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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 14:00-15:00, 20:30-21:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jeremy Hahn*, Ishan Levy*, André Lee Dixon*, Haynes Miller*
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We meet at varying times on Monday. Click here to join the zoom meeting . The Zoom meeting room number is 132-540-375.

The mailing list for this seminar is the MIT topology google group. Email Mike Hopkins if you want to join the list.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonOct 1714:00Manuel RiveraSimplicial coalgebras under three different notions of weak equivalence
MonOct 0320:30Nick KuhnChromatic Fixed Point Theory
MonSep 2620:30Arpon RaksitThe Even Filtration
MonSep 1919:00Akhil MathewSyntomic complexes of regular rings
MonMay 0920:30Noah RiggenbachNTC of Perfectoid Rings
MonMay 0220:30Yajit JainTopologically Trivial Families of Smooth h-Cobordisms
MonApr 2520:30Robert BurklundTitle to be shared
MonApr 1120:30Araminta AmabelTitle to be shared
MonApr 0420:30Yuri SulymaFloor Homotopy Theory
MonMar 2820:30Piotr PstrągowskiQuivers and the Adams Spectral Sequence
MonDec 0621:30Dylan WilsonTitle to be announced.
MonNov 2921:30Hana KongThe homotopy of motivic image-of-j spectrum
MonNov 2221:30Elden ElmantoMotivic cohomology reimagined
MonNov 1521:30Arpon RaksitCanonical lifts and spectral algebraic geometry
MonNov 0821:30Joana CiriciTitle to be announced.
MonAug 2314:00Lior YanovskiThe chromatic discrete Fourier transform
MonJul 1914:00Shachar CarmeliHigher semiadditivity and the K(1)-local sphere
MonJul 1214:00Markus LandGrothendieck—Witt theory of Dedekind rings and the stable cohomology of orthogonal and symplectic groups over Z
MonJul 0514:00Guozhen WangTopological cyclic homology of local fields
MonMay 1720:30Elden ElmantoTrace methods for algebraic stacks.
MonMay 1020:30Foling ZouNonabelian Poincare duality theorem and equivariant factorization homology of Thom spectra
MonMay 0320:30Peter HaineOn the homotopy theory of stratified spaces
MonApr 2620:30Andy SengerMultiplicative structures on Brown-Peterson spectra at odd primes
MonApr 1220:30Zhulin LiUnstable modules with only the top k Steenrod operations
MonApr 0520:30Nir GadishMöbius inversion in hömotopy theory
MonMar 2920:30Dylan WilsonVariations on the theme of Lichtenbaum-Quillen
MonMar 2220:30Kirsten WickelgrenAn excess intersection formula
MonMar 1520:30Najib IdrissiConfiguration spaces of surfaces
MonMar 0121:30Achim KrauseTitle to be announced
MonFeb 2221:30Tomer SchlankCyclotomic Galois extensions in the chromatic homotopy
MonDec 0721:30Jeremy HahnRedshift for truncated Brown-Peterson spectra
MonNov 3021:30Martin SpeirsBass' NK-groups and arithmetic invariants
MonNov 1621:30Agnès BeaudryEquivariant Morava K-Theories?
MonNov 0921:30Amnon NeemanA counterexample to conjectures in negative K-theory
MonNov 0221:30Piotr PstragowskiFranke's algebraicity conjecture
MonOct 2620:30Marcy RobertsonExpansions, completions and automorphisms of welded tangled foams
MonOct 1920:30Ben KnudsenSmooth structures and embedding calculus
MonOct 0520:30Jonathan CampbellHomotopy Theory and Hilbert's Third Problem
MonSep 2820:30Adeel KhanDerived cycle classes
MonSep 2120:30David GepnerElliptic cohomology of the unitary group
MonSep 1420:30Oscar Randal-WilliamsDiffeomorphisms of discs
TueAug 2516:00Rune HaugsengTBA
TueAug 1816:00Marc HoyoisMilnor excision for motivic spectra
TueAug 1116:00Thomas NikolausOn Grothendieck--Witt theory of the integers.
TueAug 0416:00Benjamin AntieauHigher Brauer groups
TueJul 2816:00Dustin ClausenThe Linearization Hypothesis
TueJul 2116:00Maria YakersonNew Models for Motivic K-Theory Spectra
TueJun 3016:00Markus HausmannGlobal group laws and the equivariant Quillen theorem
MonMay 1120:30Tyler LawsonObstruction theory for ring spectra
MonMay 0420:30Zhouli XuStable stems and the Chow-Novikov t-structure in motivic stable homotopy category
MonApr 2720:30Michael ChingTangent ∞-categories and Goodwillie calculus
MonApr 1320:30Jonathan CampbellHomotopy theory and Hilbert’s third problem
MonApr 0620:30Hood ChathamAn orientation map for height $p−1$ real $E$ theory
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