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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 16:15-17:15 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Hermann Riecke*
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Past talks
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TueMay 2116:15Andrew StuartOperator Learning: Algorithms, Analysis and Applications
TueMay 1416:15Rony GranekActive Fractal Networks with Stochastic Force Monopoles and Force Dipoles Unravel Subdiffusion of Chromosomal Loci
TueMay 0716:15Pankaj MehtaMathematics of Life Seminar Series: Randomness, Complexity, and the Biological Frontier
TueApr 3016:15Ehud YarivShocks and Caps in Drop Electrohydrodynamics
TueApr 2316:15Tom DeanContrail Climate Impacts: Modeling and Mitigation Strategies
TueApr 1616:15Efi EfratiFrustrated Assemblies: Describing Matter from Within
TueApr 0916:15Maciej LisickiTales of tails: Elastohydrodynamics of microscale motion
WedMar 2721:00Peko HosoiA Few Short Stories about Probability and Sports - Reiss Lecture
TueMar 2616:15Peko HosoiFiltration and Fluid Mechanics Inspired by the Manta Ray - Reiss Lecture
TueMar 1218:00Naomi OppenheimerHydrodynamic Hamiltonians of Active Two-dimensional Fluids
TueMar 0517:15James FitzgeraldBridging Theoretical Neuroscience and Neural Data Science with Simple Models
TueFeb 2717:15Snezhana AbarzhiInterface Dynamics in Ideal and Realistic Fluids
TueFeb 2017:15Sid GoyalPOSTPONED Mathematics of Life Seminar Series: Competition Across Scales in Biology
TueFeb 1317:15Geoff VallisRainy-Bénard Convection: An Idealization of a Moist Atmosphere
TueFeb 0617:15Yue YuNonlocal Operator is All You Need
TueJan 2317:15Albane TheryBuilding Models For Swimmers in Complex and Confined Environments
TueNov 2817:15Milo LinMathematics of Life Seminar Series: Thermodynamic Limits of Molecular Computation
TueNov 1417:15Niall Mangan and Katelyn LeismanFlushed with Insights: The Promising Potential of Poop-Based Testing for Public Health
TueNov 0717:15Thierry MoraMathematics of Life Series: Statistical Mechanics of Collective Behavior
TueOct 3116:15Sky NicholsonHow to Quantify Rare-Events From Microscopic Kinetics Using Tensor Networks
MonOct 2321:00M. GrahamData, Dynamics, and Manifolds: Machine Learning Approaches for Modeling and Controlling Complex Flows
TueOct 1716:15Sam KriegmanTeaching Evolution Calculus: Efficient Automatic Design of Robots
TueOct 1016:15Aleksandra WalczakMathematics of Life Series: Formation of Immune Repertoire
TueOct 0316:15Christine HeitschHow Can Discrete Mathematics Improve RNA Folding Predictions
TueMay 2316:15Linda PetzoldInterpretable Polynomial Neural ODEs
MonMay 2221:00Linda PetzoldThe Roles and Consequences of Randomness in Biological Systems
TueMay 1616:15Tiffany ShawFast jet stream winds get faster under climate change
TueMay 0916:15Sung Ha KangIdentifying Differential Equations with Numerical Methods: Time Evolution, Subspace Pursuit and Weak Form
TueMay 0216:15Osman BasaranTBA
TueApr 1816:15Gwynn ElfringActive Matter in Inhomogeneous Environments
TueApr 1116:15Simone BiancoTBA
TueApr 0416:15Eva KansoTBA
TueFeb 2817:15Daniel WellsSingle Cell Spatial Transcriptomics to Accelerate Systems Immunology
TueFeb 2117:15David BortzThe Surprising Robustness and Computational Efficiency of Weak Form System Identification
TueFeb 0717:15Keaton BurnsSolving Partial Differential Equations Exactly Over Polynomials
TueJan 3117:15Richard BraunSemi-automated Tear Breakup Detection and Modeling on the Ocular Surface
TueNov 2917:15Victor BarrancaReconstruction of Neuronal Network Connectivity and Rivalrous Percepts Via Compressive Sensing of Network Dynamics
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