Dublin Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

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number theory

University College Dublin

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Kazim Buyukboduk*, Robert Osburn
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Passcode: The 3-digit prime numerator of Riemann zeta at -11

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuApr 0716:00Ellen EischenSome congruences and consequences in number theory and beyond
ThuJan 2710:00Kazuto OtaOn Iwasawa theory for CM elliptic curves at inert primes
ThuDec 0214:00Francesc CastellaIwasawa theory of elliptic curves at Eisenstein primes
ThuNov 2514:00Mahesh KakdeOn the Brumer-Stark conjecture
ThuNov 1812:00Yuma MizunoNahm's problem and cluster algebras
ThuNov 0414:00Jehanne DousseCylindric partitions, q-difference equations and Rogers-Ramanujan type identities
ThuOct 2813:00Scott AhlgrenCongruences for the partition function
WedOct 1314:30Anna MedvedovskyCounting modular forms with fixed mod-$p$ Galois representation and Atkin-Lehner-at-$p$ eigenvalue
ThuOct 0713:00Johannes SprangAlgebraicity of critical Hecke L-values
ThuSep 3013:00Eva Bayer-FluckigerIsometries of lattices, knot theory and K3 surfaces
ThuSep 2313:00Pieter MoreeEuler-Kronecker constants and cusp forms
ThuApr 2213:00Yukako KezukaTamagawa number divisibility of central L-values
ThuApr 0813:00Giada GrossiThe p-part of BSD for rational elliptic curves at Eisenstein primes
ThuApr 0113:00Stefano VigniOn Shafarevich–Tate groups and analytic ranks in Hida families of modular forms
ThuMar 2515:30Simeon BallAdditive codes over finite fields
ThuMar 0414:00Frank GarvanThe spt and unimodal sequence conjectures
ThuFeb 2514:00Chi-Yun HsuPartial classicality of Hilbert modular forms
ThuFeb 1114:00Preston WakeTame derivatives and the Eisenstein ideal
ThuFeb 0414:00Christina RoehrigSiegel theta series for indefinite quadratic forms
ThuJan 2814:00Chan-Ho KimRefined applications of Kato's Euler systems
ThuNov 2614:00James NewtonSymmetric power functoriality for modular forms
ThuNov 1914:00Christopher Williamsp-adic L-functions in higher dimensions
ThuNov 1214:00Chris WuthrichIntegrality of twisted L-values of elliptic curves
ThuNov 0514:00Jackie LangEisenstein congruences at prime-square level
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