Cross Alps Logic Seminar

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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Every third Friday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Vincenzo Dimonte*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriJun 0714:00Lorenz HalbeisenThe Graph Embedding Property and its relation to the Prime Ideal Theorem
FriMay 3114:00Mirna DzamonjaTransfer principles in logic
FriMay 0314:00Spencer UngerIterated ultrapower methods
FriApr 0514:00Luca Motto RosBorel complexity of graph homomorphism
FriMar 0115:00Simon HenryHigher categorical language
FriJan 1915:00Charles SteinhornO-minimality as a framework for tame mathematical economics
FriDec 0115:00Zoltán VidnyánszkyHomomorphisms in the choiceless world
FriNov 0315:00Steffen LemppThe complexity of the class of models of arithmetic
FriJun 1614:00André NiesComputably totally disconnected, locally compact groups
FriJun 0914:00Ulrich KohlenbachProof mining: Recent developments
FriMay 1914:00Jacques DuparcThe Wadge order on the Cantor Space and on the Scott Domain
FriMay 0514:00Dima SinapovaMutual stationarity and the failure of SCH
FriApr 2114:00Márton ElekesOn various notions of universally Baire sets
FriMar 3114:00Ludovic PateyCanonical notions of forcing in Reverse Mathematics
FriMar 1715:00Victor SelivanovBoole vs Wadge: Comparing Basic Tools of Descriptive Set Theory
FriMar 0315:00Dugald MacPhersonUniform families of definable sets in finite structures
FriJan 2715:00Katarzyna KowalikReverse mathematics of some Ramsey-theoretic principles over a weak base theory
FriJan 1315:00Vasco BrattkaSome fascinating topics in logic around reducibilities (UNESCO World Logic Day session)
FriDec 0215:00Francesco ParenteGood ultrafilters and universality properties of forcing
FriNov 1808:00Annalisa ConversanoTools of o-minimality in the study of groups
FriNov 0415:00Jacopo EmmeneggerQuotients and equality, (co)algebraically
FriOct 2114:00Christian RosendalAmenability, optimal transport and complementation in Banach modules
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