Online Cluster Algebra Seminar (OCAS)

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mathematical physics commutative algebra algebraic geometry combinatorics quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 16:00-17:00
Organizers: Anna Felikson, Michael Gekhtman, Daniel Labardini-Fragoso, Kyungyong Lee, Pierre-Guy Plamondon*, Ralf Schiffler, Khrystyna Serhiyenko
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Past talks
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TueMar 0916:00Anna BarbieriTBA
TueMar 1616:00Elie CasbiTBA
TueMar 2316:00Trey TrampelTBA
TueMar 3016:00Sira GratzTBA
TueApr 0616:00Greg MullerTBA
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TueFeb 2316:00Bernhard KellerProgress on Leclerc's conjecture via Ménard's and Qin's theorems
TueFeb 1616:00Hyun Kyu Kim$A_2$-laminations as basis for ${\rm PGL}_3$ cluster variety for surface
TueFeb 0916:00Chris FraserCluster combinatorics of $SL_k$ skein algebras of punctured surfaces
TueFeb 0216:00Leonid ChekhovDarboux coordinates for symplectic groupoid and cluster algebras
TueJan 2616:00Daping WengSymplectic Structures on Augmentation Varieties
TueJan 1916:00Nathan ReadingTheta functions and the mutation fan
TueDec 0816:00Christof GeissTBA
TueDec 0116:00Elizabeth KelleyTheta basis for reciprocal generalized cluster algebras
TueNov 2416:00Bruce SaganOn a rank-unimodality conjecture of Morier-Genoud and Ovsienko
TueNov 1716:00Gregg MusikerDouble-dimer configurations and quivers of dP3 (del Pezzo) type
TueNov 1016:00Dylan AllegrettiStability conditions and cluster varieties
TueNov 0316:00Karin BaurFlips in triangulations and matchings
TueOct 2015:00Thomas LamCluster configuration spaces of finite type
TueOct 1315:00Peter JørgensenThe green groupoid and its action on derived categories (joint work with Milen Yakimov)
TueOct 0615:00Melissa Sherman-BennettMany cluster structures on positroid varieties
TueSep 2915:00Esther BanaianFrieze Patterns from Dissections
TueSep 2215:00Fan QinDual canonical bases and triangular bases of quantum cluster algebras
TueSep 1515:00Lara BossingerUnderstanding universal coefficients of Grassmannians through Groebner theory
TueSep 0815:00Li LiA proof of two conjectures on Markov Numbers
TueSep 0115:00Michael ShapiroNon-commutative Networks on a Cylinder
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