Quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups and beyond

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algebraic geometry group theory K-theory and homology rings and algebras representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Wednesday 15:30-16:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Philippe Gille, Zinovy Reichstein*, Kirill Zaynullin
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Please identify yourself by name on zoom, so that we know who is attending. For a detailed schedule, visit the seminar page at mysite.science.uottawa.ca/kzaynull/QFLAG/index.html

The seminar meets on Wednesdays.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedDec 0716:30Federico ScaviaDegenerate fourfold Massey products over arbitrary fields
WedNov 2316:30Stephen ScullyOn the dimensions of quadratic forms isotropic over the function field of a quadric
WedNov 1616:30Barry DembaDegree 3 relative invariant for unitary involutions
WedNov 0916:30Maxim ZhykhovichThe J-invariant of algebras with orthogonal involution.
WedOct 1915:30Yashonidhi PandeyOn Bruhat-Tits theory over a higher dimensional base
WedOct 1215:30Benjamin MartinGeometric invariant theory for reductive groups over non-algebraically closed fields
WedSep 2815:30Karim Johannes BecherFields with bounded Brauer 2-torsion index
WedJul 1315:30Goncalo TabuadaTBA
WedJul 0615:30Danny OfekTBA
WedJun 2915:30Ido EfratSteinberg Relations for Massey Products
WedJun 2215:30Max LieblichMurphy's Law for gerbes
WedJun 1515:30Benjamin AntieauThe K-theory of Z/p^n
WedJun 0815:30Eliahu MatzriOn the symbol length of symbols in Galois cohomology.
WedJun 0115:30Aravind AsokOn P^1-stabilization in unstable motivic homotopy theory
WedMay 2515:30Fatma Kader BingölOn the 4-torsion part of the Brauer group
WedMay 1815:30Benjamin AntieauBenjamin Antieu's talk is postponed to June 15
WedApr 0615:30Holger PeterssonIntegral octonions: history and perspectives
WedMar 3015:30Claudio QuadrelliThe Bogomolov-Positselski conjecture for maximal pro-p Galois groups
WedMar 2315:30Nicole LemireCodimension 2 cycles of classifying spaces of low-dimensional algebraic tori
WedMar 1615:30Maneesh ThakurThe cyclicity problem for Albert division algebras
WedMar 0916:30Fabio TananiaOn the motivic cohomology of the Nisnevich classifying space of PGL_n
WedMar 0216:30Susanne PumpluenNonassociative algebras obtained from skew polynomials and their applications
WedFeb 2316:30Mathieu FlorenceEquivariant Witt vector bundles
WedFeb 1616:30Alexandra UtiralovaHarish-Chandra bimodules in complex rank
WedFeb 0916:30Roman FedorovOn the purity conjecture of Nisnevich for torsors under reductive group schemes
WedFeb 0216:30Alexander S. SivatskiNonstandard quadratic forms over rational function fields
WedJan 2616:30Alberto ElduqueGradings on simple Lie algebras
WedJan 1916:30Asher AuelBrauer classes split by genus one curves
WedDec 1516:30Olivier WittenbergMassey products in the Galois cohomology of number fields
WedDec 0816:30Michael BateOvergroups of regular unipotent elements in algebraic groups
WedDec 0116:30Erhard NeherQuadratic forms over semilocal rings
WedNov 2416:30Joshua RuiterAbstract homomorphisms of some special unitary groups
WedNov 1716:30Alena PirutkaQuadrics and computation of the unramified Brauer group
WedNov 1016:30Maria YakersonTwisted K-theory in motivic homotopy theory
WedOct 2715:30Jean-Louis Colliot-TheleneQuadratic forms and stable rationality II
WedOct 2015:30Jean-Louis Colliot-TheleneQuadratic forms and stable rationality I
WedOct 1315:30Eva Bayer-FluckigerIsometries of lattices and automorphisms of K3 surfaces
WedOct 0615:30Simon Pepin LehalleurQuadratic enumerative geometry and the Deligne-Milnor formula
WedSep 2915:30Hanspeter KraftSmall $G$-varieties (joint work with Andriy Regeta and Susanna Zimmermann)
WedSep 2215:30Nikita KarpenkoYagita’s counter-examples and beyond
