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representation theory

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Thursday 21:00-22:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Florencia Orosz Hunziker*
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ThuFeb 2921:00Iván AngionoContragredient Lie algebras in symmetric tensor categories
ThuMar 0721:00Philip ArgyresTBA
ThuMar 1415:00Anne MoreauTBA
ThuMar 2120:00Matthew RuppertTBA
ThuMar 2820:00David RidoutTBA
ThuApr 0420:00Christopher RaymondTBA
ThuApr 1120:00Simone CastellanTBA
ThuApr 1820:00Mamoru UedaTBA
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ThuFeb 2221:00Ana Ros CamachoOn the classification of rigid Frobenius algebras in Dijkgraaf-Witten categories.
ThuFeb 1521:00Shigenori NakatsukaOn the structure of W-algebras in type A
ThuFeb 0821:00Shoma SugimotoFeigin-Tipunin algorithm
ThuFeb 0121:00Thomas CreutzigA family of rational VOAs as type C cosets
ThuJan 2521:00Chelsea WaltonReflective centers of module categories and quantum K-matrices
ThuNov 3021:00Vladimir KovalchukOn the universal 2-parameter VOA of type $W(1^3,2,3^3,4,\dots)$.
ThuNov 1621:00Agustina CzenkyLow rank symmetric fusion categories in positive characteristic.
ThuNov 0220:00Sergei GukovGoing to the other side
ThuOct 2620:00Hongdi HuangWeighted Poisson polynomial rings and their Poisson valuations
ThuOct 1920:00Harshit YadavOn unimodularity in the theory of tensor categories
ThuOct 1220:00Antoine CaradotThe cohomological variety of a vertex operator algebra.
ThuOct 0516:00Andoni de Arriba de la HeraSupersymmetric Vertex Algebras and Killing Spinors
ThuSep 2820:00Fei QiOn extensions of left modules for a meromorphic open-string vertex algebra.
ThuSep 2120:00Marijana ButoracCombinatorial construction of standard modules for affine Lie algebras.
ThuSep 1420:00Shashank KanadeInvariants of torus links and characters of VOAs.
ThuJun 0820:00Jehanne DousseCharacters of level 1 $C_n^{(1)}$-modules, integer partitions, and the Capparelli-Meurman-Primc-Primc conjecture
ThuJun 0116:00Masoumah Al-AliOrbifolds of Gaiotto-Rapčák Y-algebras
ThuMay 2518:00Ivana VukorepaTensor category $KL_k(sl_{2n})$ via minimal affine $W$--algebras at the non-admissible level $k=-\frac{2n+1}{2}$
ThuMay 1120:00Simon LentnerA theory of logarithmic Kazhdan-Lusztig correspondences.
ThuMay 0417:00Anna LachowskaThe small quantum group and related geometry
ThuApr 2717:00Daniele ValeriDeformations of W-algebras and differential-difference equations
ThuApr 2020:00Pedram HekmatiDistributional characters on toric contact manifolds.
ThuApr 1321:00Ole WarnaarCylindric partitions and character formulas for W algebras
ThuApr 0620:00Shigenori NakatsukaOn Feigin-Tipunin type extension of W-algebras
ThuMar 1617:00Maryam KhaqanVertex operators for imaginary gl2-subalgebras in the Monster Lie algebra.
ThuMar 0921:00Thomas CreutzigQuantum groups and VOAs
ThuDec 0820:00Gaywalee YamskulnaFrom N-graded vertex algebras to Leibniz algebras and back.
ThuNov 1718:00Maria GorelikLinkage classes for Kac-Moody superalgebras and the Duflo-Serganova functors
FriNov 1100:00Robert McRaeNon-rigid Kazhdan-Lusztig tensor categories for affine sl_2 at admissible levels and quantum groups.
ThuNov 0319:00Justine FasquelRationality of subregular W-algebras of type B.
ThuOct 2019:00Chris SadowskiWeight-one elements of vertex operator algebras and automorphisms of categories of generalized twisted modules
ThuOct 1319:00Evgeny MukhinExtensions of deformed W-algebras.
ThuSep 2923:00Jinwei YangRibbon categories for the singlet algebras and their extensions.
ThuSep 2223:00Naoki GenraCoset constructions of W-superalgebras of type B
ThuSep 1519:00Shigenori NakatsukaDuality of hook-type W-superalgebras via convolution operations
ThuSep 0819:00Victor OstrikFrobenius exact symmetric tensor categories.
ThuSep 0119:00Thomas CreutzigVertex tensor categories and C_1 cofiniteness
ThuAug 2519:00Julia PlavnikZesting link invariants
ThuAug 1819:00Angela GibneyFactorization resolutions
ThuMay 0519:00Andrew LinshawGlobal sections of the chiral de Rham complex for Calabi-Yau and hyperkahler manifolds.
