Fröberg conjecture and some questions on powers of general linear forms
ThuMar 1015:15Adam ShefferA structural Szemerédi–Trotter theorem for cartesian products
ThuMar 0315:15Shubhangi SarafFactors of sparse polynomials: structural results and some algorithms
ThuFeb 2415:15Marija Jelić MilutinovićMatching complexes of graphs
ThuFeb 1716:15Alan LewLeray numbers of tolerance complexes
ThuFeb 1715:15Alexander CliftonRamsey Theory for Diffsequences
ThuFeb 1015:15Miloš TrujićTwo problems in (size-)Ramsey theory
ThuFeb 0315:15Laura EscobarThe harmonic polytope
ThuJan 2717:15Lei XueA Proof of Grünbaum’s Lower Bound Conjecture for polytopes, lattices, and strongly regular pseudomanifolds.
ThuJan 2716:15Anschel Schaffer-CohenAutomorphisms of the loop and arc graph of an infinite-type surface
ThuJan 2715:15William GustafsonLattice minors and Eulerian posets
ThuJan 2015:15Shubhangi SarafFactors of sparse polynomials: structural results and some algorithms
ThuJan 1315:15Sophie SpirklNew results on polynomial $\chi$-boundedness
ThuJan 0616:15Ana Chavez CalizProjective self-dual polygons
ThuJan 0615:15Arina VoorhaarOn the Newton Polytope of the Morse Discriminant
ThuDec 1615:15Jozsef SolymosiRank of matrices with entries from a multiplicative group
WedDec 1515:15Giorgis PetridisSmall progress towards the Paley graph conjecture
ThuDec 0915:00Matt BakerThe Foundation of a Matroid
ThuDec 0215:15Henry AdamsBounding Gromov-Hausdorff distances with Borsuk-Ulam theorems and Vietoris-Rips complexes
ThuNov 2515:15Nina KamcevCommon systems of equations are rare
ThuNov 1815:15Victor ReinerTopology of augmented Bergman complexes
ThuNov 1115:15Mats BoijLefschetz Properties
ThuNov 0417:00Igor PakLog-concave poset inequalities
ThuNov 0415:15Xavier GoaocConcentration in order types of random point sets
ThuOct 2814:15Jean-Philippe LabbéLineup polytopes and applications in quantum physics
ThuOct 2114:15Christopher EurTautological classes of matroids
ThuOct 1414:15Arnau PadrolThe convex dimension of hypergraphs and the hypersimplicial Van Kampen-Flores Theorem
ThuOct 0714:15Thang PhamPoint-sphere incidence bounds in finite spaces
ThuSep 3014:15Michael SimkinThe number of $n$-queens configurations
ThuSep 2314:15Georgios PetridisThe q-analogue of almost orthogonal sets
ThuSep 0914:15Alexandra WesolekGraph Drawings and Graph Limits
ThuSep 0214:15Shoham LetzterTight cycles in hypergraphs
ThuJul 1514:15Hunter SpinkGeometric and o-minimal Littlewood-Offord problems
ThuJul 0814:15Natan RubinStronger bounds for weak epsilon-nets in higher dimensions
ThuJul 0114:15Matthew KwanFriendly bisections of random graphs
ThuJun 2414:15Miloš StojakovicDealing with bichromatic non-crossing matchings
ThuJun 1714:15Linda KleistOn a Problem from Outer Space: Minimum Scan Covers
ThuJun 1014:15Oswin AichholzerOrder Types, Rotation Systems, and Crossing Numbers of $K_n$
ThuJun 0314:15Victor BatyrevCombinatorics of lattice polytopes and MMP
ThuMay 2714:00Chaya KellerOn multicolor Ramsey numbers and subset-coloring of hypergraphs
ThuMay 2014:00Marc LackenbyUnknot recognition in quasi-polynomial time
ThuMay 1314:00Sean EberhardTBA
ThuMay 0614:00Torsten MützeCombinatorial generation via permutation languages
ThuApr 2914:00Yufei ZhaoThe geometry of transitive sets, with applications to eigenbasis of Cayley graphs
ThuApr 2214:00Stefan FelsnerCombinatorics of Pseudocircle Arrangements
ThuApr 0814:00Sarah PeluseModular zeros in the character table of the symmetric group
ThuMar 2515:00Pablo SoberonTverberg's theorem beyond prime powers
ThuMar 1815:15Lukas KühneInvestigating Terao's freeness conjecture with computer algebra
ThuMar 1115:00Irene ParadaInserting edges into simple drawings
ThuMar 0415:00Pilar CanoFlips in higher order Delaunay triangulations
ThuFeb 2515:00Vasso PetrotouTom & Jerry triples
ThuFeb 1815:00Martin TancerThe unbearable hardness of unknotting
ThuFeb 1115:00Sebastian ManeckeInscribable fans, zonotopes, and reflection arrangements
ThuFeb 0415:00Bruno BenedettiA d-dimensional version of interval graphs, of Hamiltonian paths, and of binomial edge ideals
ThuJan 2815:00Man-Wai CheungCompactifications of cluster varieties and convexity
ThuJan 2115:00Manfred ScheucherUsing SAT Solvers in Combinatorics and Geometry
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