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game theory human-computer interaction social and information networks law and economics


Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Joshua Tan*, Nathan Schneider*, Amy X. Zhang*, Cent Hosten*, Eugene Leventhal*, Val Elefante*
*contact for this listing

The Metagovernance Seminar invites individuals working in online governance to present their work to a community of other researchers and practitioners. Topics of the seminar include, but are not limited to, computational tools for governance, governance incidents and case studies from online communities, topics in cryptoeconomics, and the design of digital constitutions.

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The seminar is intended for researchers and practitioners in online governance, broadly defined. We welcome guests and curious members of the public, but please note that the discussion is moderated. Our governance structure is defined here:

Please contact a planning committee member (Cent Hosten, Nathan Schneider, Divya Siddarth, Michael Zargham, Joshua Tan, and Seth Frey) if you are interested in becoming a member of the seminar.

Where available, a direct link to the archived video is linked beneath the video tags.

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- Time: every Wednesday at 12:00pm ET (GMT-4). - Meeting Link:

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJul 1716:00Kenechukwu Orjiene, Amos Mwangi, Golda Velez (LinkedTrust)Practical Inclusiveness and Earned Governance
WedJul 2416:00Anke LiuOn Neural Quorum Governance
WedJul 3116:00Araba SeyInclusive Ocean Data for Decision-Making
WedSep 0416:00Denisa KeraExperimental Governance over Sandboxes and LLMs Agent-Based Simulations
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WedJul 1016:00Community EventSeminar Wish List and Proposal Generation Co-working
WedJul 0316:00Rome ViharoOn Aiki Wiki
WedJun 2616:00Greg CasselOn Foundations of Modular Organizing / FoMO
WedJun 1916:00No SeminarNo Seminar
WedJun 1216:00Greg BloomOn Community Resource Data Infrastructure Design
WedJun 0516:00No SeminarNo Seminar
WedMay 2916:00Daniela ZschaberOn the organizational structure of The Yanomami tribe
WedMay 2216:00Brad deGrafon "Tech for Good" Network Cooperatives and Tech Stack
WedMay 1516:00Brett FrischmannOn "Friction-In-Design Regulation as 21st Century Time, Place, and Manner Restriction"
WedMay 0816:00David ZhouIntroducing Doxamarket: Information Markets for Decentralized Governance
WedMay 0116:00No SpeakerNo Seminar
WedApr 2416:00Cade Diehm, Benjamin RoyerResearch notes on Digital identity
WedApr 1716:00Puja OhlhaverOn "Compressed to 0: The Silent Strings of Proof of Personhood"
WedApr 1016:00Mahasweta ChakrabortiDo We Run How We Say We Run? Formalisation and Practice of Governance in OSS Communities.
WedApr 0316:00Dr. Christopher HillOn meta-science and governance of science
WedMar 2716:00Sandra BramanParametric Virtues: Information Policy at System Borders
WedMar 2016:00Tobias KuhnNanopublications: Rethinking global knowledge sharing
WedMar 1316:00Cecile GreenFrameworks & Tools for Healthy Power Sharing
WedMar 0617:00Wes ChowWhy We Cooperate
WedFeb 2817:00Nathan SchneiderGovernable Spaces: Book Launch Seminar
WedFeb 2117:00Val Elefante, Vladimir BaulinWeek 4 of 4 - On and Off Responsibilities in Governing AI
WedFeb 1417:00Var ShankarWeek 3 of 4 - On and Off Responsibilities in Governing AI
WedFeb 0717:00Manon RevelWeek 2 of 4 - On and Off Responsibilities in Governing AI
WedJan 3117:00Manon RevelWeek 1 of 4 - On and Off Responsibilities in Governing AI
WedJan 2417:00Bryan SemaanThe Colonial Impulse of Online Governance
WedJan 1717:00Kyle DrakeMaking the Web Fun Again
WedJan 0317:00Seth GodinA governance layer for voting
WedDec 2717:00No SeminarEnjoy the holidays!
WedDec 1317:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedDec 0617:00Tanusree SharmaInclusive.AI: Engaging Underserved Populations in Democratic Decision-Making on AI
WedNov 2917:00Janita Chalam, Val Elefante, Cent Hosten, HazelOn D20 Governance
WedNov 2217:00Ehud ShapiroA Grassroots Architecture for the Digital Realm
WedNov 1517:00Joel ChanSociotechnical Infrastructures for Interdisciplinary Scholarly Synthesis
