Bogotá logic seminar

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Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 21:00-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Andrés Villaveces*, Darío García
*contact for this listing

The seminar (also called Seminario Flotante de Lógica Matemática - Bogotá) occasionally meets on Friday 9:00 Bogotá time (14:00 UTC), when lectures given from Europe, instead of the normal time Wednesday 16:00 Bogotá time.

The seminar is organized by Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá) and Universidad de los Andes.

The usual language is English; if speaker and all attendees speak Spanish, we will revert to that language.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedJun 0921:00Isabel MüllerTBA
FriMay 2814:00Juliette KennedyTBA
WedMay 1921:00Laura GamboaTBA
WedMay 1221:00Samaria MontenegroTBA
WedMay 0521:00Julián CanoTBA
WedApr 2821:00Juan Felipe CarmonaTBA
FriApr 2314:00Menachem MagidorTBA
WedMar 1021:00Alex KruckmanTBA
WedMar 0321:00Joel NaglooGeometric triviality in differentially closed fields
WedFeb 2421:00H Jerome KeislerUsing Ultraproducts to Compare Continuous Structures
WedFeb 1721:00Thomas ScanlonTBA
FriFeb 1214:00Javier de la Nuez GonzálezSome model theory of the curve graph
WedFeb 0321:00Caroline TerrySpeeds of hereditary properties and mutual algebricity
WedJan 2721:00Marcos Mazari-ArmidaCharacterizing noetherian rings via superstability
WedDec 0921:00David ValderramaTBA
WedDec 0221:00Sylvy AnscombeTBA
WedNov 2521:00Rosario MennuniThe domination monoid
WedNov 1821:00Alexander BerensteinTBA
WedNov 1121:00Sasha PostLie groups and definability
FriNov 0614:00Samson AbramskyThe logic of contextuality
WedOct 2821:00Alf OnshuusOmega categorical dependent structures of ordinal th-rank
FriOct 2314:00Amador Martín PizarroArithmetic progressions and complete amalgamation
FriOct 1614:00Silvia BarbinaThe theory of the universal-homogeneous Steiner triple system
WedSep 3021:00John GoodrickTBA
WedSep 2321:00André PlatzerLogical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems
WedSep 1621:00Artem ChernikovIncidence counting and trichotomy in o-minimal structures
FriSep 1114:00Matteo VialeTameness for set theory
WedSep 0221:00John BaldwinOn Strongly Minimal Steiner Systems: Zilber’s Conjecture, Universal Algebra, and Combinatorics
WedAug 2621:00Daniel CalderónNullity notions on the real line
WedJul 0121:00Juan Ignacio AgudeloOn the space of stably dominated types of ACVF
WedJun 2421:00Andrés Felipe UribeUn problema de independencia en topología general: la conjetura del espacio normal de Moore, caso separable
WedJun 1721:00Paulo SotoPseudofinitud y pseudocompacidad en lógica continua
WedJun 1021:00Andrés VillavecesOn the interplay between Abstract Elementary Classes and Categorical Logic
WedJun 0321:00Rami GrossbergOn local & global questions in the theory of Abstract Elementary Classes
WedMay 2721:00Carlos Di PriscoIdeals and maximal almost disjoint families
FriMay 2214:00Zaniar GhadernezhadGroup topologies on automorphism groups of homogeneous structures
WedMay 1315:00Boris ZilberSyntax, definability and geometry
FriMay 0814:00Miguel MorenoConsistency of Filter Reflection
WedApr 2921:00Darío Alejandro GarcíaPseudofinite structures: asymptotic classes, dimensions and ranks.
FriApr 2414:00Mirna DzamonjaOn wide Aronszajn trees
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