Princeton/IAS number theory seminar

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number theory

Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 21:30-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Jingwei Xiao*
Curator: Andrew Sutherland*
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Normally the seminar alternates between 214 Fine Hall at Princeton and SH101 at IAS but currently running online. Zoom password is the three digit integer that is the cube of the sum of its digits.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuDec 0321:30Jingwei XiaoTBA
ThuDec 1021:30Joni TeravainenTBA
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ThuNov 1921:30Shai EvraRamanujan Conjecture and the Density Hypothesis
ThuNov 1221:30Levent AlpogeEffective height bounds for odd-degree totally real points on some curves
ThuNov 0521:30William ChenStrong approximation for the Markoff equation via nonabelian level structures on elliptic curves
ThuOct 2920:30Tasho KalethaAn explicit supercuspidal local Langlands correspondence
ThuOct 2220:30Lue PanOn the locally analytic vectors of the completed cohomology of modular curves
ThuOct 1520:30Carney AlexanderHeights and dynamics over arbitrary fields
ThuOct 0818:00Jessica FintzenRepresentations of p-adic groups and applications
ThuSep 2420:30Abhishek OswalA non-Archimedean definable Chow theorem
ThuSep 1718:00Tony FengEquivariant localization, parity sheaves, and cyclic base change
ThuSep 1020:30Sarah PeluseAn asymptotic version of the prime power conjecture for perfect difference sets
ThuJun 1819:00Rong ZhouIndependence of $\ell$ for Frobenius conjugacy classes attached to abelian varieties
ThuJun 1119:00Vesselin DimitrovNew constraints on the Galois configurations of algebraic integers in the complex plane
ThuJun 0419:00Florian RichterDynamical generalizations of the Prime Number Theorem and disjointness of additive and multiplicative actions
ThuMay 2814:00Farrell Brumley,Joint equidistribution of adelic torus orbits and families of twisted L-functions
ThuMay 2113:00Xin WanIwasawa theory and Bloch-Kato conjecture for unitary groups
ThuMay 1418:30Mladen DimitrovA geometric view on Iwasawa theory
ThuMay 0720:30Jayce Robert GetzOn triple product L-functions
ThuApr 3020:30Henrik GustafssonEulerianity of Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms
ThuApr 2313:00Jack ThorneSymmetric power functoriality for holomorphic modular forms
ThuApr 1619:00Ana CaraianiLocal-global compatibility in the crystalline case
ThuApr 0920:30Chao LiOn the Kudla-Rapoport conjecture
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