WedNov 0817:00Stacco TroncosoGroundwork Fellow Artifact Presentation
WedNov 0116:00Metagov CommunityMetagov 100th Seminar Celebration
WedOct 2516:00No SeminarNo Seminar
WedOct 1816:00Vaughn McKenzie-Landell & Alex HajjarCrypto Utilities: Moving Beyond Coin Voting Governance
WedOct 1116:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedOct 0416:00Luke ThorburnProbabilistic Foundations of Partisan (Un)Sorting
WedSep 2716:00Wanjiru NgureGroundwork Fellow Artifact Presentation
WedSep 2016:00Aimee BurnettWork for Stake: Reimagining Ownership & Work in the Emerging Internet
WedSep 1316:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedSep 0616:00Camille CanonDesigning a Constitution for a Community
WedAug 3016:00Michael SuantakGroundwork Fellow Artifact Presentation
WedAug 2316:00Ori ShimonyOn Mechanism Institute
WedAug 1616:00Tara Merk, Laura Lotti, Nick HoudeOn Working Conditions in web3/DAOs
WedAug 0916:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks: Kelani Nichole and Nuno Chainho Amiar
WedAug 0216:00Ammar Manla HasanGroundwork Fellow Artifact Presentation
WedJul 2616:00Aashka TankOn Governance Archeology
WedJul 1916:00John WillshireInteractive Workshop: Community Power Compass
WedJul 1216:00John AshOn Cognicism
WedJun 2816:00Daniel KronovetChores: A 21st century chore wheel
WedJun 2116:00Griff GreenIntroducing Pairwise, a Tinder-like interface for ranked choice
WedJun 1416:00Nick Kaufmann, Matt Crittenden, Steve VitkaMetagov Short Talks
WedJun 0716:00Community JamCommunity Jam: Planning the next 100 seminars
WedMay 3116:00Community JamCommunity Jam: Planning the next 100 seminars
WedMay 2416:00Daniel GolliherOn "Civics"
WedMay 1716:00Noah Yeh, Frank HuFirst Contact: g0v/da0
WedMay 1016:00Jieliang YinMetagov Short Talks
WedMay 0316:00Han TangIntroducing SeeDAO governance
WedApr 2616:00Benjamin Henretig, Zachary Schlosser, Corey ClelandScreening: (N)ever (F)orget (T)his
WedApr 1916:00Open HouseOpen House: Casual hour with Metagov. Our community manager will be present to answer questions people might have about Metagov. All welcome to come say hi.
WedApr 1216:00CaseHow Design is Governance: Shaping Effective Governance Landscapes
WedApr 0516:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedMar 2916:00Daniel KronovetChat-bot boarding house: applications of digital governance to physical communities
WedMar 2216:00Arnau MonterdeDecidim: Public-common democratic governance for a free software project
WedMar 1516:00Sofía Cossar, Jamilya Kamalova, Tara MerkEthnographic Study of Proof of Humanity DAO Community Fork and Governance
WedMar 0817:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedMar 0117:00Simon PekDeliberative democracy, deliberative mini-publics, and member participation in large cooperatives
WedFeb 2217:00Manon RevelLiquid Democracy in Practice
WedFeb 1517:00Anna LenhartPublic Engagement in Social Media Policy Through Game Play: A Citizen Panel Case Study
WedFeb 0817:00Philipp ZahnCompositional Game Theory and Institutional Design
WedFeb 0117:00Lucia KorpasGovernance Surfaces
WedJan 1817:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedJan 1117:00Lewis HammondIntroduction to Cooperative AI
WedDec 1417:00Ted Rau, Alex RodríguezWho Decides Who Decides: Recursivity in Grammars of Governance
WedDec 0717:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talk
WedNov 3017:00Coraline Ada EhmkeOpen Social Compact
WedNov 2317:00Jonathan StrayOn "Democratic Governance of Recommender Systems"
WedNov 0917:00James MartelOn "Anarchist Prophets: Disappointing Vision and the Power of Collective Sight"
WedNov 0216:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedOct 2616:00Christina PanComparing the Perceived Legitimacy of Content Moderation Processes: Contractors, Algorithms, Expert Panels, and Digital Juries
WedOct 1916:00Anna WeichselbraunMetagov Reads: Rules: A Short History of What We Live By (Daston 2022)
WedOct 1216:00Community HangCasual Community Hang: What kind of community meetings would we like to have?
WedOct 0516:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedSep 2816:00Nick MerrillOn trustware
WedSep 1416:00Chris WrayGovernance Workshop: Collective Governance Theater Written with Legra
