Gravitational waves in Einstein-Cartan theory

astrophysics general relativity and quantum cosmology

University of Vienna -- Universit├Ąt Wien

Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Organizer: Emmanuele Battista*
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In this seminar, we investigate the topic of gravitational waves in the context of Einstein-Cartan theory by exploiting the Blanchet-Damour formalism. Einstein-Cartan model has been formulated to extend the concepts of general relativity to the microphysical realm in order to establish a connection between gravity and the other fundamental interactions. In this framework, the quantum intrinsic spin carried by elementary particles is described geometrically by means of the torsion tensor, which is defined as the antisymmetric part of the affine connection. On the other hand, the Blanchet-Damour approach has been devised in general relativity to deal with the radiation produced by compact binary systems during their early inspiralling stage. It employs two approximation techniques: the multipolar-post-Minkowskian scheme, which combines a post-Minkowskian algorithm and a multipolar decomposition, and the post-Newtonian method. We show that the Blanchet-Damour pattern can be exploited also in Einstein-Cartan model. This permits solving the so-called gravitational-wave generation problem, which consists in formally relating the asymptotic features of radiative gravitational fields, observed far away from their sources, to the structure and the motion of the sources themselves. The research activity underlying this seminar aims at understanding possible quantum imprints in the propagation of gravitational waves produced by spinning, weakly self-gravitating, slowly moving, and weakly stressed sources within Einstein-Cartan theory.

The seminar is held via Zoom. To receive the link to the Zoom meeting please contact Battista Emmanuele:

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