WedJul 2115:30David SaltmanLifting in Mixed Characteristics
WedJul 1415:30Seidon AlsaodyTBA
WedJul 0715:30Stefan SchreiederRefined unramified cohomology of schemes
WedJun 2315:30Anand SawantNear-rationality properties of norm varieties
WedJun 1615:30Ning GuoThe Grothendieck–Serre conjecture over valuation rings
WedJun 0915:30Zev RosengartenRigidity and Unirational groups
WedJun 0215:30Jan Minac and Tung T. NguyenA panoramic view of absolute Galois groups
WedMay 2615:30Alexander VishikTorsion Motives
WedMay 1915:30Susanna ZimmermannAlgebraic groups acting birationally on surfaces over a perfect field
WedMay 1215:30Robert GuralnickGeneric Stabilizers for Simple Algebraic Groups
WedMay 0515:30Suresh VenapallyDegree three cohomology groups of function fields of curves over number fields
WedApr 1415:30Olivier HautionThe cobordism ring of algebraic involutions
WedApr 0715:30Kelly McKinnieCommon Splitting Fields of Symbol Algebras
WedMar 3115:30Andrei LavrenovMorava motives of projective quadrics
WedMar 2415:30Michel BrionHomomorphisms of algebraic groups: representability and rigidity
WedMar 1715:30Matthieu RomagnySmooth affine group schemes over the dual numbers
WedMar 1016:30Vladimir PopovRoot systems and root lattices in number fields
WedMar 0316:30Olivier BenoistSums of squares in local fields
WedFeb 2416:30Julia HartmannLocal-global principles for constant reductive groups over arithmetic function fields
WedFeb 1716:30Ivan PaninRationally isotropic quadratic spaces are locally isotropic (mixed characteristic case)
WedFeb 1016:30Patrick BrosnanFixed Points in Toroidal Compactifications and Essential Dimension of Covers
WedFeb 0316:30Giancarlo Lucchini-ArtecheLocal-global principles for homogeneous spaces over some two-dimensional geometric global fields
WedJan 2716:30Alexander KuznetsovExceptional collection of vector bundles on F4/P4
WedJan 2016:30Uriya FirstThe Grothendieck--Serre conjecture for classical groups in low dimensions
MonDec 1416:00Eric PrimosicMotivic cohomology and infinitesimal group schemes
MonDec 0716:00Pavel SechinMorava K-theory pure motives with applications to quadrics
MonNov 3016:00Alex WertheimDegree One Milnor K-Invariants of Groups of Multiplicative Type
MonNov 2316:00Victor PetrovIsotropy of Tits construction
MonNov 1616:00Kęstutis ČesnavičiusGrothendieck–Serre in the split unramified case
MonNov 0916:00Lucy Moser-JauslinForms of almost homogeneous varieties
MonNov 0216:00Anastasia StavrovaTorsors of isotropic reductive groups over Laurent polynomials
MonOct 2615:00Cameron RuetherInjections from Kronecker Products and the Cohomological Invariants of Half-Spin
MonOct 1915:00Cyril DemarcheSplitting families in Galois cohomology
MonOct 1215:00Alexander MerkurjevOperations in connective K-theory
MonOct 0515:00Igor RapinchukAlgebraic groups with good reduction
MonSep 2815:00Alexandre LourdeauxBrauer invariants of linear algebraic groups
MonSep 2115:00Mikhail BorovoiGalois cohomology of real reductive groups
MonSep 1415:00Raman ParimalaA Hasse principle for simply connected groups
FriJul 1015:00Benedict WilliamsAlgebras requiring many generators
FriJul 0315:00Maurice ChayetE8 and a new class of commutative non-associative algebras with a continuous Pierce Spectrum
FriJun 2615:00Burt TotaroCohomological invariants in positive characteristic
FriJun 1915:00Maike GruchotVariations of G-complete reducibility
FriJun 1215:00Roberto PirisiBrauer groups of moduli of hyperelliptic curves, via cohomological invariants
FriJun 0515:00Danny KrashenField patching, local-global principles and rationality
FriMay 2915:00Federico ScaviaCodimension two cycles on classifying stacks of algebraic tori
FriMay 2215:00Alexander DuncanCohomological invariants and separable algebras
FriMay 1515:00David StewartIrreducible modules for pseudo-reductive groups
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