WedSep 0716:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedAug 3116:00Nicholas VincentData Leverage: A Framework for Empowering the Public and Mitigating Harms of Artificial Intelligence
WedAug 1016:00Isaac PatkaDAO Roast
WedAug 0316:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedJul 2716:00Jessy Kate SchinglerIntroduction to Extitutional Theory
WedJul 2016:00Metagov CommunityMetagovernance Practical Governance Concepts Workshops: Collective PSi
WedJul 0616:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talk
WedJun 2916:00Aviv OvadyaTowards Platform Democracy: Policymaking Beyond Corporate CEOs and Partisan Pressure
WedJun 1516:00Alex W. RodriguezMetagov Governance Workshops - Exquisite Corpse in Common: An Experiment in Sociocratic Surrealism
WedJun 0116:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talk
WedMay 1816:00Emaline Friedman and Michael HueschenIntroducing Neighbourhoods: generic tools, specific cultures
WedMay 1116:00Eli PariserIntroducing New_Public
WedMay 0416:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talk
WedApr 2716:00Lucia KorpasIntroducing the DAOchem data set
WedApr 2016:00Metagov CommunityReflections on the Metagov Seminar
WedApr 1316:00Yak CollectiveIntroducing the Online Governance Primer
WedMar 3016:00Bryan WilsonReimagining Rent: From Analog to Computational Tokenization of Community Equity Interests
WedMar 2316:00NONETBA
WedMar 1616:00Joshua BeckerThe Robust Benefits of Social Influence for the Wisdom of Individuals in the Crowd
WedMar 0917:00Antoine VergneDeliberation and Crypto Governance: Building a Bridge
WedFeb 2317:00Eric AlstonWhy Private Firms Aren’t Democratic
WedFeb 0917:00Raphael KosterHuman-centered mechanism design with Democratic AI
WedJan 2617:00Nathan Schneider and Luke MillerPlaytime: Modpol, a game mod for governance
WedJan 1917:00Niccolo PescetelliIntroducing PSi
WedJan 1217:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedDec 1517:00Brian KeeganBook Club: David Graeber and David Wengrow's "The Dawn of Everything"
WedDec 0117:00Greg BloomIntroducing Open Referral, a data commons project
WedNov 1017:00Arthur Roing BaerMoving Castles: Modular and Portable Multiplayer Miniverses
WedNov 0316:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedOct 2716:00Griff GreenParticipatory Parameterization of a Garden’s Instance for the Token Engineering Commons (TEC)
WedOct 1316:00James Hazard and Megan MaCommon Accord and the Use of Prose Objects for Standardizing Policies in Online Governance
WedOct 0616:00Metagov CommunityMetagov Short Talks
WedSep 2916:00Kaylea ChampionInformation Public Goods: Two Governance Challenges
WedSep 0816:00Metagov Core GroupMetagov governance discussion
WedSep 0116:00Haiyi ZhuCommunity-Centered AI: Identifying and Navigating Trade-offs Across Multiple Community Goals in AI Design
WedAug 2516:00C. Thi NguyenValue Capture
WedAug 1816:00Madelyn Rose SanfilippoCo-production of EdTech Governance
WedAug 0416:00Metagov CommunityShort Talks
WedJul 2816:00Burak Nehbit, Benedict LauAether: Democratic governance of P2P online communities
WedJul 2116:00Sam HartIntroducing the Cosmos SDK governance module
WedJul 1416:00Jessy Kate SchlingerCivilization on the Moon
WedJul 0716:00Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie UtratelDisCO: a governance/economic model for self-sustaining, mission-oriented, distributed organizations
WedJun 3016:00Metagov core-groupMetagovernance Project governance
WedJun 2316:00Dylan Hadfield-MenellArtificial Intelligence Needs Normative Infrastructure
WedJun 1616:00Leon Erichson, Alex Randaccio, Matt PrewittIntroducing RxC Voice
WedJun 0916:00Bonnitta RoySource code protocols for emerging culture
WedJun 0216:00Sascha KellertIntroducing Rekursiv
WedMay 2616:00Victoria BarnettIntroducing Design Justice
WedMay 1916:00Ana JamborcicMinimum Viable Governance
WedMay 1216:00Jessy Kate SchlingerCivilization on the Moon
WedMay 0516:00Shagun JhaverDesigning for Multiple Centers of Power: Multi-level Governance in Online Social Platforms
ThuApr 2900:00Kelsie NabbenDoes participatory governance enable resilience?
WedApr 2116:00Jane ImReimagining and Building Social Platforms Grounded in Consent
