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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jonny Evans*, Ailsa Keating, Yanki Lekili*
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This is the free mathematics seminar. Free as in freedom. We use only free and open source software to run the seminar.

The link to each week's talk is sent to the members of the e-mail list. The registration link to this mailing list is available on the homepage of the seminar.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJun 1414:00Yang LiThe Thomas-Yau conjecture
TueMay 2414:00Marc KegelStein traces
TueMay 1714:00Riccardo PedrottiFixed point Floer cohomology of a Dehn twist in a monotone setting and in more general contexts
TueMay 1014:00Ilaria di DeddaRealising perfect derived categories of Auslander algebras of type A as Fukaya-Seidel categories
TueMay 0314:00Joel FineKnots, minimal surfaces and J-holomorphic curves
TueMar 2215:00Justin HilburnPerverse Schobers and 2-Categorical 3d Mirror Symmetry
TueMar 1515:00Semon RezchikovHolomorphic Floer Theory and the Fueter Equation
TueMar 0815:00Ezra GetzlerTBA
TueMar 0115:00Chris WoodwardQuantum stable manifolds for nearby Lagrangians
TueFeb 2215:00Kristin DeVlemingK-stability and birational geometry of moduli spaces of quartic K3 surfaces
TueFeb 1515:00Travis MandelTBA
TueFeb 0815:00Francesca CarocciBPS invariant from non Archimedean integrals
TueFeb 0115:00Adrian PetrInvariant of the Legendrian lift of an exact Lagrangian submanifold in the circular contactization of a Liouville manifold
TueJan 2515:00Paul SeidelTwisted open-closed string maps and applications
TueDec 0715:00Federico BarbacoviEntropy of autoequivalences and holomorphicity
TueNov 3015:00Dogancan KarabasHomotopy colimit formula for gluing wrapped Fukaya categories, and lens spaces
TueNov 2315:00Navid NabijouEnumerative invariants of 3-fold flops: hyperplane arrangements and wall-crossing
TueNov 1615:00Laura PertusiSerre-invariant stability conditions and cubic threefolds
TueNov 0915:00Angelica SimonettiTBA
TueNov 0210:00Takahiro ObaA four-dimensional mapping class group relation
TueOct 2614:00Jie MinModuli space of symplectic log Calabi-Yau divisors and torus fibrations
TueOct 1916:00Eric RainsThe birational geometry of noncommutative surfaces
TueOct 1214:00Philip EngelCompact K3 moduli
TueOct 0514:00Chi Hong ChowHomology of based loop groups and quantum cohomology of flag varieties
TueSep 2814:00Umut VarolgunesQuantum cohomology as a deformation of symplectic cohomology
TueSep 2114:00Xin JinHomological mirror symmetry for the universal centralizers
TueJun 2214:00Ian ZemkeHeegaard Floer homology and complex curves with non-cuspidal singularities
TueJun 1514:00Johan AsplundChekanov-Eliashberg dg-algebras for singular Legendrians
TueJun 0814:00Ivan SmithLagrangian links on surfaces and the Calabi invariant
TueJun 0114:00Richard HindThe shape invariant and path lifting
TueMay 2514:00Bernhard KellerSingular Hochschild cohomology and reconstruction of singularities
TueMay 1814:00Emre SertözSeparating periods of quartic surfaces
TueMay 1114:00Yin LiExact Lagrangian tori in affine varieties
TueMay 0414:00Julie RanaT-singular surfaces of general type
TueApr 2714:00Nicolo SibillaFukaya category of surfaces and pants decomposition
TueApr 2014:00Dan PomerleanoIntrinsic Mirror Symmetry and Categorical Crepant Resolutions
TueApr 1309:00Ian LeMirror Symmetry for Truncated Cluster Varieties
TueMar 3014:00Conan LeungQuantum cohomology of flag varieties via wonderful compactifications
