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mathematical physics algebraic geometry algebraic topology K-theory and homology operator algebras quantum algebra representation theory

Cardiff University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 15:10-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ulrich Pennig*
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Description: Seminar of the GAPT group at Cardiff University

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Past talks
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ThuMay 1214:10Simona PaoliFrom Homotopy Theory to Higher categories
ThuMay 0514:10Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros1-dimensional K-moduli spaces of Fano 3-folds
ThuMar 3114:10Ramona WolfFrom subfactors to conformal field theories via lattice models
ThuMar 2415:10Emily NortonCalibrated representations of cyclotomic Hecke algebras at roots of unity
ThuMar 1715:10Luca PolTorsion model for tensor-triangulated categories
ThuMar 1015:10Anne-Laure ThielA Soergel category for cyclic groups
ThuFeb 2415:10Christian HagendorfThe supersymmetric eight-vertex model
ThuFeb 1715:10Magdalena MusatOn the convex structure of unital quantum channels, factorizability and the Connes Embedding Problem
ThuDec 1615:10Christian Hagendorftalk postponed
ThuDec 0915:10Corey JonesBraided tensor categories from von Neumann algebras
ThuDec 0215:10David PenneysFusion categories in mathematics and physics
ThuNov 1815:10Federico BarbacoviCategorical dynamics
ThuNov 1115:10Nils CarquevilleFully extended spin TQFTs
ThuNov 0415:10Mihály WeinerFrom quantum fields to local algebras: strong locality WITHOUT linear energy bounds
ThuOct 2814:10Magdalena Musattalk cancelled
ThuOct 2114:10Sara AzzaliThe Baum-Connes correspondence for the pure braid group
ThuMay 1314:10Simon LentnerNichols Algebras, Selberg Integrals and Screening Operators
ThuApr 2914:10Thomas CreutzigVertex Tensor Categories
ThuMar 2515:10Roberto ContiOld and news about Cuntz algebras
ThuMar 1815:10Florencia Orosz HunzikerTensor categories for non-rational Virasoro vertex algebras
ThuMar 1115:10Jose PereaQuasiperiodicy in data - an applied topology view
ThuMar 0415:10Sara AzzaliTalk cancelled/postponed
ThuFeb 2515:10Karl-Hermann NeebA representation theoretic perspective on modular theory
ThuFeb 1115:10Dominic VerdonFrobenius algebras, fibre functors and entanglement-assisted transformations of covariant channels
ThuFeb 0415:10Andreas ThomSofic approximations — what’s the problem?
ThuDec 0315:10Madeleine Jotz-LeanLie groupoids, Lie algebroids, representations and ideals
ThuNov 1915:10Marius DadarlatObstructions to matrix stability of discrete groups
ThuNov 1215:00Eleonore FaberInfinite constructions: Grassmannian categories of infinite rank and triangulations of an infinity-gon
ThuNov 0515:10Eric RowellRepresentations of Braid Groups and Motion Groups
ThuOct 2915:10Irakli PatchkoriaEquivariant Stallings-Swan theorem and cohomology of orbit categories
ThuOct 2214:10James WaltonAperiodic Order: The Mathematics of Systems of Approximate Symmetry
ThuOct 0813:00César GalindoBraided Zesting and its applications
ThuJun 2509:00David RidoutA new approach to W-algebras
ThuApr 3014:00Thomas SchickThe codimension 2 index obstruction to positive scalar curvature
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