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Organizers: Siddharth Prabhu*, Suvrat Raju*, Jewel Ghosh*, Vishal Vijayan*, Victor Godet*
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Past talks
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WedAug 0413:00Anindya DeyS-type Operations, Line Defects and 3D Mirror Symmetry beyond ADE quivers
WedJul 2809:30Suresh GovindarajanLooking for a new kind of Lie algebra using a clue from counting dyon degeneracies
WedJul 1413:00Felix HaehlThe p-spin glass model: a holographer's point of view
WedJul 0709:30Soumangsu Chakraborty(SL(2,R) X U(1))/U(1) CFT, NS5+F1 system & single trace TTbar
WedJun 1609:30Stephane DetournayThe 3d black string and its dual
WedJun 0913:00Subir SachdevRandom t-J model theory of the cuprate phase diagram
WedJun 0209:30Biswajit SahooClassical Soft Graviton Theorem and Gravitational Memory
ThuMay 2713:00Matthew ReeceNo Global Symmetries, with Applications to Axions and Cosmic Strings
ThuMay 2013:00David PolandCharting the Landscape of 3d CFTs
WedMay 1205:00Kristan JensenWormholes and black hole microstates in AdS/CFT
WedMay 0509:30Chethan KrishnanComments on the Information Paradox
WedApr 2809:30Nikhil KalyanapuramThe Tensionless Limit of Chiral Superstring Integrands
WedApr 2109:30Aninda SinhaCrossing symmetric dispersion relations in QFTs and CFTs
WedApr 1409:30Jorge SantosAdS Euclidean wormholes
WedApr 0709:30Congkao WenIntegrated four-point correlators in N=4 SYM
WedMar 3109:30Masanori HanadaColor confinement, Bose-Einstein condensation, and emergent geometry in gauge/gravity duality
FriMar 2613:00Jaume GomisGlobal Anomalies on the Hilbert Space
WedMar 1709:30David TongHow to Give Chiral Fermions a Mass
WedMar 1009:30Michal P. HellerSpacetime as a quantum circuit
WedMar 0309:30Nava GaddamThe black hole eikonal and the information paradox
WedFeb 2409:30Shiraz MinwallaBounds on Regge growth of flat space scattering from bounds on chaos
WedFeb 1704:30Andreas KarchInformation Transfer with a Gravitating Bath
WedFeb 1009:30Ashoke SenD-instanton amplitudes
FriFeb 0513:30Amirhossein TajdiniReplica wormholes for an evaporating black hole
WedJan 2709:30Sudarshan AnanthAn intricate path to gravity
WedJan 2009:30Pavel KovtunHydrodynamics beyond hydrodynamics
WedJan 1304:30Christopher MogniLarge-N Expansion and String Theory Out of Equilibrium
WedJan 0609:30Rajesh GopakumarFrom Symmetric Product CFTs to AdS_3
WedDec 1609:30Soeren SchlichtingNon-equilibrium QCD in heavy ion collisions
WedDec 0209:30Justin DavidInformation theoretic measures in 2d CFT and their universal properties
WedNov 2509:30Rob MyersQuantum Extremal Islands Made Easy
WedNov 1805:30Akhil SivakumarGravitational probes with memory
WedNov 1109:30Julian SonnerCausal symmetry breaking: late time physics of holographic quantum chaos
WedNov 0409:30Soumyadeep ChaudhuriThermal order in large N conformal gauge theories
WedOct 2809:30Noppadol MekareeyaSupersymmetry enhancement in 3d S-fold SCFTs
WedOct 2109:30Mithat UnsalStrongly coupled QFT dynamics via TQFT coupling
WedOct 1409:30Upamanyu MoitraNear-Extremal Fluid Mechanics
WedOct 0709:30Seok KimBlack hole microstates and the index
WedSep 3014:00Luca DelacretazHeavy Operators and Hydrodynamic Tails
FriSep 2509:30Chandramouli ChowdhuryA physical protocol for observers near the boundary to obtain bulk information in quantum gravity
WedSep 2309:30Abhijit GaddeModularity of supersymmetric partition functions
WedSep 1609:30Sujay AshokSurface Defects from Fractional Branes
WedSep 0913:00Vijay BalasubramanianEuclidean wormholes, baby universes, and unitarity in quantum gravity
FriSep 0412:00Cumrun Vafa and Miguel MonteroThe Swampland in d>6
WedSep 0213:30Netta EnglehardtFree Energy from Replica Wormholes
WedAug 2604:30Raghu MahajanA Tutorial on Entanglement Island Computations
FriAug 2109:30Subhroneel ChakrabartiPure Spinor Superstrings: Massive States
WedAug 1909:30Pavel PutrovHolomorphic anomaly in Vafa-Witten theory
WedAug 1209:30Atish DabholkarThree Avatars of Mock Modularity
WedAug 0511:30Derek TeaneyTransport and hydrodynamics in almost the chiral limit.
WedJul 2903:30Mark Van RaamsdonkHolo-ween
ThuJul 2312:30Sean HartnollBootstrapping Matrix Quantum Mechanics
FriJul 1712:00Edward WittenDeformations of JT gravity and matrix models
WedJul 1512:00Tom HartmanHolographic duality for averaged free CFTs
FriJul 1013:00Nima Arkani-HamedSpacetime, quantum mechanics and clusterhedra at Infinity
WedJul 0803:30Douglas StanfordOn the density matrix of the Hawking radiation
FriJun 2609:30Nabamita BanerjeeA 3D flat-space holography inspired by AdS3/CFT2 duality
WedJun 2403:30Geoff PeningtonReplica Wormholes, Entanglement Wedges and the Black Hole Information Paradox
FriJun 1909:30Geoffrey CompereThe BMS group in (A)dS
WedJun 1709:30Arnab Priya SahaDouble soft theorem in generalized bi-adjoint scalars
WedJun 1003:30Zhenbin YangFinite-cutoff JT gravity and self-avoiding loops
MonJun 0809:30Larus ThorlaciusPage curves in asymptotically flat spacetime
ThuJun 0416:00Per KrausAnomalous Dimensions from Thermal AdS Partition Functions
WedMay 2710:30Leopoldo Pando ZayasPrecision microstate counting of AdS black hole entropy
FriMay 2211:30Juan MaldacenaMagnetic black holes
WedMay 1309:30Gautam MandalHolographic interpretation of Bulk entanglement entropy
WedMay 0609:30Matteo BaggioliFrom Hydrodynamics to Viscoelasticity in Holography and beyond ...
MonMay 0409:30Suvrat RajuThe holographic nature of null infinity
WedApr 2909:30Shamik BanerjeeBMS symmetry of celestial OPE
WedApr 2209:30R LoganayagamOpen QFTs from holography
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