Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"

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mathematical physics analysis of PDEs classical analysis and ODEs differential geometry functional analysis metric geometry numerical analysis optimization and control

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 18:00-19:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Simon Blatt*, Philipp Reiter*, Armin Schikorra, Guofang Wang
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We discuss recent trends related to geometric analysis in a broad sense. The general idea is to treat geometric problems by means of advanced tools in analysis. We will include a wide range of topics such as geometric flows, curvature functionals, discrete differential geometry, and numerical simulation.

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Past talks
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TueOct 2718:00Simon BrendleThe isoperimetric inequality for minimal surfaces
TueNov 0318:15Henrik MatthiesenNew minimal surfaces from shape optimization
TueNov 1018:00Julia MenzelBoundary Value Problems for Evolutions of Willmore Type
TueNov 1718:00Behnam EsmayliCo-area formula for maps into metric spaces
TueNov 2418:00(reserved)TBA
TueDec 0118:00Marius MüllerTBA
TueDec 0818:00Ursula LudwigAn Extension of a Theorem by Cheeger and Müller to Spaces with Isolated Conical Singularities
TueDec 1518:00(reserved)TBA
TueJan 1218:00Rupert FrankTBA
TueJan 1918:00Wilderich TuschmannTBA
TueJan 2618:00Tobias WethTBA
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TueOct 2017:00Daniel CampbellPathological Sobolev homeomorphisms in GFT and NE
TueOct 1317:00Renan AssimosOn a spherical Bernstein theorem by B. Solomon
TueOct 0617:00Jonas HirschOn the regularity of area minimzing currents mod(p)
TueSep 2917:00Anna SiffertConstructing explicit p-harmonic functions
TueSep 2217:00Fritz HiesmayrA rigidity theorem for the Allen-Cahn equation in $S^3$
TueSep 0817:00Ryan AlvaradoA characterization of the Sobolev embedding theorem in metric-measure spaces.
TueSep 0117:00Peter McGrathQuantitative Isoperimetric Inequalities on Riemannian Surfaces
TueAug 2517:00Max EngelsteinWinding for Wave Maps
TueAug 1817:00Richard BamlerRicci flow in higher dimensions
TueAug 1117:00Julian ScheuerConcavity of solutions to elliptic equations on the sphere
TueAug 0417:00Melanie RupflinŁojasiewicz inequalities near simple bubble trees for the $H$ surface equation
TueJul 2817:00Nadine GroßeBoundary value problems on singular domains: an approach via bounded geometries
TueJul 2117:00Carla CederbaumOn CMC-foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds
TueJul 1417:00Christian BärCounter-intuitive approximations
TueJul 0717:00Ruben JakobGeneric full smooth convergence of the elastic energy flow in the 2-sphere
TueJun 3017:00Peter ToppingUniqueness of limits in geometric flows
TueJun 2317:00Miles SimonOn the regularity of Ricci flows coming out of metric spaces.
TueJun 1618:00Myfanwy EvansGeometric modelling of tangled structures
TueJun 1617:00Marc PegonPartial regularity for fractional harmonic maps into spheres
TueJun 0917:00Sven PistreThe Radon transform and higher regularity of surfaces minimising a Finsler area
TueJun 0217:00Lynn HellerArea Estimates for High genus Lawson surfaces via DPW
TueMay 2617:00Katharina BrazdaThe Canham-Helfrich model for multiphase biomembranes
TueMay 1917:00Volker BrandingHigher order generalizations of harmonic maps
TueMay 1217:00Jesse RatzkinOn constant Q-curvature metrics with isolated singularities and a related fourth order conformal invariant
TueMay 0518:00Elena Mäder-BaumdickerThe Morse index of Willmore spheres and its relation to the geometry of minimal surfaces
TueMay 0517:00Huy The NguyenHigh codimension mean curvature flow and surgery
TueApr 2817:00Bastian KäferA Möbius invariant energy for sets of arbitrary dimension and codimension
TueApr 2118:00Siran LiIsometric Immersions of Riemannian Manifolds into Euclidean Spaces, Revisited
TueApr 2117:00Andrew Sageman-FurnasNavigating the space of Chebyshev nets
TueApr 1417:00Daniel SteenebrüggeA speed preserving Hilbert gradient flow for generalized integral Menger curvature
TueApr 0717:00Remy RodiacInner variations and limiting vorticities for the Ginzburg-Landau equations
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