WedApr 1416:00Matthew PearlMini-workshop ft. updates from previous Metagov speakers
WedApr 0716:00Clement LesaegeIntroducing Kleros
WedMar 3116:00Miriam AshtonIntroducing Metagov
WedMar 2417:00Howard RheingoldOnline Community Governance: Six Case Studies
WedMar 1017:00Sarah ConeIntroducing Column (
WedMar 0317:00Jay GraberIntroducing the decentralized social ecosystem report
WedFeb 2417:00Adam CronkrightDemocracy as it should be: The power and promise of democratic lotteries
WedFeb 1717:00Harold DavisTwo Row Wampum Dialogue
WedFeb 1017:00Joseph SeeringCooperative Responsibility in Content Moderation Systems
WedFeb 0317:00Martin EtzrodtIntroducing
WedJan 2717:00Tine de Moor and Amineh Ghorbani"Long term dynamics of institutions for collective action: using ABM as a complementary tool to support theory development in historical studies"
WedJan 2017:00Stevie ChancellorThe Labor and Value of Online Volunteer Moderators
WedJan 1317:00Nicole ImmorlicaIdentity as a social intersection
WedJan 0618:00Amelia Winger-BearskinIndigenous Values for Ethical Tech Design and Development
WedDec 1617:00Jenna BednarRobust federations, part 2
WedDec 0917:00Jenna BednarRobust federations, part 1
WedDec 0217:00Joshua Tan and Michael ZarghamGovbase: towards a registry of computational constitutions
WedNov 2517:00Pekko KoskinenECSA Organizational Protocol
WedNov 1817:00Saba Siddiki and Christopher FrantzDevelopments in the analysis of institutional grammar
WedNov 1117:00Akseli Virtanen and Jorge LopezEconomic Grammar: Protocols for Post-Capitalist Economic Expression
WedNov 0417:00Thomas CoxIntroduction to Blockchain Governance and IEEE P2145
WedOct 2816:00John RichardsonIntroducing Ethelo
WedOct 1416:00Matthew PearlVirtual Resource Management: The Role of Property Systems and Experimentation in the Self-Governance of Virtual Worlds
WedOct 0716:00Bulent Ozel, Fang-jui ChangAn augmented collective intelligence and deliberation framework in response to climate change
WedSep 3016:00Shauna Gordon-McKeonA Python Library for Digital Self-Governance
WedSep 2316:00Niloufar SalehiA restorative justice approach to online moderation
WedSep 1616:00Amanda KiesselGovernance on Good Market
WedSep 0916:00Casey FieslerA Government of Their Own: Norms and Policies in Fan Communities
WedSep 0216:00Nathan Schneider and Seth FreyOn Hirschman's logics of exit and voice
WedAug 2616:00Bruno Chies, Nick Sellen, Philip Engelbutzeder, Janina Becker, Tilmann BeckerKarrot: enabling participatory governance in grassroots resource-saving groups
WedAug 1216:00Colin MegillAlgorithmic “listening at scale”
WedAug 0516:00Christopher KeltyTypologies of participation
ThuJul 2316:00Ofer TchernichovskiFeedback systems and birdsong
ThuJul 1616:00Joshua TanGovbase: a compilation of projects in online governance
ThuJul 0916:00Joel Dietz and Noah ThorpGames and governance: an open discussion
ThuJul 0216:00Open DiscussionHow should we run the seminar in the future?
ThuJun 2516:00Ehud ShapiroDigital Social Contracts: A Foundation for an Egalitarian and Just Digital Society
ThuJun 1816:00Open DiscussionWhat kinds of governance tools are missing out there? What gaps are we identifying across the domains we’ve considered? Where could our collective action be best directed?
ThuJun 1116:00Jenny FanDigital Juries: A Civics-Oriented Approach to Platform Governance
ThuJun 0416:00David StasavageThe Decline and Rise of Democracy
ThuMay 2816:00Abbey TitcombRadicle Registry
ThuMay 2116:00BurrrataThe Burrrata Experiment: anonymity and governance in DAOs
ThuMay 1416:00Panel discussion ft. Shermin VoshmgirDAOs as a new kind of institution
ThuMay 0716:00Miguel Arana CataniaUpdating traditional governments to digital democracy: the Consul Project case
ThuApr 3016:00Dandelion ManéGovernance challenges at SourceCred
ThuApr 2316:00Seth FreyTBA
ThuApr 1616:00Amy ZhangPolicyKit: A System for Authoring and Enacting Governance in Online Communities
ThuApr 0216:00Michael ZarghamTowards Metagovernance as a Design Discipline: A Complex Systems Story
ThuMar 2616:00Adrian Bednarek and Paul StabnowIntroduction to Overflow Labs
ThuMar 1916:00Ed SaperiaOn COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups
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