Rocky Mountain Rep Theory Seminar

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representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 19:00-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Florencia Orosz Hunziker*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2815:00Juan VillarealLogarithmic vertex algebras.
ThuNov 0419:00Christoph SchweigertTopological field theories with boundaries - applications to tensor networks and to representation theory
ThuNov 1116:00Kathrin BringmannTBA
ThuNov 1820:00Reimundo HeluaniTBA
ThuDec 0223:00Qing WangTBA
ThuDec 0920:00Niklas GarnerTBA
ThuDec 1620:00Haisheng LiTBA
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Your timeSpeakerTitle
ThuOct 2115:00Veronika PedićRepresentation theory and fusion rules for Weyl vertex algebras and beyond
ThuOct 1415:00Matthew RupertUprolling Unrolled Quantum Groups
ThuOct 0719:00Gurbir DhillonThe Drinfeld--Sokolov reduction of admissible representations of affine Lie algebras
ThuSep 3019:00Thomas CreutzigThe category O of affine osp(1|2n) at admissible level
ThuMay 2022:00ZacharyFehilySubregular W-algebras
ThuMay 1319:00Cris NegronQuantum SL(2) and logarithmic vertex operator algebras at (p,1)-central charge
ThuMay 0622:00David RidoutWeight modules for $\mathfrak{sl}_3$ minimal models
ThuApr 2919:00Gaywalee Yamskulna​A remark on $\mathbb{N}$-graded vertex algebras
ThuApr 2219:00Fei QiBosonic and fermionic constructions of meromorphic open-string vertex algebras.
ThuApr 1516:00Ana KontrecBershadsky-Polyakov vertex algebras at positive integer levels and duality
ThuApr 0823:00Shunsuke TsuchiokaA proof of conjectured partition identities of Nandi.
ThuApr 0123:00Sven MöllerClassification of Holomorphic VOAs in Central Charge 24
FriMar 2600:00Mamoru UedaAffine super Yangians and rectangular W-superalgebras.
ThuMar 1120:00Kang LuSkew representations of super Yangian.
ThuMar 0416:00Simon WoodThere is always more that can be learnt from the free boson
FriFeb 2600:00Robert McRaeOn semisimplicity of modules for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras
ThuFeb 1820:00Bin GuiConjugation and positivity of conformal blocks
ThuFeb 1123:00Tomoyuki Arakawa4D/2D duality and VOA theory
ThuFeb 0420:00Christoph KellerHolographic Families of VOAs
ThuJan 2816:00Ana Ros CamachoAlgebra objects in group-theoretical fusion categories.
FriJan 2200:00Cuibo JiangSimplicity of vacuum modules and associated varieties.
ThuJan 1420:00Shashank KanadePrincipal characters of standard $A_2^{(2)}$-modules
ThuDec 1720:00Drazen AdamovicAffine Vertex Algebras, collapsing levels and representation theory
ThuDec 1020:00Shigenori NakatsukaDuality of subregular W-algebras and principal W-superalgebras of type A and their representations in rational cases
ThuDec 0320:00Chiara DamioliniCohomological Field Theories from vertex operator algebras
ThuNov 2600:00Shoma SugimotoOn the log W-algebras
ThuNov 1916:00Anne MoreauSingularities of nilpotent Slodowy slices and collapsing levels for W-algebras.
ThuNov 1220:00Antun MilasSome q-series identities related to characters of vertex algebras
ThuNov 0520:00Yi-Zhi HuangAssociative algebra and the representation theory of grading-restricted vertex algebras.
ThuOct 2919:00Ryo SatoKazama-Suzuki coset vertex superalgebras at admissible levels
ThuOct 2219:00Darlayne AddabboHigher level Zhu algebras for vertex operator algebras
ThuOct 1519:00Naoki GenraScreenings and applications
ThuOct 0819:00Jethro Van EkerenSchellekens list, the Leech lattice and the very strange Formula.
ThuOct 0121:00Reimundo HeluaniThe singular support of the Ising model
ThuSep 2419:00Jinwei YangRecent progress on tensor categories of vertex operator algebras.
ThuSep 1019:00Andrew LinshawTrialities of W-algebras
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