Algebraic and enumerative combinatorics seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 17:00-18:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Stephen Melczer*
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Past talks
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ThuMay 2017:00Steven Karpq-Whittaker functions, finite fields, and Jordan forms
ThuMay 1317:00Christian BeanAutomating the enumeration of pattern-avoiding permutations
ThuApr 1517:00Yannic VargasPrimitive bases of combinatorial Hopf algebras
ThuApr 0817:00Jonathan NovakA Tale of Two Integrals
ThuApr 0117:00Amy WiebeA combinatorial approach to Minkowski tensors of polytopes
ThuMar 2517:00Colleen RobichauxAn Efficient Algorithm for Deciding the Vanishing of Schubert Polynomial Coefficients
ThuMar 1817:00David WagnerThe Poset Conjecture: results, counterexamples, and open problems
ThuMar 1118:00Karen YeatsEquivalences of Wilson loop diagrams
ThuMar 0418:00Ralph KaufmannGraphs and combinatorics with a relationship to algebra, geometry and physics
ThuFeb 2518:00Nick LoehrChain decompositions for q,t-Catalan numbers
ThuFeb 1118:00Julien CourtielSolving Prellberg and Mortimer's conjecture - bijection(s) between Motzkin paths and triangular walks
ThuFeb 0418:00Jessica StrikerPromotion and rowmotion – an ocean of notions
ThuJan 2818:00Olya MandelshtamThe multispecies TAZRP and modified Macdonald polynomials
ThuJan 2118:30Jason BellThe growth of groups and algebras
ThuJan 1418:00Steve MelczerAnalytic Combinatorics, Rigorous Numerics, and Uniqueness of Biomembranes
ThuDec 1018:00Laura ColmenarejoChromatic symmetric functions of Dyck paths and q-rook theory
ThuDec 0318:00Loïc FoissyTwisted Hopf algebras
ThuNov 2618:00Huda Ahmed and Yuanning ZhangFiltering Grassmannian cohomology via k-Schur functions
ThuNov 1918:00David WagnerSome new lemmas about polynomials with only real roots
ThuNov 1218:00Christos AthanasiadisFace enumeration and real-rootedness
ThuNov 0518:00Jonathan JedwabPackings of partial difference sets
ThuOct 2917:00Florian AignerqRSt: A probabilistic Robinson--Schensted correspondence for Macdonald polynomials
ThuOct 2217:00Reuven HodgesCoxeter combinatorics and spherical Schubert geometry
ThuOct 0817:00Alejandro MoralesFactorization problems in complex reflection groups
ThuOct 0117:00Karen YeatsChains of hourglasses and the graph theory of their Feynman integrals
ThuSep 2417:00Aram DermenjianSign variations and descents
ThuSep 1718:30Logan CrewEdge Deletion-Contraction in the Chromatic and Tutte Symmetric Functions
ThuJul 3018:30Gilyoung CheongP\'olya enumeration theorems in algebraic geometry
ThuJul 1618:30Oliver PechenikDynamics of plane partitions
ThuJul 0218:30Timothy MillerFactorial Schur Functions and Quantum Integrability
ThuJun 2518:30Ali Mahmoud2-Connected Chord Diagrams and Applications in QFT
ThuJun 1818:30Victor ReinerSandpiles and representation theory
ThuJun 1118:30Steve MelczerAn Upper Bound on Graphical Partitions
ThuJun 0418:30Lukas NabergallWeighted generating functions for weighted chord diagrams
ThuMay 2818:30Steph van WilligenburgThe e-positivity of chromatic symmetric functions
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