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mathematical physics spectral theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 13:15-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Soeren Fournais*, Thomas Østergaard Sørensen, Edgardo Stockmeyer
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonMay 2713:15Severin SchravenTwo-sided Lieb-Thirring Bounds
MonJun 0313:15Cristina CaraciThird order corrections to the ground state energy of a Bose gas in the Gross-Pitaevskii regime.
MonJun 1013:15Alberto MasperoFull description of Benjamin-Feir instability of Stokes waves
MonJun 1713:15Leonid ParnovskiTBA
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MonMay 1313:15August BjergA short proof of a strong Weyl law in dimension 1
MonMay 0613:15Anna Dall'AcquaUnwinding an elastic wire
MonApr 2913:15Simon LarsonOn a Hardy-Morrey inequality
MonApr 2212:15Léo MorinQuantum tunneling with magnetic field
MonDec 1813:15Constanza Rojas MolinaThe long-range Anderson model with weakly decaying off-diagonal terms
MonDec 1113:15Alexander PushnitskiHankel operators with band spectra and elliptic functions
MonDec 0413:15Arne JensenOn the continuum limit of discrete Schrödinger operators
MonNov 2713:15Larry ReadNegative spectrum of Schrödinger operators with oscillating potentials
MonNov 2013:15Christian BrenneckeOperator Norm Bounds on the Correlation Matrix of the SK Model
MonNov 1313:15Morris BrooksDiagonalization of dilute quantum gases
MonNov 0613:15Søren MikkelsenSharp semiclassical spectral asymptotics
MonOct 3013:15Giovanna MarcelliAdiabatic evolution of low-temperature many-body quantum systems
MonOct 2312:15Christian HainzlThe LHY-formula for positive temperature Bose gases
MonJun 1914:15Lukas SchimmerSpectral inequalities for Jacobi operators as conjectured by Hundertmark and Simon
MonJun 1214:15Nalini AnantharamanThe bottom of the spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces
MonMay 2214:15Peter MadsenThe local density approximation in classical density functional theory.
MonMay 1514:15Luis VegaFluctuations of δ -moments for the free Schrödinger Equation
MonMay 0814:15Mikael Persson SundqvistCounting negative eigenvalues of the Neumann Pauli Operator in bounded domains
MonApr 2414:15Chiara BoccatoGround state properties of the dilute Bose gas
MonApr 1714:15Alessandro GiulianiLow temperature asymptotic expansion for classical O(N) vector models
MonDec 1915:15Hynek KovaříkThreshold resonances induced by spin
MonDec 1215:15Pavel ExnerTime-reversal asymmetric quantum graphs
MonDec 0515:15Yaiza CanzaniCounting closed geodesics and improving Weyl’s law for predominant sets of metrics
MonNov 2815:15Amanda YoungA bulk gap in the presence of edge states for a truncated Haldane pseudopotential
MonNov 2115:15Michele CorreggiSchrödinger Operators with Aharonov-Bohm Fluxes
MonNov 1415:15Esteban CárdenasTracer particles interacting with a boson field
MonNov 0715:15Clotilde Fermanian-KammererSeparation of scales: Dynamical approximations for composite quantum systems
MonOct 2414:15Michael LevitinPólya’s conjecture for the disk: a computer-assisted proof
MonOct 1714:15Benjamin SchleinGround state energy of a gas of hard spheres in the Gross-Pitaevskii regime
MonJun 2014:15Phan Thành NamTBA
MonJun 1314:15Simona Rota NodariTBA
MonMay 3014:15Sabine BögliTBA
MonMay 2314:15David GontierSpectral properties of half-periodic materials
MonMay 1614:15Sylvia SerfatyTBA
MonMay 0914:15Gunther UhlmannTBA
MonMay 0214:15Ayman KachmarMagnetic edge and semiclassical eigenvalue asymptotics
MonApr 2514:15Sven BachmannStability of the ground state under large perturbations at the boundary
MonDec 2015:15Peter HislopRandom band matrices in the localization regime
MonDec 1315:15Konstantin MerzRandom Schrödinger operators with complex decaying potentials
MonDec 0615:15Li ChenTBA
MonNov 2915:15Chiara SaffirioFrom the many-body fermionic dynamics to the Vlasov equation with singular interactions.
MonNov 2215:15Edgardo StockmeyerMagnetic Dirac operators on domains in the plane with local boundary conditions
MonNov 1515:15Miguel BallesterosOne-boson scattering processes in the massless Spin-Boson model
MonNov 0815:15Arnaud TriayThe condensation of a trapped dilute Bose gas with three-body interactions
TueJun 1514:15Bernard HelfferSemi-classical edge states for the Robin Laplacian (after Helffer-Kachmar)
TueJun 0814:15Giulia BastiA new second order upper bound for the ground state energy of dilute Bose gases
TueJun 0114:15Michael LossApproach to equilibrium in the Kac model
TueMay 2514:15Jeffrey GalkowskiGeodesic beams and Weyl remainders
TueMay 1814:15Peter MüllerTBA
TueMay 1114:15Nicolas RougerieTBA
TueMay 0414:15Arianna GiuntiEdge states for magnetic Schrödinger operators in domains with compact boundary
TueApr 2714:15Hanne van den BoschSpectral Stability in the nonlinear Dirac equation with Soler-type nonlinearity
TueApr 2014:15Julien SabinWeyl laws for singular potentials
TueApr 1314:15Robert SeiringerThe quantum Heisenberg model at low temperature
TueDec 1515:15Torben KrügerTBA
TueDec 0815:15Gianluca PanatiAn adiabatic approach to spin transport in insulators
TueDec 0115:15Carlos RomanOn the 3D Ginzburg-Landau model of superconductivity.
TueNov 2415:15Dirk HundertmarkTBA
TueNov 1715:15Walter de Siqueira PedraLarge Deviations for Weakly Interacting Fermions at Equilibrium - An Approach to Macroscopic Behavior at Nanoscales
TueNov 1015:15Emanuela GiacomelliThe dilute Fermi gas via Bogoliubov theory
TueNov 0315:15Jan DerezinskiHomogeneous Schrödinger operators and the Lie algebra SL(2,R)
TueOct 2715:15Enno LenzmannMoser meets (nonlinear) Schrödinger
TueOct 2014:15Simone RademacherQuantum fluctuations for the dynamics of the strongly coupled polaron
TueOct 1314:15Alexander SobolevOn spectral properties of the one-particle density matrix
TueJun 3014:15Pedro FreitasExtremal Robin eigenvalues: exploring the $\alpha$-$\lambda$ plane
TueJun 2315:00Rupert FrankRecent results and open problems on Lieb-Thirring inequalities
TueJun 1614:15Mathieu LewinThe eigenvalues of one-particle Dirac operator with general charge distributions
TueJun 0914:15Serena CenatiempoTBA
TueJun 0214:15Jean-Claude CueninWeakly coupled bound states of $|p^2-1| - \lambda V$
TueMay 2614:15Horia CorneanBulk-edge correspondence at positive temperature
TueMay 1914:15Maria EstebanMagnetic interpolation inequalities in dimensions 2 and 3
TueMay 1214:15Nicolas RaymondOn the spectrum of a Dirac bag model in strong magnetic fields
TueMay 0514:15Jan Philip SolovejThe Bogolubov variational model and its accuracy as an approximation to many-body Bose systems
TueApr 2814:15Rafael BenguriaGagliardo-Nirenberg-Sobolev Inequalities and their counterparts on bounded domains
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