Warwick Combinatorics Seminar

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University of Warwick

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jan Grebik, Oleg Pikhurko
Curator: Hong Liu*
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This is the online combinatorics seminar at Warwick.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 1813:00Vishesh JainTowards the sampling Lovász Local Lemma
FriJun 2513:00Tom KellyTBA
FriJul 0213:00Will PerkinsTBA
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FriJun 1113:00Nicholas CookRegularity method and large deviation principles for the Erdős–Rényi hypergraph
FriJun 0413:00Gabor KunGraphings without measurable perfect matchings
FriMay 2813:00Pierre-Loïc MéliotDependency graphs, upper bounds on cumulants and singular graphons
FriMay 2113:00Gabor ElekUniform amenability
FriMay 1413:00Pascal SchweitzerAutomorphisms of graphs with a forbidden minor
FriMay 0716:30Gwen McKinleyCounting integer partitions with the method of maximum entropy
FriApr 3013:00Agnes BackhauszTypicality and entropy of processes on infinite trees
FriMar 1917:30Daniel SpielmanFinite Free Probability and Ramanujan Graphs
FriMar 1214:00Annie RaymondGraph Density Inequalities, Sums of Squares and Tropicalization
FriMar 0513:30Louis EsperetAsymptotic dimension of graphs
FriFeb 2614:00Lutz WarnkePrague dimension of random graphs
FriFeb 1914:00Jan KurkofkaEvery infinitely edge-connected graph contains the Farey graph or $T_{\aleph_0}*t$ as a minor
FriFeb 1214:00Gábor PeteThe Free Uniform Spanning Forest is disconnected in some virtually free groups, depending on the generating set
FriJan 2914:00Lisa SauermannOn polynomials that vanish to high order on most of the hypercube
FriJan 2217:30Alexander RazborovTheons and quasirandomness
FriJan 1514:00Pál GaliczaSparse reconstruction for iid variables
FriDec 1114:00Hong LiuExtremal density for sparse minors and subdivisions
FriDec 0414:00Bhargav NarayananHomeomorphs
FriNov 2714:00Anton BernshteynMeasurable colorings, the Lovász Local Lemma, and distributed algorithms
FriNov 2014:00Benny SudakovLarge independent sets from local considerations
FriNov 1314:00Tibor SzabóMader-perfect digraphs
FriNov 0614:00Boris BukhEmpty axis-parallel boxes
FriOct 3014:00Maria ChudnovskyEven-hole free graphs of bounded degree have bounded treewidth
FriOct 2313:00Gábor TardosConvergence and limits of finite trees
FriOct 1613:00Marthe BonamyGraph recolouring
FriOct 0913:00László LovászGraph limits, measures, and flows
WedJun 2413:00Bjarne SchülkeExtremal problems concerning the traces of sets
WedJun 1713:00Andrzej GrzesikThe Turán number of blow-ups of trees
WedJun 1013:00Yahav AlonHitting time of disjoint Hamilton cycles in random subgraph processes
WedJun 0313:00Yifan JingStructures of sets with minimal measure growth
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