Seminar Series on String Phenomenology

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Tuesday 15:00-15:30, 15:30-16:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ling Lin*
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This seminar series focuses on topics broadly related to String Phenomenology. The talks are held virtually on Tuesdays, usually from 11 AM - 12 PM EST, though it may vary depending on the speaker's time zone, in order to allow for maximum participation across the globe. To highlight the work of theorists early in their careers, the majority of presentations will be by junior researchers who are not yet in permanent positions.

Talks will be given via Zoom. Links will be distributed via the mailing list, for which you can sign up here:

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueApr 1215:30Ling Lin8d and 9d string vacua via junctions
TueApr 1215:00Yuta HamadaFiniteness and the Swampland
TueApr 0515:30Bruno BentoGravity at the Tip of the Throat
TueApr 0515:00Anthony AshmoreDeformed N=1 SCFTs and their Supergravity Duals
TueMar 2215:30Ivano BasileEmergent strings at infinite distance with broken supersymmetry
TueMar 2215:00Veronica CollazuolE9 symmetry in the Heterotic Theory on S1 and the Weak Gravity Conjecture​
TueMar 1515:30Atakan FiratD-instanton superpotential in type II string theory on Calabi-Yau orientifolds
TueMar 1515:00Manki KimD(-1)-instanton superpotential in string theory
TueMar 0816:30Alessandra GnecchiLarge and Small Non-extremal Black Holes, Thermodynamics Dualities and the Swampland
TueMar 0816:00Pramod ShuklaInsights of (Global) String Model Building: Presumptions, Expectations and Reality
TueMar 0116:30Thorsten SchimannekCounting BPS states with discrete charges in M-theory
TueMar 0116:00Pyry KuuselaBlack Holes and Calabi-Yau Modularity
TueFeb 2216:00Gerben VenkenThe LVS Parametric Tadpole Constraint
TueFeb 1516:30David CyncynatesFriendship in the Axiverse
TueFeb 1516:00Alberto CastellanoIR/UV Mixing and The Swampland
TueFeb 0816:30Luigi TizzanoAnomaly Matching Across Dimensions and Supersymmetric Cardy Formulae
TueFeb 0816:00Irene ValenzuelaThe Desert and the Swampland
TueFeb 0116:30Flavio TonioniMisaligned Supersymmetry in String Theory
TueFeb 0116:00Federico CartaSmall flux superpotential and divisor topologies
TueJan 1816:30Kajal SinghExploring Aspects of the String Landscape
TueJan 1816:00Craig LawrieInfinitely-many 4d SCFTs with a=c
TueJan 1116:30Andreas SchachnerThe Large Scale Structure of α' Effects in String Theory
TueJan 1116:00Enrico PajerFrom locality and unitarity to cosmological correlators
TueDec 1416:30Nava GaddamPage curve and emergent soft theorems from black hole scattering
TueDec 1416:00Lars AalsmaExtremal Black Hole Corrections from Iyer-Wald
TueDec 0716:30Jakob MoritzModular Superpotentials from Singular Divisors
TueDec 0716:00Max WiesnerLight Strings and Strong Coupling
TueNov 3016:30Paul OehlmannGauged 2-form symmetries in 6D SUGRAs
TueNov 3016:00Junsei TokudaSwampland conditions on scalar potentials from positivity bounds
TueNov 2316:30Joe ConlonExploring the Holographic Swampland
TueNov 2316:00Nicole RighiFuzzy Dark Matter Candidates from String Theory
TueNov 1616:30John StoutAxion Masses from Monopoles
TueNov 1616:00Gregory LogesBreeding Branes
TueNov 0916:30Mateo GaldeanoSuperconformal Algebras for (Generalized) Connected Sums
TueNov 0916:00Damian van de HeisteegModuli Stabilization in Asymptotic String Compactifications
TueNov 0215:30Xingyang Yu2d N=(0,1) gauge theories, Spin(7) orientifolds and triality
TueNov 0215:00Matilda DelgadoDynamical Cobordism and Swampland Distance Conjectures
TueOct 2615:00Joan QuirantBIonic membranes and AdS instabilities
TueOct 1915:30Saghar S. HosseiniHigher form symmetries of geometrically engineered field theories
TueOct 1915:00Robert RosatiRapid-turn inflation in supergravity is rare and tachyonic
TueOct 1215:30Naomi GendlerPQ Axiverse
TueOct 1215:00Pietro FerreroGluon scattering in AdS from CFT
TueOct 0515:30Thomas VandermeulenA Constructive Approach to Orbifolds
TueOct 0515:00Vincent Van HemelryckScale-separated AdS4 vacua of IIA orientifolds and M-theory
TueSep 2815:30Marieke van BeestHolography, 1-Form Symmetries, and Confinement
TueSep 2815:00Robin SchneiderDeep learning of Calabi-Yau metrics
TueSep 2115:30Ethan TorresOn Reflection Anomalies and Matter Content of M-theory on Local Spin(7) Spaces
TueSep 2115:00Martin BiesRoot Bundles and Towards Exact Matter Spectra of F-theory MSSMs
TueSep 2915:30Matteo LotitoTBA
TueSep 2915:00Hao ZhangTBA
TueSep 2215:30Viraf MehtaTBA
TueSep 2215:00Mehmet DemirtasTBA
TueSep 1515:30Igor BroeckelTBA
TueSep 1515:00Pierre CorvilainTBA
TueSep 0815:30Manki KimConifold Vacua with Small Flux Superpotential
TueSep 0815:00Craig Lawrie6D SCFTs and Integrable Spin Chains
TueJul 2815:30Stefano AndrioloTBA
TueJul 2815:00Nikhil RaghuramTBA
TueJul 2115:30Miguel MonteroCobordisms, anomalies, and Swampland in nine dimensions
TueJul 2115:00Thomas RochaisGeometric Unification of Higgs Bundle Vacua - Part II
TueJul 1415:30Eduardo GonzaloPair Production and Gravity as the Weakest Force
TueJul 1415:00Gianluca ZoccaratoGeometric Unification of Higgs Bundle Vacua - Part I
TueJul 0715:30Markus DieriglGeometric Approach for 3D Interfaces at Strong Coupling
TueJul 0715:00Naomi GendlerBPS States and Extremal Black Holes at Infinite Distance
TueJun 2315:30Paul-Konstantin OehlmannNon-Simply-Connected Symmetries in SUGRA & 6D SCFTs
TueJun 2315:00Niccolò CribioriThe web of swampland conjectures and the TCC bound
TueJun 1615:30Patrick JeffersonNew Resolutions for F-theory and Chiral Matter in Standard Model-like Constructions
TueJun 1615:00Martin BiesOn stratification diagrams, algorithmic spectrum estimates and vector-like pairs in F-theory
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