The Online Operator Theory and Related Topics Series

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: J. E. Pascoe*
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Past talks
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TueAug 1815:00Jamie MingoInfinitesimal Freeness and Non-commutative Functions
TueJul 2115:00Monique LaurentConvergence Analysis of Approximation Hierarchies for Polynomial Optimization
WedJun 1720:30Kelly BickelSome Remarks on Crouzeix’s Conjecture
WedJun 1720:00Alberto DayanInterpolating Matrices
WedJun 1719:30Evgenios KakariadisRigidity of nonselfadjoint operator algebras
WedJun 1719:00Rob MartinNon-commutative rational functions in the full Fock space
WedJun 1718:00Constanze LiawPoint masses of matrix-valued Aleksandrov-Clark measures
WedJun 1716:00Eli ShamovichNoncommutative Choquet simplifies
WedJun 1715:00Michael HartzThe column-row property for complete Pick spaces
WedJun 1714:30Tapesh YadavConvergence of certain lower triangular random matrices to the Volterra operator
WedJun 1714:00Tirthankar BhattacharyyaDistinguished varieties with respect to the bidisc
TueJun 1620:30Martino LupiniDefinable algebraic invariants in (noncommutative) topology
TueJun 1619:30Bill HeltonOptimization over Convex Sets in Matrix Variables
TueJun 1619:00Roy AraizaAn Abstract Characterization for Projections in Operator Systems
TueJun 1618:30Sayan DasOn Fundamental groups of certain property (T) factors
TueJun 1618:00Ryan Tully-DoyleBoundary Realizations
TueJun 1616:00Jurij VolcicSingularities, irreducibility, and Bertini’s theorem for noncommutative polynomials
TueJun 1615:30Eric EvertExistence of best low rank approximations for tensors of order three
TueJun 1615:00Mario KummerSpectral sets and derivatives of the psd cone
TueJun 1614:00Igor KlepNoncommutative convexity and partial convexity
TueJun 0915:00Andreas ThomAsymptotics of Cheeger constants and unitarisability of groups
MonMay 2515:00Adam Dor OnDoob equivalence and non-commutative peaking for Markov chains
MonMay 1115:00Alan SolaOne-dimensional scaling limits in a Laplacian random growth model
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