Brandeis Topology Seminar

group theory geometric topology

Brandeis University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 18:00-19:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Daniel Ruberman*, Ruth Charney*, Kiyoshi Igusa, Carolyn Abbott
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Talks will all be on Zoom. Some talks will be in person in room 317 Goldsmith; this will be indicated in the title.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueApr 1918:00No talkTBA
TueApr 1218:00Aleksandra KjuchukovaH-slice knots in $\#^m\mathbb{CP}^2$
TueApr 0518:00Maria CumplidoConjugacy stability in Artin groups
TueMar 2918:00Lei ChenActions of Homeo and Diffeo groups on manifolds
TueMar 2218:00Dave AucklyBranched covers in low dimensions.
TueMar 1518:00Lev Tostopyat-NelipFloer homology and quasipositive surfaces
ThuMar 1020:30Jingyin HuangThe Helly geometry of some Garside and Artin groups
TueMar 0819:00No talkTBA
TueMar 0119:00Bernard BadziochCategorical algebra and mapping spaces
TueFeb 1519:00Marissa MillerHierarchical hyperbolicity and stability in handlebody groups
TueDec 0719:00Cary MalkiewichFixed point theory and the higher characteristic polynomial
TueNov 3019:00Michah SageevRight angled Coxeter groups acting on CAT(0) cube complexes
TueNov 2319:00Ivan LevcovitzCoxeter groups with connected Morse boundary
TueNov 1619:00Lorenzo RuffoniIn person
TueNov 0919:00Anthony ConwayStable diffeomorphism and homotopy equivalence (in person)
TueNov 0218:00Jacob RussellSearching for geometric finiteness using surface group extensions
TueOct 2618:00Zihao LiuScaled homology and topological entropy (in person)
TueOct 1918:00Daniel Alvarez-GavelaThe nearby Lagrangian conjecture from the K-theoretic viewpoint.
TueOct 1218:00Yajit JainTopologically Trivial Families of Smooth h-Cobordisms
TueOct 0518:00Michael SullivanDisplacing Legendrian submanifolds in contact geometry
TueMay 0418:00Dan MargalitHomomorphisms of braid groups and totally symmetric sets
TueApr 2718:00Hannah SchwartzThe failure of the 4D light bulb theorem with dual spheres of non-zero square
TueApr 2018:00No seminarTBA
TueApr 1318:00Piotr PrzytyckiTail equivalence of unicorn paths
TueApr 0618:00Kasia JankiewiczSplittings of Artin groups
TueMar 3018:00Ryan BudneyIsotopy in dimension 4
TueMar 2318:00Delphine MoussardA triple point invariant and the slice and ribbon genera
TueMar 1618:00Maria CumplidoParabolic subgroups of large-type Artin groups
TueMar 0919:00William BallingerConcordance invariants from Khovanov homology
TueFeb 2319:00Kevin SchreveGeneralized Tits Conjecture for Artin groups
TueFeb 1619:00Hans BodenThe Gordon-Litherland pairing for knots in thickened surfaces
TueFeb 0919:00Marco Golla3-manifolds that bound no definite 4-manifold
TueFeb 0219:00Chris LeiningerBilliards, symbolic coding, and cone metrics
TueDec 0819:00Yulan QingThe Large Scale Geometry of Big Mapping Class Groups
TueDec 0119:00Carolyn AbbottFree products and random walks in acylindrically hyperbolic groups
TueNov 1719:00B├╝lent TosunSymplectic and complex geometric aspects of the 3-manifold embedding problem in 4-space.
TueNov 1019:00Ceren KoseComposite Knots with Symmetric Union Presentations
TueNov 0319:00Chris ScadutoEquivariant singular instanton homology
TueOct 2718:00Amitesh DattaIs the braid group $B_4$ a group of $3\times 3$-matrices?
TueOct 2018:00Jonathan SimoneUsing rational homology circles to construct rational homology balls
TueOct 1318:00David DuncanBundle splittings on boundary-punctured disks
TueOct 0618:00Elia FioravanteCubulations determined by their length function
TueSep 2918:00Ahmad IssaTBA
TueSep 2218:00Ivan LevcovitzCharacterizing divergence in right-angled Coxeter groups
TueSep 1518:00Abdul ZalloumRegularity of Morse geodesics and growth of stable subgroups
TueSep 0818:00Allison MooreTriple linking and Heegaard Floer homology.
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