Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)

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HEP - theory mathematical physics algebraic geometry algebraic topology combinatorics differential geometry geometric topology quantum algebra

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 12:00-13:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Gaetan Borot*, Yuri Manin
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There is a mild moderation: if you are not affiliated to MPIM or HU, please send Gaetan an email to give notice that you would like to attend the seminar (only for the first time).

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueJul 2712:00Samuele GiraudoThe music box operad
TueJul 2012:00Margaret BiluTBA
TueJul 1312:00Piotr SulkowskiPermutohedra for knots and quivers
TueJul 0612:00Marta MazzoccoIsomonodromic deformations: confluence, reduction and quantization
TueJun 2912:00Ashkan NikeghbaliConvergence of random holomorphic functions with real zeros, random matrices and the distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function
TueJun 2212:00Nicolo SibillaFukaya category of surfaces and pants decomposition
TueJun 1512:00Andras SzenesThe Verlinde formula and parabolic Hecke correspondences
TueJun 0812:00Jacopo StoppaLog Calabi-Yau surfaces and Jeffrey-Kirwan residues
TueJun 0112:00Nathalie WahlString topology operations
TueMay 2512:00Will SawinIs freeness enough for counting rational points ?
TueMay 1812:00Inna ZakharevichPoint counting to detect non-permutative elements of K_1(Var)
TueMay 1112:00Omid AminiHybrid geometry of curves and their moduli spaces
TueMay 0412:00Yuri I. ManinNon-associative Moufang loop of point classes on a cubic surface
TueApr 2712:00Yuri B. SurisBilinear discretization of quadratic vector fields: integrability and geometry
TueApr 2012:00Anna WienhardPositivity, higher Teichmüller spaces and (non-commutative) cluster algebras
TueApr 1312:00Hülya ArgüzDonaldson-Thomas invariants of quivers with potentials from the flow tree flormula
TueApr 0612:00Francois LoeserLimits of complex integrals and non-archimedean geometry
TueMar 3012:00Mark GrossIntrinsic mirror symmetry
TueMar 2313:00Gereon QuickFrom rational points to étale homotopy fixed points
TueMar 1613:00Pedro TamaroffPoincaré-Birkhoff-Witt theorems: homotopical and effective computational methods for universal envelopes
TueMar 0913:00Thomas WillwacherEmbeddings of manifolds in euclidean space and Feynman diagrams
TueMar 0213:00Jean-Louis Colliot-TheleneTBA
TueFeb 2313:00Vasily GolyshevNon-abelian Abel's theorems and quaternionic rotation
TueFeb 1613:00Vivek ShendeHolomorphic curves, boundaries, skeins, and recursion
TueFeb 0913:00Karim AdiprasitoCombinatorics, Lefschetz theorems beyond positivity and transversality of primes
TueFeb 0213:00Tomas ProchazkaW-algebras and integrable structure
TueJan 2613:00Bruno KlinglerTame geometry and Hodge theory
TueJan 1913:00Alice GuionnetTopological expansions, random matrices and operator algebras theory
TueDec 1513:00Gautier PonsinetUniversal norms of p-adic Galois representations and the Fargues-Fontaine curve
TueDec 0813:00Renaud DetcherrySkein modules of closed 3-manifolds
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