University of Zurich (joint with Neuchatel) applied algebra seminars

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cryptography and security information theory commutative algebra algebraic geometry combinatorics general mathematics information theory number theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Every other Wednesday 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Joachim Rosenthal, Elisa Gorla*, Anna-Lena Horlemann
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Past talks
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WedNov 1714:00Roxana SmarandacheTBA
WedNov 1009:00Margreta KuijperCoding for packet erasure channels
WedNov 0314:00Ferdinando ZulloLinear sets in coding theory
WedOct 1313:00Hiram Lopez ValdezThe dual of an evaluation code
WedOct 0613:00Giuseppe CotardoParameters of Codes for the Binary Asymmetric Channel
WedMay 2613:00Sven PuchingerTBA
WedMay 1913:00Vincent NeigerFaster modular composition of polynomials
WedMay 1211:00Habibul IslamConstruction of Quantum Codes using Constacyclic Codes
WedMay 0513:00Igor SemaevEHT public-key crypto-system and digital signatures
WedApr 2813:00Romy MinkoConnections between cryptography and quantum gate synthesis
WedApr 2113:00Hunter LehmannAutomorphisms of Cyclic Orbit Codes
WedMar 3114:00Stefan TohaneanuLinear codes with prescribed projective codewords of minimum weight
WedMar 2414:00Alberto RavagnaniThe Sparseness of MRD Codes
WedMar 1714:00Umberto Martinez-PenasConstructions of Codes in the Sum-Rank Metric
WedMar 1014:00Magali BardetAlgebraic Attacks for solving the Rank Decoding and Minrank problems
WedMar 0314:00Sebastian HeriClassification and Construction of Self-Dual Convolutional Codes (Master's thesis defense)
WedFeb 2414:00Andreia VenzinCastelnuovo-Mumford Regularity and the Complexity of Gröbner Basis Algorithms (Master's thesis defense)
WedFeb 1714:00Katerina MitrokotsaOutsourcing computations to a cloud that you don't trust
WedDec 1614:00Martino BorelloAsymptotic performance of G-codes and uncertainty principle.
WedDec 0914:00Eduardo CampsMonomial Decreasing Codes
WedDec 0214:00Francesco PaveseOn cutting blocking sets and their codes
WedNov 2514:00Sabrina SewerPost-Quantum Cryptosystem FrodoPKE Based on the Learning with Errors Problem (Masters thesis defense)
WedNov 2509:00Amin SakzadMiddle-product learning with errors (MP-LWE): foundations, applications, and implementations
WedNov 1814:00Michel LavrauwTensors in Finite Geometry
WedOct 2113:00Amin ShokrollahiChord Signaling
WedAug 2613:00Marc Newman (Master thesis defense)A Study of Mathematical and Practical Aspects of SIDH and CSIDH
WedJul 2914:00Daniel PanarioAnalytic and Probabilistic Combinatorics for Polynomials over Finite Fields
WedJul 0114:00Alfred WassermannDesigns, subspace designs and their codes
WedJun 1713:00Antonia Wachter-ZehLIGA: A cryptosystem based on the hardness of rank-metric list and interleaved decoding.
WedJun 1014:00Markus GrasslOn Quantum MDS Codes
WedJun 0314:00Daniel Cabarcas JaramilloFrom Minrank Attack to generic Bilinear
WedMay 2714:00Gretchen MathewsCoding for local recovery
WedMay 2013:00Alain CouvreurOn the code equivalence problem in rank metric
WedMay 1318:00Kristin LauterSupersingular Isogeny Graphs in Cryptography
WedMay 0613:00Madhu SudanCodes for correcting editing errors
WedMay 0607:00Buket ÖzkayaGood Stabilizer Codes from Quasi-Cyclic Codes
WedApr 2914:00Luca De FeoFaster Evaluation of Isogenies of Large Prime Degree
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