Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics Seminar

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mathematical physics differential geometry dynamical systems symplectic geometry chaotic dynamics exactly solvable and integrable systems fluid dynamics quantum physics

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Tuesday 14:45-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Paula Balseiro, Francesco Fasso`, Luis Garcia-Naranjo, David Iglesias-Ponte, Tudor Ratiu, Nicola Sansonetto*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueDec 0715:45Ivan MamaevSpecial lecture in honour of Alexey Borisov
TueNov 0915:45Yuri SurisTBA
TueOct 2614:45Luigi ChierchiaThe ultimate frontier of KAM Theory (in finite dimensions)
TueOct 1214:45Jean-Philippe LessardRecent developments of computer-assisted proofs in the Navier-Stokes equations
TueSep 2814:45Clodoaldo Grotta-RagazzoHydrodynamic Vortex on a Compact Surface: the “Steady Vortex Metric” and possible generalizations to higher dimensions
TueSep 1414:45Sonja HohlochHamiltonian S1-actions and integrable systems
TueAug 3114:45David Martin de DiegoGeometric integration and discrete variational calculus: some new developments
TueJul 2014:45Ana Bela CruzeiroA stochastic view on the deterministic Navier-Stokes equation
TueJul 0614:45Marcel GuardiaOscillatory motions and symbolic dynamics in the three body problem
TueJun 2214:45James MontaldiPoint vortices on non-orientable surfaces
TueJun 0814:45Jair KoillerVortex pairs on surfaces: can it be a tool for topology in the large?
TueMay 2514:45Klas ModinWhat makes nonholonomic integrators work?
TueMay 1114:45Alain ChencinerABC
TueApr 2714:45Anthony BlochDynamics of Circulant Systems
TueApr 1314:45Ana RechtmanBroken books and Reeb dynamics in dimension 3
TueMar 3014:45Alexey BolsinovNijenhuis Geometry
TueMar 1615:45Renato CallejaChoreographies in the n-body problem and a conjecture of Marchal
TueMar 0215:45Tere M-SearaNon existence of small amplitude breathers for Klein-Gordon equations
TueFeb 1615:45Pedro SalomãoTransverse foliations in the Euler problem of two fixed centers
TueFeb 0215:45Alejandro CabreraDirac structures for infinite dimensional geometries and applications
TueDec 1515:45Donald SaariFrom dynamics and celestial mechanics to dark matter
TueDec 0115:45Juan Carlos MarreroTBA
TueNov 1715:45San Vu NgocOne can hear semi-toric systems
TueNov 0315:45Alexander VeselovGeometrization, integrability and knots
TueOct 2014:45Eva MirandaTBA
TueOct 0614:45Daniel Peralta-SalasFlexibility and rigidity aspects of the dynamics of the steady Euler flows
TueSep 2214:45Annalisa CaliniGeometric flows in centro-affine space
TueSep 0814:45Dmitry TreschevBilliard systems with locally linear dynamics
TueAug 2514:45Carlos TomeiBasic Todaism
TueJul 2814:45Yvette Kosmann-SchwarzbachThe Noether theorems a century later
TueJul 1414:45Darryl HolmWhat can Geometric Mechanics do for Climate Science?
TueJun 3014:45George HallerObjective material barriers to the transport of momentum and vorticity
TueJun 1614:45François Gay-BalmazGeometric variational finite element discretization of compressible fluids
TueJun 0214:45Richard MontgomeryScattering and Metric Lines
TueMay 1914:45Boris KhesinPentagram maps and integrable hierarchies
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