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Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series time: Thursday 14:00-15:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Dmitry Savostyanov*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuMay 1614:00Dr Pavlos KassotakisOn quadrirational pentagon maps
ThuMay 0914:00Dr Josh MacdonaldModeling non-trophic planktonic interactions
ThuMay 0214:00Prof Peter HigginsProduction optimization for agents of differing work rates
ThuMar 2115:00Matthew HydeQuantitative rectifiability in metric spaces
ThuMar 1415:00Thomas PrellbergOn the universality class of the special adsorption point of two-dimensional lattice polymers
ThuMar 0715:00Alastair LitterrickElementary abelian subgroups: From algebraic groups to finite groups
ThuFeb 2915:00Gawin BrownMoebius strips in higher dimensions
ThuFeb 2215:00Nikolaos FytasComputer simulations in Statistical Physics: Crossing the barriers in complex and disordered systems
ThuFeb 0815:00Julian WeigtEndpoint regularity of maximal functions
ThuFeb 0115:00Taras SkrypnykClassical non-skew-symmetric r-matrices and integrable spin models
ThuJan 2515:00Choi-Hong LaiOn defect correction methods for some nonlinear option pricing problems
ThuJan 1815:00Jesus Matrinez-GarciaThe Calabi Problem for Fano threefolds
ThuDec 1415:00Dominic BunnettModuli spaces of hypersurfaces and their topology
ThuDec 0715:00Yu QiuOn cluster braid groups
ThuNov 3015:00Naomi AndrewAutomorphisms of groups and actions on trees
ThuNov 2315:00Jing Ping WangSymmetries of Differential--Difference Equations
ThuNov 1615:00Zili ZhangSimpson's correspondence and the P=W conjecture
ThuNov 0915:00Adam JonesHensel lifting and the p-adic numbers
ThuNov 0215:00Taras SkrypnykCANCELLED: Classical non-skew-symmetric r-matrices and integrable spin models.
ThuOct 2614:00Shirsho MurherjeeMinkowski problem for p-harmonic measures
ThuOct 1914:00Dmitry SavostyanovTensor product approach to Bayesian inference of networks from epidemiological data
ThuOct 1214:00Abdel SalhiThe Ultimate Solution Approach to Intractable Problems
ThuJun 1514:00Prof Stephen AncoCANCELLED
ThuJun 0814:00Dr Liana HeubergerCombinatorial Reid's recipe for consistent dimer models
ThuJun 0114:00Dr Sokratis ZikasUnbounded algebraic subgroups of $\mathrm{Bir}(C \times \mathbb{P}^n)$
ThuMay 2514:00Dr Alex DoakInternal Solitary Waves in a three-layer model
ThuMay 1814:00Dr Andrea OlivoFourier transform of self-similar measures: decay outside of a sparse set of frequencies and decay of smooth images
ThuMay 1114:00Dr Yan-long FangCarleman estimates on hyperbolic inverse problems
ThuMay 0414:00Dr Alexei VernitskiHard flat knots and circulant Gauss diagrams
ThuApr 2714:00Prof Peter HigginsAlgebras defined by equations
ThuMar 2315:00Dr Adam ThomasThe power and beauty of small matrices
ThuMar 0915:00Dr Igor FreireCauchy problems and equations describing pseudospherical surfaces
ThuMar 0215:00Sokratis ZikasPOSTPONED
ThuFeb 2315:00Cristiano SpottiPOSTPONED
ThuFeb 1615:00Liana HeubergerPOSTPONED
ThuFeb 0915:00Barbara BaumeisterPresentations of Artin groups and quasi-Coxeter elements
ThuFeb 0215:00Vanni NoferiniThe limit empirical spectral distribution of random matrix polynomials
ThuJan 2615:00Peter HigginsThe Biker-hiker problem
ThuJan 1915:00Asma HassannezhadIsoperimetric inequalities for mixed Steklov eigenvalues on a surface
ThuDec 1515:00Argha MondalThe role of Mathematical pathways in modelling Computational Neurosciences
ThuDec 0815:00Shirsho MukherjeeRegularity of quasilinear equations with Hormander vector fields of step two
ThuDec 0115:00Roberto CamassaFluid-boundary interaction: confinement effects, stratification and transport
ThuNov 2415:00Jing Ping WangPOSTPONED: Quantisations of the Volterra hierarchy
ThuNov 1715:00Ben FairbairnBeauville Surfaces, Structures and Groups
ThuNov 1015:00Bruno Poggi$L^p$-solvability of the Poisson problem and its applications to the regularity problem.
