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Audience: Undergraduates
Seminar series times: Friday 18:00-20:00, 22:00-00:00, 22:00-00:00, Saturday 00:30-02:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Edray Herber Goins*, Alex Barrios, Brian Bishop
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PRiME is hosting a series of talks which will take place on Fridays in July. All are welcome to join us either in person at Pomona College or virtually over Zoom. There will be two types of series.


We will have a series of 2-hour workshops geared for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. The Morning Sessions will take place from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific, while the Afternoon Sessions will take place from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Pacific. The Student Professional Development Series (geared for undergraduates) will meet at Pomona College in Estella 1051 (Argue Auditorium); while the Faculty Professional Development Series (geared for graduate students and junior faculty) will meet in Estella 1021 (Noether Auditorium).


We will have outside speakers to visit with us on Fridays from 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific. We will meet in person at Pomona College in Estella 1051 (Argue Auditorium).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriJul 2823:30Johnny GuzmanFinite Element Exterior Calculus with Smoother Spaces
FriJul 2821:00Ron BuckmireNSF and You: Some Suggestions For Successful Grant Writing
FriJul 2821:00Bahar AcuGiving Effective Mathematical Presentations
FriJul 2817:00TBACareers with the Department of Defense
TueJul 2523:30Jennifer Johnson-LeungFourier Coefficients of Modular Forms and Arithmetic
FriJul 2123:30Jose Israel RodriguezCurves, Surfaces, and Applied Algebraic Geometry
FriJul 2121:00Wanda GibsonWriting Winning Résumés
FriJul 2121:00Robert Bosley and Sharona KrinskyGrading: The (Mis)use of Mathematics in Measuring Student Learning and its Disproportionate Impact on Equity and Inclusion
FriJul 2117:00Tomislav PintauerNSF GRFP Workshop
FriJul 1421:00Christina EdholmForming Research Collaborations
FriJul 1421:00Youngsu KimExploring Computational Software
FriJul 1417:00VariousGrad School 101 Panel
FriJul 0723:30Maria Angelica CuetoLines and Curves in the Tropics
FriJul 0721:00Sireesh Vinnakota$\LaTeX{}$ Tutorial
FriJul 0721:00Sharon StranfordFrameworks for Inclusive Pedagogy: Adapting to the Needs of Students and Instructors
FriJul 0717:00VariousOpportunities at NSF-Math Institutes Panel
FriJun 3023:30Edna JonesApollonian Circle Packings, Integers, and Higher-Dimensional Sphere Packings
FriJun 3021:00Allon PercusNegotiating Graduate School
FriJun 3021:00Ellie Ash-BalaUnderstanding and Confronting Imposter Syndrome
FriJun 3017:00VariousPRiME Alumni Panel
WedJun 2819:00Brandon JacksonEmbracing Differences: A Guide to Intercultural Competence Development in College and Beyond
FriJul 2923:30Toyya PujolAnalytics and Machine Learning for Healthcare Data
FriJul 2921:00Stephan GarciaGiving Effective Mathematical Presentations
FriJul 2921:00Jamie HaddockThe Academic Job Interview
FriJul 2917:00TBACareers with the Department of Defense
FriJul 2223:30Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughSmall Gaps Between Zeros of the Riemann Zeta-function
FriJul 2221:00Darryl YongHow Transparency Can Create a More Equitable Classroom
FriJul 2221:00Joel F. SchildbachNSF GRFP Workshop
FriJul 2217:00Kiran Kedlaya, Rachel Pries, and Christelle VincentOpportunities in Number Theory Panel
FriJul 1523:30Youngsu KimLinear Independence, Counting, and Hilbert's Syzygy Theorem
FriJul 1521:00Kayla Gibson and Summer SollerResume Writing Workshop
FriJul 1521:00Christina EdholmForming Research Collaborations
FriJul 1517:00Tom Alberts, John Alongi, David Goldberg, Ryan Hynd, Ami Radunskaya, John Rock, and Jianzhong SuGrad School 101 Panel
FriJul 0823:30Bobby WilsonA Generalization of the Multilinear Kakeya Theorem
FriJul 0821:00Sireesh VinnakotaLaTeX Tutorial
FriJul 0821:00Ron Buckmire"Show Me The Money!": Demystifying the National Science Foundation and the Grant Writing Process
FriJul 0817:00Rebecca Garcia, Brendan Hassett, Susana Serna, and Irena SwansonOpportunities at NSF-Math Institutes Panel
FriJul 0123:30VariousPRiME Alumni Panel
FriJul 0121:00Maryann HohnNegotiating Grad School
FriJul 0121:00Sarah CannonCombatting Imposter Syndrome
FriJul 0117:00Lillian PierceCounting problems in number theory
TueJul 2820:00PRiME REU StudentsPRiME REU Final Presentations
ThuJul 2320:00Colm Mulcahy1920-2020: A Century of Mathematics at Spelman College
TueJul 2120:00Erica Graham, Raegan Higgins, Candice Price, and Shelby WilsonMathematically Gifted & Black
ThuJul 1620:00Ranthony A.C. Edmonds and John H. Johnson, Jr.Connecting the Dots: Dorothy Vaughan and Community in the Hidden Figures Story
TueJul 1420:00Talithia WilliamsNot So Hidden Figures: Unveiling Mathematical Talent
ThuJul 0920:00Ronald Mickens"Al” and “J. Ernest”: friends and colleagues
TueJul 0720:00Shelly JonesTBA
ThuJul 0220:00Talitha WashingtonTBA
TueJun 3020:00Johnny HoustonTBA
ThuJun 2520:00Sastry PantulaA conversation about Professor Blackwell
TueJun 2320:00Asamoah NkwantaHistorical Notes on Black Mathematicians: No! It is not the Empty Set
ThuJun 1820:00John WeaverBuilding Scalable Databases — My Experience with the Mathematicians of the African Diaspora (MAD) Website
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