MU-MST joint analysis seminar

analysis of PDEs

Missouri University of Science and Technology / University of Missouri

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jason Murphy*, Samuel Walsh
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Past talks
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FriApr 3020:00Anna MazzucatoEnhanced dissipation and global existence for the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
FriApr 2320:00Svetlana RoudenkoToward soliton resolution in KdV-type equations
FriApr 1620:00Maciej ZworskiMathematics of magic angles for bilayer graphene
FriApr 0920:00Mat JohnsonDynamics of Periodic Lugiato-Lefever Waves
FriMar 2620:00Jon WilkeningQuasi-periodic water waves
FriMar 1920:00Steve ShkollerShock formation for the 3d Euler equations
FriMar 1221:00Michael WeinsteinContinuum and discrete models of waves in 2D materials
FriMar 0521:00Zhiwu LinStability of some stellar models
FriFeb 2621:00Ian TiceTraveling wave solutions to the free boundary Navier-Stokes equations
FriFeb 1921:00Monica VisanRecent progress on well-posedness for integrable PDE
FriFeb 1221:00Bjoern BringmannInvariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional wave equation with a Hartree nonlinearity
FriFeb 0521:00Kevin O'NeillA Nonnegative Version of Whitney's Extension Problem
FriDec 0421:00Juhi JangDynamics of Newtonian stars
FriNov 2021:00Jacob BedrossianAlmost-sure exponential mixing in stochastic fluid mechanics and Batchelor-regime passive scalar turbulence
FriNov 1321:00Olga TrichtchenkoStability of Periodic Solutions to Hamiltonian PDEs
FriNov 0621:00Pierre GermainStability of kinks in one-dimensional Klein-Gordon equations
FriOct 3020:00Rui HanSpectral gaps in graphene structures
FriOct 2320:00Mihaela IfrimTwo dimensional gravity water waves at low regularity: global solutions
FriOct 1620:00Vera Mikyoung HurUnstable Stokes waves: A periodic Evans function approach
FriOct 0920:00Sameer IyerGlobal in x Stability of Prandtl's Boundary Layer for 2D, Stationary Navier-Stokes Flows
FriOct 0220:00Hao JiaLong time dynamics of 2d Euler and nonlinear inviscid damping
FriSep 2520:00Maria NtekoumeSymplectic non-squeezing for the KdV flow on the line
FriSep 1820:00Gong ChenLong-time dynamics of the sine-Gordon equation
ThuAug 1319:30Taryn FlockA nonlinear Brascamp-Lieb inequality
ThuJul 3019:30Huy NguyenProof of modulational instability of Stokes waves in deep water
ThuJul 2319:30Gabriela JaramilloA Numerical Method for a Diffusive Class of Nonlocal Operators
ThuJul 1619:30Benoit PausaderStability of Minkowski space for the Einstein-Klein-Gordon system
ThuJul 0919:30Ming ChenStrong instability of Novikov peakons
ThuJul 0219:30Benjamin Harrop-GriffithsSharp well-posedness for the cubic NLS and mKdV on the line
ThuJun 2519:30Fabio PusateriMultilinear Harmonic analysis for nonlinear PDEs with potentials
ThuJun 1119:30Maciej ZworskiViscosity limits for 0th order operators
ThuJun 0419:30Zaher HaniOn the rigorous derivation of the wave kinetic equations
ThuMay 2819:30Chongchun ZengOn the dynamics of the focusing energy critical NLS with inverse square potential
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