ThuApr 2822:00Chongying DongPointed modular tensor category
ThuApr 1419:00Natalia RozhkovskayaTransformations of Vertex operators of Hall-Littlewood Polynomials
ThuApr 0719:00Wenjun NiuBeta-gamma VOA and 3d mirror symmetry
ThuMar 3119:00Bojko BakalovOn the cohomology of vertex algebras and Poisson vertex algebras.
ThuMar 1020:00Brian WilliamsExceptional super Lie algebras and their representations from M-theory
ThuMar 0323:00Nina YuFusion products of twisted modules in permutation orbifolds
ThuFeb 2423:00Uhi Rinn SuhN=1 Supersymmetric (SUSY) W-algebras
ThuFeb 1020:00Christoph SchweigertRigidity in conformal field theory and vertex algebras beyond rigidity
ThuFeb 0320:00Mirko PrimcNew partition identities from $C_l^{(1)}$-modules
ThuJan 2720:00Andrew LinshawVertex algebras and arc spaces
ThuDec 1620:00Haisheng LiDeforming vertex algebras by module and comodule actions of vertex bialgebras.
ThuDec 0920:00Niklas GarnerNon-semisimple 3d TQFTs for the Feigen-Tipunin algebras and quantum groups
ThuDec 0223:00Qing WangTrigonometric Lie algebras, affine Lie algebras, and vertex algebras
TueNov 2320:00Reimundo HeluaniBorcherds identity in logarithmic coordinates.
ThuNov 1116:00Kathrin BringmannModularity of class number generating function
ThuOct 2815:00Juan VillarealLogarithmic vertex algebras.
ThuOct 2115:00Veronika PedićRepresentation theory and fusion rules for Weyl vertex algebras and beyond
ThuOct 1415:00Matthew RupertUprolling Unrolled Quantum Groups
ThuOct 0719:00Gurbir DhillonThe Drinfeld--Sokolov reduction of admissible representations of affine Lie algebras
ThuSep 3019:00Thomas CreutzigThe category O of affine osp(1|2n) at admissible level
ThuMay 2022:00ZacharyFehilySubregular W-algebras
ThuMay 1319:00Cris NegronQuantum SL(2) and logarithmic vertex operator algebras at (p,1)-central charge
ThuMay 0622:00David RidoutWeight modules for $\mathfrak{sl}_3$ minimal models
ThuApr 2919:00Gaywalee Yamskulna​A remark on $\mathbb{N}$-graded vertex algebras
ThuApr 2219:00Fei QiBosonic and fermionic constructions of meromorphic open-string vertex algebras.
ThuApr 1516:00Ana KontrecBershadsky-Polyakov vertex algebras at positive integer levels and duality
ThuApr 0823:00Shunsuke TsuchiokaA proof of conjectured partition identities of Nandi.
ThuApr 0123:00Sven MöllerClassification of Holomorphic VOAs in Central Charge 24
FriMar 2600:00Mamoru UedaAffine super Yangians and rectangular W-superalgebras.
ThuMar 1120:00Kang LuSkew representations of super Yangian.
ThuMar 0416:00Simon WoodThere is always more that can be learnt from the free boson
FriFeb 2600:00Robert McRaeOn semisimplicity of modules for C_2-cofinite vertex operator algebras
ThuFeb 1820:00Bin GuiConjugation and positivity of conformal blocks
ThuFeb 1123:00Tomoyuki Arakawa4D/2D duality and VOA theory
ThuFeb 0420:00Christoph KellerHolographic Families of VOAs
ThuJan 2816:00Ana Ros CamachoAlgebra objects in group-theoretical fusion categories.
FriJan 2200:00Cuibo JiangSimplicity of vacuum modules and associated varieties.
ThuJan 1420:00Shashank KanadePrincipal characters of standard $A_2^{(2)}$-modules
ThuDec 1720:00Drazen AdamovicAffine Vertex Algebras, collapsing levels and representation theory
ThuDec 1020:00Shigenori NakatsukaDuality of subregular W-algebras and principal W-superalgebras of type A and their representations in rational cases
ThuDec 0320:00Chiara DamioliniCohomological Field Theories from vertex operator algebras
ThuNov 2600:00Shoma SugimotoOn the log W-algebras
ThuNov 1916:00Anne MoreauSingularities of nilpotent Slodowy slices and collapsing levels for W-algebras.
ThuNov 1220:00Antun MilasSome q-series identities related to characters of vertex algebras
ThuNov 0520:00Yi-Zhi HuangAssociative algebra and the representation theory of grading-restricted vertex algebras.
ThuOct 2919:00Ryo SatoKazama-Suzuki coset vertex superalgebras at admissible levels
ThuOct 2219:00Darlayne AddabboHigher level Zhu algebras for vertex operator algebras
ThuOct 1519:00Naoki GenraScreenings and applications
ThuOct 0819:00Jethro Van EkerenSchellekens list, the Leech lattice and the very strange Formula.
ThuOct 0121:00Reimundo HeluaniThe singular support of the Ising model
ThuSep 2419:00Jinwei YangRecent progress on tensor categories of vertex operator algebras.
ThuSep 1019:00Andrew LinshawTrialities of W-algebras
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