FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)

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number theory

American Institute of Mathematics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 16:00-17:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Anurag Sahay*
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MonApr 2916:00Brian ConreyAverages of L-functions and arithmetic stratification: a report on the FRG
TueApr 1616:00Jonathan KeatingJoint Moments
TueApr 0916:00Steve GonekUniversality of $L$-Functions over finite function fields
MonApr 0116:00Ertan ElmaA discrete mean value of the Riemann zeta function and its derivatives
MonMar 2516:00Quanli ShenThe fourth moment of quadratic Dirichlet L-functions II
MonMar 1816:00Prahlad SharmaCounting special points on quadratic surfaces
MonMar 1116:00Ertan ElmaTBA
MonMar 0417:00Seth HardyBounds for exponential sums with random multiplicative coefficients
MonFeb 2617:00Vivian KuperbergSums of odd-ly many fractions
MonFeb 1917:00Jackie VorosOn the average least negative Hecke eigenvalue
MonFeb 1217:00Alexandre de FaveriAn inequality for GL(3) Fourier coefficients
MonFeb 0517:00Siegfred BaluyotTwisted moments of characteristic polynomials of random matrices
MonJan 2917:00Trevor WooleyPrimes as sums of k-th powers, and Freiman's theorem
MonDec 1817:00Maxim GerspachHeuristics and random models for quadratic character sums
MonDec 1117:00Andrés ChirreRemarks on a formula of Ramanujan
MonNov 2717:00Michael YiasemidesLattice Points in Function Fields, and Hankel Matrices.
MonNov 2017:00Steve LesterAround the Gauss circle problem
MonNov 1317:00Julia StadlmannPrimes in arithmetic progressions to smooth moduli
MonNov 0617:00Michael CurranCorrelations of the Riemann zeta function
MonOct 3016:00Sacha MangerelLarge order Dirichlet characters and an analogue of a conjecture of Vinogradov
MonOct 2316:00Winston HeapSimultaneous extreme values of zeta and L-functions
MonOct 0216:00Agniva DasguptaShort Second Moment Bound for GL(2) L-functions in the Level Aspect
MonSep 2516:00Henryk IwaniecInteger Parts Mutually Coprime
MonSep 1816:00Mayank Pandey$L^1$ means of exponential sums with multiplicative coefficients
MonJun 0516:00Emily Quesada-HerreraOn the vertical distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta-function
MonMay 2916:00Jaime Hernandez PalaciosGaps between zeros of zeta and L-functions of high degree
MonMay 2216:00Igor ShparlinskiBilinear forms with Kloosterman and Salie Sums and Moments of L-functions
MonMay 1516:00Vorappan (Fai) ChandeeThe eighth moment of $\Gamma_1(q)$ L-functions
MonMay 0816:00Alessandro FazzariAverages of long Dirichlet polynomials with modular coefficients
MonMay 0116:00Kiseok YeonThe Hasse principle for random projective hypersurfaces via the circle method
MonApr 2416:00Eun Hye LeeThe Shintani Zeta Functions
MonApr 1716:00Matilde LalínThe distribution of values of cubic $L$-functions at $s=1$
MonApr 1016:00Aleksander SimoničSome conditional estimates for functions in the Selberg class
MonMar 2016:00Peter ZenzOn the Distribution of Holomorphic Cusp Forms and Applications
MonMar 1316:00Ian WhiteheadMultiple Dirichlet Series and Moments of L-functions
FriMar 1017:00Ofir GorodetskyHow many smooth numbers and smooth polynomials are there?
MonFeb 2717:00Xiannan LiQuadratic Twists of Modular L-functions
MonFeb 2017:00Katy WooSmall scale distribution of primes in four-term arithmetic progressions
MonFeb 1317:00Rizwanur KhanThe fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions and related problems
MonFeb 0617:00Keshav AggarwalBound for the existence of prime gap graphs
MonJan 3017:00David FarmerThe zeta function when it is particularly large
MonJan 2317:00Nathan NgThe eighth moment of the Riemann zeta function
MonDec 1917:00George DickinsonSecond moments of Dirichlet L-functions
MonDec 1217:00Alexander DobnerOptimization and moment methods in number theory
MonDec 0517:00Asif ZamanRandom multiplicative functions and a simplified model
MonNov 2817:00Aled WalkerCorrelations of sieve weights and distributions of zeros
MonNov 2117:00Alexander DunnBias in cubic Gauss sums: Patterson's conjecture
MonNov 1416:00Jakob StreipelUsing second moments to count zeros
MonNov 0717:00Daodao YangLarge values of derivatives of the Riemann zeta function and related problems
MonOct 3116:00Emma BaileyLarge values of $\zeta$ on the critical line
MonOct 1716:00Dan GoldstonSmall Gaps and Spacings between Riemann zeta-function zeros
MonOct 1016:00Lasse GrimmeltPrimes in large arithmetic progressions and applications to additive problems
MonOct 0316:00Louis GaudetThe least Euler prime via a sieve approach
MonSep 2616:00Hua LinOne-level density of zeros of Dirichlet L-function over function fields
ThuSep 2216:00Caroline Turnage-ButterbaughMoments of Dirichlet L-functions
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