BISTRO - Billiards and Surfaces à la Teichmüller and Riemann, Online

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algebraic geometry dynamical systems

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Simion Filip, Carlos Matheus, Curtis McMullen, Martin Möller
Curator: Johannes Schwab*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonDec 0717:00Serge CantatTBA
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MonNov 3017:00Chaya NortonObtuse Veech Triangles
MonNov 2317:00Juan Marshall-MaldonadoQuantitative weakly mixing of flows over Salem type substitutions
MonNov 1617:00Scott MullaneStrata of exact differentials and the birational geometry of Hurwitz spaces
MonNov 0917:00Frederik BenirschkeThe boundary of orbit closures
MonNov 0217:00Yilin WangSLE, energy duality, and foliations by Weil-Petersson quasicircles
MonOct 2617:00Laura MonkGeometry and spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces
MonOct 1916:00Brian ChungStationary measure and orbit closure classification for random walks on surfaces
MonOct 1216:00Karl WinsorNavigating absolute period leaves and the Arnoux-Yoccoz surface in genus 3
MonOct 0516:00Junho Peter WhangIntegral points on moduli of local systems
MonSep 2816:00Gaëtan BorotGeometry of combinatorial moduli spaces and multicurve counts
MonSep 2116:00Bram PetriThe minimal diameter of a hyperbolic surface.
MonSep 1416:00Paul ApisaReconstructing an orbit closure from its boundary, holomorphic retracts of Teichmuller space, and new Eierlegende-Wollmilchsau-like orbit closures!
ThuJul 1616:00Maxim KontsevichIntegral PL actions from birational geometry
ThuJul 0916:00Vincent Delecroix and Elise GoujardThe number of components of a multicurve in large genus
ThuJul 0216:00Giovanni ForniOn weak mixing for translation flows and billiards in polygons
ThuJun 2516:00Nick SalterFramed mapping class groups and strata of abelian differentials
ThuJun 1816:00Amol AggarwalLarge Genus Asymptotics for Intersection Numbers and Strata Volumes
ThuJun 1116:00Ivan SmithSymplectic mapping class groups and flat surfaces
ThuJun 0417:00Barak WeissNew bounds on the covering density of a lattice
ThuMay 2816:00Jane WangThe realization problem for twisted quadratic differentials (dilation surfaces)
ThuMay 2117:00Curtis McMullenBilliards, heights and modular symbols
ThuMay 1416:00Francisco Arana HerreraCounting hyperbolic multi-geodesics with respect to the lengths of individual components
ThuMay 0716:00Aaron CalderonShear-shape coordinates for Teichmüller space and applications to flat and hyperbolic geometry
ThuApr 3016:00Matteo CostantiniThe Chern classes and the Euler characteristic of the moduli spaces of abelian differentials
ThuApr 2316:00Kasra RafiAbsolutely continuous stationary measures for the mapping class group
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