TueMar 2315:00Charlotte Kirchhoff-LukatTowards Floer theory and Fukaya categories for Generalized Complex Manifolds: Some first ideas
TueMar 1615:00Egor ShelukhinLagrangian configurations and Hamiltonian maps
TueMar 0915:00Abigail WardMirror symmetry for certain non-Kähler elliptic surfaces
TueMar 0215:00Nicholas WilkinsQuantum Steenrod operations are covariant constant
TueFeb 2314:00Aleksander DoanCounting pseudo-holomorphic curves in symplectic six-manifolds
TueFeb 1615:00Matthew HabermannHomological mirror symmetry for nodal stacky curves
TueFeb 0915:00Junwu TuOn the categorical enumerative invariants of a point
TueFeb 0215:00Maxim JeffsMirror symmetry and Fukaya categories of singular varieties
TueJan 2615:00Benjamin GammageMirror symmetry for Berglund-Hübsch Milnor fibers
TueJan 1915:00Sylvain CourteTwisted generating functions and the nearby Lagrangian conjecture
TueJan 1215:00Daniel Halpern-LeistnerDerived Theta-stratifications and the D-equivalence conjecture
TueDec 1515:00Daniel Álvarez-GavelaPolarized Weinstein manifolds and their positive arboreal skeleta
TueDec 0815:00Kenji FukayaAtiyah-Floer type conjecture and Virtual fundamental chain
TueDec 0115:00Francesco LinFloer homology and closed geodesics of hyperbolic three-manifolds
TueNov 2415:00Mark McleanFloer Cohomology and Arc Spaces
TueNov 1715:00Kyler SiegelOn the embedding complexity of Liouville manifolds
TueNov 1015:00Tom BridgelandDonaldson-Thomas invariants and a non-perturbative topological string partition function
TueNov 0315:00Laurent CôtéHomological invariants of codimension 2 contact embeddings
TueOct 2715:00Francois GreerCycle-valued quasi-modular forms on Kontsevich space
TueOct 2014:00Andrew ManionHigher representations and cornered Floer homology
TueOct 1309:00Hansol HongMaurer-Cartan deformation of a Lagrangian
TueOct 0614:00Pieter BelmansGraph potentials as mirrors to moduli of vector bundles on curves
TueSep 2214:00Damien GayetLagrangians of (random) projective hypersurfaces
TueSep 1514:00Marco GollaSymplectic hats
TueSep 0809:00Andrew MacphersonA bivariant Yoneda lemma and (infinity, 2)-categories of correspondences
TueSep 0114:00Wai Kit YeungPre-Calabi-Yau categories
TueAug 2514:00Inbar KlangTwisted Calabi-Yau algebras and categories
ThuAug 2014:00Giancarlo UrzúaOn the geography of complex surfaces of general type with an arbitrary fundamental group
TueAug 1109:00Dougal DavisSurface singularities and their deformations via principal bundles on elliptic curves
TueAug 0414:00Baris Kartalp-adic analytic actions on the Fukaya category and iterates of symplectomorphisms
TueJul 2814:00Catherine CannizzoTowards global homological mirror symmetry for genus 2 curves
TueJul 2114:00Alastair CrawHilbert schemes of ADE singularities as quiver varieties
TueJul 1414:00Sheel GanatraOn Rabinowitz wrapped Fukaya categories
TueJul 0714:00Mohammed AbouzaidFloer homotopy without spectra
TueJun 3014:00Nick SheridanSymplectic mapping class groups and homological mirror symmetry
TueJun 2315:00Alexander KuznetsovResidual categories and quantum cohomology
TueJun 1609:00Tatsuki KuwagakiSymplectic geometry of exact WKB analysis
TueJun 0914:00Yuhan SunDisplacement energy of Lagrangian 3-spheres
TueJun 0214:00Octav CorneaLagrangians, surgery and rigidity
TueMay 2609:00Kazushi UedaNoncommutative del Pezzo surfaces
TueMay 1914:00Gleb SmirnovIsotopy problem for symplectic forms in the presence of an anti-holomorphic involution
TueMay 1214:00Jenny AugustStability for contraction algebras
TueMay 0515:00Alexandru OanceaDuality for Rabinowitz-Floer homology
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