Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics webinar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 14:00-15:00
Organizers: Jan Hladky*, Diana Piguet, Jan Volec*, Liana Yepremyan
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Past talks
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MonDec 2014:00Dan KráľQuasirandom graphs, permutations and Latin squares
MonDec 1314:00Candida BowtellThe n-queens problem
MonDec 0614:00Benedikt StuflerLocal convergence of random planar graphs
MonNov 2914:00Bernard LidickýMaximum number of almost similar triangles in the plane
MonNov 2214:00Julia BöttcherTBA
MonNov 1514:00Rajko NenadovA new proof of the KŁR conjecture
MonNov 0814:00Ander LamaisonHypergraphs with minimum positive uniform Turán density
MonNov 0114:00Natasha MorrisonUncommon systems of equations
MonJun 2814:00David CorreiaTight bounds for powers of Hamilton cycles in tournaments
MonJun 2114:00Raphael YusterHamilton cycles above expectation in r-graphs and quasi-random r-graphs
MonJun 1414:00Nicolás Sanhueza-MatamalaDegree conditions for spanning structures in dense graphs
MonMay 3114:00Jozsef SolymosiOn Erdős' Unit Distances Problem
MonMay 2414:00Aditya PotukuchiEnumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs
MonMay 1714:00Xizhi LiuA unified approach to hypergraph stability
MonMay 1014:00Andrzej GrzesikGeneralized Turán problem for cycles
MonMay 0314:00Istvan TomonRamsey properties of string graphs
MonApr 2614:00Torsten MützeCombinatorial generation via permutation languages
MonApr 1914:00Annie RaymondGraph Density Inequalities, Sums of Squares and Tropicalization
MonApr 1214:00Stefan GlockLong induced paths in sparse random graphs (rescheduled from Feb 22)
MonApr 0514:00Alexander SidorenkoOn the asymptotic behavior of the classical Turán numbers
MonMar 2914:00Andrew SukCliques and sunflowers under bounded VC-dimension
MonMar 2214:00Abhishek MethukuA proof of the Erdős–Faber–Lovász conjecture
MonMar 1514:00Ashwin SahPopular differences for matrix patterns
MonMar 0814:00Peter WinklerOn the Shape of Large Permutations
MonMar 0114:00Vishesh JainTowards the sampling Lovász local lemma
MonFeb 2214:00Stefan Glockrescheduled to to Apr 12 due to technical problems
MonFeb 1514:00Jonathan TidorEquiangular lines with a fixed angle
MonFeb 0814:00Hong LiuOptimal high dimension geometric construction for Ramsey-Turan theory
MonFeb 0114:00Lior GishbolinerDiscrepancy of spanning trees
MonJan 2514:00Marcus MichelenRoots of random polynomials near the unit circle
MonJan 1814:00Corrine YapA Topological Turán Problem
MonJan 1114:00Jan HladkyFlip processes on finite graphs and dynamical systems they induce on graphons
MonJan 0414:00Noga AlonSplitting necklaces
MonDec 2114:00Nati LinialGeodesic geometry on graphs
MonDec 1414:00David ConlonExponential improvements in Ramsey theory
MonDec 0714:00Petér Pál PachAvoiding arithmetic progressions or right angles
MonNov 3014:00Benny SudakovThree problems on 3-chromatic intersecting hypergraphs
MonNov 2314:00Jan GrebíkLarge deviation principle for graphons
MonNov 1614:00Moumanti PodderSome combinatorial games on rooted multi-type Galton-Watson trees
MonNov 0914:00David EllisA remark on the transitive case of the union-closed conjecture
MonNov 0214:00Andrey KupavskiiThe extremal number of surfaces
MonOct 2614:00Hao HuangOn local Turán problems
MonOct 1914:00Lisa SauermannOn polynomials that vanish to high order on most of the hypercube
MonOct 1214:00Ferenc BencAtoms of the matching measure
MonOct 0514:00Richard MontgomeryA solution to Erdős and Hajnal's odd cycle problem
MonSep 2814:00Jonathan NoelNon-bipartite k-common graphs
MonSep 2114:00Peter AllenWeak expansion and strong regularity
MonSep 1414:00Luke PostleFurther progress towards Hadwiger's conjecture
MonSep 0714:00Guillem PerarnauExtremal stationary values for directed random graphs
MonAug 3114:00Tao JiangOn Turán exponents of graphs
MonAug 2414:00ZOOM-ISSUEJan Grebik's talk rescheduled to Nov 23
MonAug 1714:00Mehtaab SawhneyLocal limit theorems for subgraph counts
MonAug 1014:00Felix JoosDecompositions of Hypergraphs
MonAug 0314:00Boris BukhConvex holes in high-dimensional point sets
MonJul 2714:00Oleg PikhurkoCombinatorics of circle squaring
MonJul 2013:00Shoham LetzterMonochromatic triangle packings in 2-coloured complete graphs
MonJul 1313:00Matthew KwanExtension complexity of low-dimensional polytopes
MonJul 0613:00Józef BaloghExtensions of Mantel's Theorem
MonJun 2913:00Anton BernshteynA fast distributed algorithm for $(\Delta + 1)$-edge-coloring
MonJun 2213:00Annika HeckelNon-concentration of the chromatic number
MonJun 1513:00Asaf FerberInduced subgraphs with prescribed degrees mod q
MonJun 0813:00Matthew JenssenA proof of the Upper Matching Conjecture for large graphs
MonJun 0113:00Joonkyung LeeOn tripartite common graphs
MonMay 2513:00Gábor TardosPlanar point sets determine many pairwise crossing segments
MonMay 1813:00Lutz WarnkeCounting extensions in random graphs
MonMay 1113:00Jinyoung ParkThe number of maximal independent sets in the Hamming cube
MonMay 0413:00Matija BucićTournament quasirandomness from local counting
MonApr 2713:00Alexey PokrovskiyProof of Ringel's conjecture
MonApr 2013:00Ehud FriedgutFive and a half proofs of one theorem
MonApr 1313:00David GamarnikOverlap gap property: a provable barrier to fast optimization in probabilistic combinatorial structures
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