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analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs functional analysis

Institute for Advanced Study / North Carolina State University / University of California, Irvine / University of Massachusetts Lowell

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 18:00-19:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Rachel Greenfeld*, Zane Li*, Joris Roos*, Ziming Shi
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MonApr 2918:00Manik DharTBA
TueApr 1618:00Tainara BorgesSobolev smoothing estimates for bilinear maximal operators with fractal dilation sets
FriApr 0518:00Yen DoReal roots of random algebraic polynomials
TueMar 1918:00Cosmin PohoataTBA
TueMar 0519:00Ravi ShankarDoubling inequalities for nonlinear elliptic PDEs
TueNov 2819:00Cosmin PohoataTBA
TueNov 1419:00Bingyuan LiuTBA
TueOct 1718:00Alex RutarAssouad-type dimensions: finer information on scaling and homogeneity
TueOct 0318:00Lars BeckerMaximal modulations of singular Radon transforms
TueSep 1918:00Kevin RenSharp Furstenberg sets estimate in the plane
MonDec 0522:00Florian RichterTBA
MonNov 1422:00John GreenEstimates for scalar oscillatory integrals: Structure, stability and methods that use them
MonOct 3118:00Kornelia HeraHausdorff dimension of Besicovitch sets of Cantor graphs
MonOct 1721:00Dominique MaldagueTBA
MonOct 0321:00Andreas SeegerFamilies of functionals representing Sobolev norms
MonSep 1921:00Xueying YuUnique continuation properties for generalized fourth-order Schrödinger equations
MonApr 0416:00Diogo Oliveira e SilvaSharp restriction theory: rigidity, stability, and symmetry breaking
MonMar 2816:00Jacob DensonLarge Sets with Fourier Decay avoiding Patterns
MonMar 1416:00Galyna LivshytsSome emerging questions about isoperimetric type inequalities under symmetry assumption, their connections and partial results
MonMar 0717:00Sean PrendivilleFourier analysis and nonlinear progressions of integers
MonFeb 1417:00Bodan ArsovskiThe p-adic Kakeya conjecture
MonJan 3117:00Jingrui ChengA PDE approach to $L^\infty$ estimate for parabolic complex Monge-Ampere and Hessian equations
MonDec 0622:00Mariusz MirekTBA
MonNov 2922:00Terence HarrisThe behaviour of Hausdorff dimension under curved 1-dimensional families of projections
MonNov 1522:00Yuqiu FuDecoupling for short generalized Dirichlet sequences
MonNov 0822:00Robert FraserExplicit Salem sets in R^n: an application of algebraic number theory to Euclidean harmonic analysis
MonNov 0121:00David Beltran$L^p$ bounds for the helical maximal function
MonOct 2521:00Hong WangProjection theorems and applications
MonOct 1821:00Alan ChangThe Kakeya needle problem for rectifiable sets
MonOct 1121:00Irina HolmesA new proof of a weighted John-Nirenberg Theorem, via sparse operators
MonOct 0421:00Terence TaoThe structure of translational tilings
MonSep 2721:00Tess AndersonDyadic analysis meets number theory
MonSep 2021:00Max JahnkeTBA
MonMay 1021:00Bjoern BringmannInvariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional wave equation with a Hartree nonlinearity
MonMay 0317:00Itay LondnerTiling the integers with translates of one tile: the Coven-Meyerowitz tiling conditions for three prime factors
MonApr 2621:00Liding YaoTBA
MonApr 1921:00Ruixiang ZhangStationary set method for estimating oscillatory integrals
MonApr 1221:00Shahaf NitzanWhat is a good definition of 'uniform completeness'?
MonApr 0521:00Alex BarronA sharp global-in-time Strichartz estimate for the Schrodinger equation on the infinite cylinder
MonMar 2921:00Rui HanA polynomial Roth theorem for corners in the finite field setting
MonMar 2221:00Laura CladekAdditive energy of regular measures in one and higher dimensions, and the fractal uncertainty principle
MonMar 1521:00Xiumin DuFalconer's distance set problem
MonMar 0822:00Sarah PeluseOn the polynomial Szemerédi theorem and related results
MonMar 0122:00Linhan LiCarleson measure estimates for the Green function
MonFeb 2222:00Gennady UraltsevBanach-valued time frequency analysis
MonFeb 0822:00John TreuerRigidity theorem of the Bergman kernel and the analytic capacity
MonFeb 0122:00Ben BruceFourier restriction to hyperboloids
MonJan 2522:00Benjamin Harrop-GriffithsSharp well-posedness for the cubic NLS and mKdV on the line
MonDec 1422:00Adi GlücksamTBA
MonDec 0722:00Jaume de Dios PontTBA
MonNov 3022:00Dominique KempA weakening of the curvature condition in $\mathbb{R}^3$ for $\ell^p$ decoupling
MonNov 1622:00Kevin O'NeillA Nonnegative Version of Whitney's Extension Problem
MonNov 0922:00Shukun WuOn the Bochner-Riesz operators and the maximal Bochner-Riesz operator
MonNov 0222:00Changkeun OhRestriction estimates for various surfaces
MonOct 2621:00Maria NtekoumeHomogenization for the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation on ℝ²
MonOct 1921:00Bartosz LangowskiLattice point problems, equidistribution and ergodic theorems for certain arithmetic spheres
MonOct 1221:00Rajula SrivastavaOrthogonal systems of spline wavelets as unconditional bases in Sobolev spaces
MonOct 0521:00Jongchon KimMaximal functions associated with a set of directions
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