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Centre de recherches mathématiques / Ecole Normale Supérieure / Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University / Tel Aviv University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 13:15-14:45 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Octav Cornea*, Egor Shelukhin (Montreal), Helmut Hofer (IAS), Yaron Ostrover (IAS), Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner (IAS), Zhengyi Zhou (IAS), Daniel Álvarez-Gavela (Princeton University)*, Leonid Polterovich (Tel Aviv), Claude Viterbo (ENS)
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ZOOM links and links to slides and recordings of past talks are on the external homepage.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriSep 0413:15Georgios Dimitroglou RizellTBA
FriSep 1113:15Vincent ColinTBA
FriSep 1813:15Cheol-Hyun ChoTBA
FriSep 2513:15Jun ZhangTBA
FriOct 0213:15Dusa McDuffTBA
FriOct 0913:15Lev BuhovskyTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriJul 2413:15John PardonPontryagin--Thom for orbifold bordism
FriJul 1713:15Yusuke Kawamoto, Shira Tanny, and Javier Martínez-AguinagaThree 20 minutes research talks by young researchers.
FriJul 1013:15Peter OzsvathKnot Floer homology and bordered algebras
FriJul 0313:15Ana Rita PiresInfinite staircases and reflexive polygons (part of Ellipsoid day joint with Western Hemisphere Virtual Symplectic Seminar)
FriJun 2613:15Ailsa KeatingDistinguishing monotone Lagrangians via holomorphic annuli
FriJun 1913:15Igor UljarevicExotic symplectomorphisms and contact circle action
FriJun 1213:15Mark McleanFloer Cohomology and Arc Spaces.
FriJun 0513:15Morgan Weiler, Joé Brendel, Abror PirnapasovThree 20 minutes research talks by young researchers.
FriMay 2913:15Alex OanceaDuality for Rabinowitz-Floer homology
FriMay 2213:15Denis AurouxMirrors of curves and their Fukaya categories
FriMay 1513:15Jo NelsonReflections on cylindrical contact homology
FriMay 0813:15Marco MazzucchelliSpectral characterizations of Besse and Zoll Reeb flows
FriMay 0113:15Alberto AbbondandoloZoll contact forms are local maximisers of the systolic ratio
FriApr 2413:15Lisa TraynorThe geography of immersed Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian submanifolds
FriApr 1713:15Nicholas WilkinsEquivariant quantum operations and relations between them
FriApr 1013:15Leonid PolterovichGeometry of Quantum Uncertainty
FriApr 0313:15Daniel Cristofaro-GardinerThe Simplicity Conjecture
FriMar 2713:15Octav CorneaFragmentation pseudo-metrics and Lagrangian submanifolds
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