Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics Seminar

computational geometry discrete mathematics commutative algebra combinatorics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:15-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Karim Adiprasito, Patrick Schnider*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2814:15Jean-Philippe LabbéTBA
ThuNov 0415:15Xavier GoaocTBA
ThuNov 1115:15Mats BoijTBA
ThuNov 1815:15Victor ReinerTBA
ThuDec 0215:15Henry AdamsTBA
ThuDec 1615:15Jozsef SolymosiTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2114:15Christopher EurTautological classes of matroids
ThuOct 1414:15Arnau PadrolThe convex dimension of hypergraphs and the hypersimplicial Van Kampen-Flores Theorem
ThuOct 0714:15Thang PhamPoint-sphere incidence bounds in finite spaces
ThuSep 3014:15Michael SimkinThe number of $n$-queens configurations
ThuSep 2314:15Georgios PetridisThe q-analogue of almost orthogonal sets
ThuSep 0914:15Alexandra WesolekGraph Drawings and Graph Limits
ThuSep 0214:15Shoham LetzterTight cycles in hypergraphs
ThuJul 1514:15Hunter SpinkGeometric and o-minimal Littlewood-Offord problems
ThuJul 0814:15Natan RubinStronger bounds for weak epsilon-nets in higher dimensions
ThuJul 0114:15Matthew KwanFriendly bisections of random graphs
ThuJun 2414:15Miloš StojakovicDealing with bichromatic non-crossing matchings
ThuJun 1714:15Linda KleistOn a Problem from Outer Space: Minimum Scan Covers
ThuJun 1014:15Oswin AichholzerOrder Types, Rotation Systems, and Crossing Numbers of $K_n$
ThuJun 0314:15Victor BatyrevCombinatorics of lattice polytopes and MMP
ThuMay 2714:00Chaya KellerOn multicolor Ramsey numbers and subset-coloring of hypergraphs
ThuMay 2014:00Marc LackenbyUnknot recognition in quasi-polynomial time
ThuMay 1314:00Sean EberhardTBA
ThuMay 0614:00Torsten MützeCombinatorial generation via permutation languages
ThuApr 2914:00Yufei ZhaoThe geometry of transitive sets, with applications to eigenbasis of Cayley graphs
ThuApr 2214:00Stefan FelsnerCombinatorics of Pseudocircle Arrangements
ThuApr 0814:00Sarah PeluseModular zeros in the character table of the symmetric group
ThuMar 2515:00Pablo SoberonTverberg's theorem beyond prime powers
ThuMar 1815:15Lukas KühneInvestigating Terao's freeness conjecture with computer algebra
ThuMar 1115:00Irene ParadaInserting edges into simple drawings
ThuMar 0415:00Pilar CanoFlips in higher order Delaunay triangulations
ThuFeb 2515:00Vasso PetrotouTom & Jerry triples
ThuFeb 1815:00Martin TancerThe unbearable hardness of unknotting
ThuFeb 1115:00Sebastian ManeckeInscribable fans, zonotopes, and reflection arrangements
ThuFeb 0415:00Bruno BenedettiA d-dimensional version of interval graphs, of Hamiltonian paths, and of binomial edge ideals
ThuJan 2815:00Man-Wai CheungCompactifications of cluster varieties and convexity
ThuJan 2115:00Manfred ScheucherUsing SAT Solvers in Combinatorics and Geometry
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