ThuNov 0315:00Annalisa CaliniKnotted solutions of the Vortex Filament Equation and their stability properties
ThuOct 2714:00Sema GunturkunGrowth of the Hilbert function of ideals containing a regular sequence
ThuOct 2014:00Ryan HyndThe Blaschke–Lebesgue theorem revisited
ThuOct 1314:00Tiago Duarte-GuerreiroNon-solidity of Uniruled Varieties
ThuJun 3014:00Baha TamimiThe sandpile & Smith groups of certain classes of graphs
ThuJun 2314:00Theresa Smith
ThuJun 0914:00Hamid AbbanFano varieties: their geometry, classification, and parametrisation
ThuMay 2614:00Istvan KissEpidemics on networks: from exact to mean-field models including results and challenges
ThuMay 1914:00Riikka KangaslampiOllivier--Ricci curvature on graphs
ThuMay 1214:00Esmaeel Asadigeometry of integrable systems; introduction by examples
ThuApr 2814:00Konstantinos ZygalakisConnections Between Optimization and Sampling Algorithms
ThuMar 2415:00Eabhnat Ni Fhloinn and Aidan FitzsimonsProblem-solving Potential within the field of mathematics
ThuMar 1715:00Dimitra KostaUnboundedness of Markov complexity of monomial curves in for n ≥ 4
ThuMar 1015:00Christian BickCoupled Oscillator Networks: Structure, Interactions, and Dynamics
ThuMar 0315:00Alyssa GenschawHausdorff Dimension of Caloric Measure
ThuFeb 2415:00Dimitrios MitsotakisNonlinear and dispersive waves in a basin
ThuFeb 1715:00Zihui ZhaoQuantitative unique continuation
ThuFeb 1015:00Dimitra KostaTBA
ThuFeb 0315:00Valerij RomanovskijIntegrability and limit cycles in polynomial systems of ODEs
ThuJan 2715:00Huseyin YildirimNetwork re-construction for the complex data generated from the discrete and continuous models
ThuJan 2015:00ZulkarnainLocalisation of energy in the FPUT-a system with variability and its chaotic behaviour
ThuDec 1615:00Theodoros PapazachariouGIT and K-stability for Fano varieties
ThuDec 0915:00Livia CampoMorphing shapes: a guide to birational surgeries
ThuNov 2515:00Nikos KatzourakisGeneralised vectorial $\infty$-eigenvalue nonlinear problems for $L^\infty$ functionals
ThuNov 1815:00Pieter KleerMCMC methods for sampling graphs with given degree constraints
ThuNov 0415:00Agnid BanerjeeStrong unique continuation for heat operator with Hardy type potential
ThuOct 2814:00Alexei VernitskiLooking for ways of presenting knots which help artificial intelligence to learn to manipulate knots
ThuOct 2114:00Marina LogaresThe many facets of Higgs bundles
ThuOct 1414:00Bernd SturmfelsLinear PDE with Constant Coefficients
ThuJul 0114:00Ihechukwu ChinyereHyperbolicity of certain cyclically presented groups
ThuJun 2414:00Kirk McDermottOn the shift dynamics of groups of Fibonacci type
ThuJun 1714:00Sergey DolgovDeep tensor decompositions for sampling from high-dimensional distributions
ThuJun 1014:00Helen ChristodoulidiThe role of KdV and Toda in the FPUT problem
ThuJun 0314:00Thanos ManosNeural networks: desynchronization with synaptic and structural plasticity
ThuMay 2714:00Billy WoodsIwasawa algebras and skew power series rings
ThuMay 2014:00Marina LogaresTBA
ThuMay 1314:00Constanza Rojas-MolinaFractional random Schrödinger operators, integrated density of states and localization
ThuMay 0614:00Kyle WedgwoodThe curious case of rapid entrainment after jet lag, and, how to get a single neuron to remember
ThuApr 2914:00Federica ArmaniMathematics Anxiety: general overview, what has been done and what we need to do to help learners
ThuMar 2515:00Mehmet CihanDigraph groups and related groups
ThuMar 1815:00Nivedita ViswanathanUnderstanding the notion of K-stability using 3-folds
ThuMar 1115:00Jennifer CreaserDomino effects on networks of bistable oscillatory nodes
ThuMar 0415:00Charles CoxSpread and infinite groups
ThuFeb 2515:00Christina de FilippisDifferentiable vs non-differentiable systems
ThuFeb 1815:00Kelly IaroszOur brain is not static
ThuFeb 1115:00Jesús M. SeoaneRelativistic chaotic scattering
ThuFeb 0415:00Marina IliopolouA discrete Kakeya-type inequality
ThuJan 2815:00Antonio Marcos BatistaExtreme events in nonlinear wave interactions (dragon king)
ThuDec 1709:00Melissa LeeThe hunt for regular orbits of almost quasisimple groups
ThuDec 1015:00Simon BlackburnHow many finite rings are there?
ThuDec 0315:00Nicola WalkerCod on the menu? Using mathematical modelling to provide fisheries management advice
ThuNov 2615:00Alastair LitterickVariations on a theme of J.-P. Serre: Complete reducibility in groups, representations, buildings and geometric invariant theory
ThuNov 1915:00Murat AkmanA Minkowski problem for nonlinear capacity
ThuNov 1215:00Anne-Sophie KaloghirosK-stability of Fano 3-folds
ThuNov 0515:00Georgios AmanatidisRapid mixing of the switch Markov chain for strongly stable degree sequences
ThuOct 2915:00Anouchah LatifiLabyrinth walk: A chaotic non Hamiltonian conservative system that does not admit an energy function
ThuOct 1514:00Chris AntonopoulosAn extended SIR model for the spread of COVID-19 in different communities
FriJun 2613:00George KinnearTeaching mathematics online with STACK
ThuJun 1813:00Dmitry SavostyanovEpidemiological models on networks: Numerical approaches and challenges (Work in progress)
ThuJun 1113:00Chimere AnabantiOn the classification of finite filled groups
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