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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Kumar Murty, Zahraa Al-Ahmad*
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Past talks
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MonDec 0617:00Yves AndréTBA
MonNov 2917:00Bruno KlinglerTBA
MonNov 1517:00Eric StubleyTBA
MonNov 0116:00Kumar MurtyNon-vanishing of Poincare series
MonOct 1816:00Jayan MukherjeeTautological families of stacks of cyclic covers of projective spaces
MonOct 0416:00Clément DupontConstructing extensions in mixed Tate motives
MonSep 2716:00Abhishek OswalTBA
MonSep 2016:00Alexander LubotzkyFrom Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes
MonSep 1316:00Philippe MichelAlgebraic Twists of automorphic L-functions
MonAug 0916:00Anwesh RayArithmetic statistics and the Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves
MonJul 2616:00Herbert GanglZagier's Polylogarithm Conjecture revisited
MonJul 1916:00Charlotte HardouinElliptic surfaces and the enumeration of walks with small steps in the quarter plane
MonJul 1216:00Sean HoweA tale of two analyticities
MonJun 2816:00Chao LiArithmetic Siegel-Weil formula for GSpin Shimura varieties
MonJun 2116:00Cristiana BertolinGrothendieck period conjecture and 1-motives
MonJun 1416:00Peter JossenOn Exponential motives and their Fundamental Groups
MonMay 1716:00Armin JamshidpeyA survey on quantum algorithms for computing class groups
MonMay 1016:00Payman EskandariExtension classes of a mixed motive and subgroups of the unipotent radical of the motivic Galois group
MonApr 1216:00Jeff AchterArithmetic occult periods
MonApr 0516:00Dinakar RamakrishnanCentral L-values of U(3) x U(2), non-vanishing and subconvexity
MonMar 2216:00Leo GoldmakherKhovanskii's theorem and effective results on sumset structure
MonMar 1516:00Asif ZamanAn approximate form of Artin's holomorphy conjecture and nonvanishing of Artin L-functions
MonMar 0817:00Amir AkbarySums of triangular numbers and sums of squares
MonMar 0117:00Wenzhi LuoCircle Method and Automorphic Forms
MonFeb 2217:00Meng Fai LimOn etale wild kernel and a conjecture of Greenberg
MonFeb 0817:00Alina Carmen CojocaruBounds for the distribution of Frobenius traces associated to products of non-CM elliptic curves
MonFeb 0117:00Arul ShankarAverage sizes of the 2-torsion subgroups of the class groups in families of cubic fields
MonJan 2517:00Siddhi PathakThe Okada space and vanishing of $L(1,f)$
MonJan 1817:00Sanoli GunOn bounds of Fourier-coefficients of half-integer weight cusp forms
MonNov 3017:00Anantharam RaghuramThe arithmetic of Hecke characters and their L-functions.
MonNov 2317:00Somnath JhaAlgebraic functional equation for Selmer groups
MonNov 1617:00Anup DixitThe generalised Diophantine m-tuples
MonNov 0917:00Debanjana KunduIwasawa Theory of Fine Selmer Groups
MonNov 0217:00Michael BennettValues of the Ramanujan tau-function
WedOct 1417:00Michael BennettTBA
WedSep 1617:00Sinnou DavidOn linear independence of special values of polylogarithms
WedSep 0917:00Clifton CunninghamArthur packets for unipotent representations of the p-adic exceptional group G2
WedSep 0217:00Ram MurtyOn the normal number of prime factors of sums of Fourier coefficients of Hecke eigenforms
WedAug 2616:00Samit DasguptaTBA
WedAug 1217:00Payman EskandariCeresa cycles of Fermat curves and Hodge theory of fundamental groups
WedAug 0517:00Solomon FriedbergExtending the theta correspondence
WedJul 1517:00Liyang YangHolomorphy of Adjoint $L$-functions for $\GL(n):$ $n\leq 4$
WedJul 0817:00Henri DarmonGenerating series for RM values of rigid meromorphic cocycles
WedJun 1717:00Stephen KudlaOn the subring of special cycles on orthogonal Shimura varieties
WedJun 1017:00Mahesh KakdeIntegral Gross-Stark conjecture and explicit formulae for Brumer-Stark units
WedJun 0317:00Chandrashekhar KhareWiles defect for Hecke algebras that are not complete intersections
WedMay 2717:00Sujatha RamdoraiEuler characteristics and Arithmetic
WedMay 2017:00Ritabrata MunshiCircle method and subconvexity
WedMay 1317:00Michael HarrisLocal Langlands parametrization for G2
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