Workshop on Quantum Information and Spacetime

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condensed matter general relativity and quantum cosmology HEP - experiment HEP - lattice HEP - phenomenology HEP - theory mathematical physics classical physics computational physics general physics space physics quantum physics

Institute for Advanced Study

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Lisa Fleischer*
*contact for this listing

All in person attendees must be fully vaccinated, upload their proof of vaccination to CrowdPass and complete the workshop registration form.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED (AS OF NOVEMBER 22, 2021). If you have an inquiry, please contact Lisa Fleischer,

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedDec 0819:45Alexey MilekhinCharge Fluctuation Entropy of Hawking Radiation: A Replica-free Way to Find Large Entropy
WedDec 0819:00Geoffrey PenningtonOne-Shot Holography
WedDec 0817:00Adam LevineScattering Strings Off Quantum Extremal Surfaces
WedDec 0816:15Arvin Shahbazi-MoghaddamIsland Finder and Singularity Theorem
WedDec 0814:45Thomas HertogA Page-like Transition in Quantum Cosmology
WedDec 0814:00Suvrat RajuFailure of the Split Property in Gravity and the Information Paradox
TueDec 0722:15Luca IliesiuThe Volume of the Black Hole Interior at Late Times
TueDec 0721:30Jorrit KruthoffGravity Factorized
TueDec 0719:45Phil SaadComments on Wormholes and Factorization
TueDec 0717:00Shaokai JianLate Time von Neumann Entropy and Measurement-induced Phase Transition
TueDec 0716:15Ying ZhaoQuantum Circuit and Collisions in the Black Hole Interior
TueDec 0714:45Pengfei ZhangBranching Time in SYK-like Models
TueDec 0714:00Tatsuma NishiokaTopological Pseudo Entropy
MonDec 0622:15Felix M. HaehlSpin Glasses and Holography
MonDec 0621:30Juan PedrazaLorentzian Threads and Holographic Complexity
MonDec 0619:45ChunJun (Charles) CaoTensor Network and Approximate Holographic Codes
MonDec 0617:00Andru GheorghiuOn Estimating the Entropy of Shallow Circuit Outputs
MonDec 0616:15Nicole Yunger HalpernProofs of Two Brown-and-Susskind Complexity Conjectures
MonDec 0614:45Jordan CotlerQuantum Complexity of Experiments
MonDec 0614:00Ling-Yan (Janet) HungBending the Padic Tensor Network and Emergent Einstein Equation
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