Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, Glasgow

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commutative algebra algebraic geometry algebraic topology number theory operator algebras quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Efthymios Sofos*
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Past talks
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WedJun 0215:00Martin KalckA surface and a threefold with equivalent singularity categories
WedMar 2416:00Alex BartelStatistics for ray class groups of number fields
WedMar 1716:00Ken BrownConnected Hopf algebras
WedMar 1016:00Maria ChlouverakiOn the reality of complex reflection groups (and their associated Hecke algebras)
WedMar 0316:00Joni TeräväinenOn the Liouville function at polynomial arguments
WedFeb 2416:00Dinakar MuthiahAffine Lusztig-Kato formula
WedFeb 1716:00Andrea FanelliDel Pezzo fibrations in positive characteristic
WedFeb 1016:00Nick RomeCounting Quadratic Points on Surfaces
WedFeb 0316:00Daniel El-BazLocal statistics: dynamics, number theory and universality
WedJan 2016:00Peter KoymansArithmetic statistics in the $n = p$ case
WedDec 1616:00Florian WilschEquidistribution and freeness on Grassmanians
WedDec 0916:00Arthur SouliéHomological representations of families of groups
WedDec 0216:00Man-Wai, Mandy, CheungTropical disks counting, stability conditions in symplectic geometry and quiver representations
WedNov 2516:00Maxime FaironDouble (quasi-)Poisson algebras and their morphisms
WedNov 1816:00Ross Paterson2-Selmer Groups of Twists after Quadratic Extension
WedNov 1116:00Gareth TraceyOn the expected number of random primes required to generate a Galois group
WedNov 0416:00Khrystyna SerhiyenkoGeometric model for syzygies over certain 2-Calabi-Yau tilted algebras
WedOct 2816:00Peter CameronThe geometry of diagonal groups
WedOct 2115:00Wahei HaraOn derived equivalence for a 7-dimensional flop associated to G_2 Grassmannians
WedOct 1415:00Carlo PaganoRecent developments on the 2-infinity parts of class groups and related problems
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