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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Michael Bennett, Philipp Habegger, Alina Ostafe*
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ThuDec 0216:00Kiran KedlayaOrders of abelian varieties over $\mathbb{F}_2$
ThuDec 0916:00Samir SiksekTBA
ThuDec 1616:00Sarah ZerbesTBA
ThuJan 1316:00Péter VarjúTBA
ThuJan 2016:00Jozsef SolymosiTBA
ThuJan 2716:00Larry GuthTBA
ThuFeb 0316:00Peter HumphriesTBA
ThuFeb 1020:00David HarveyTBA
ThuFeb 1716:00Jeffrey C. LagariasTBA
ThuFeb 2416:00Nicole LooperTBA
ThuMar 0316:00Ekin ÖzmanTBA
ThuMar 1016:00Dmitry KleinbockTBA
ThuMar 1716:00Aaron LevinTBA
ThuApr 0715:00Ana CaraianiTBA
ThuApr 1415:00Ram MurtyTBA
ThuApr 2815:00Barry MazurTBA
ThuMay 0515:00Levent AlpögeTBA
ThuMay 1215:00Andrew GranvilleTBA
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ThuNov 2516:00Alexei SkorobogatovOn uniformity conjectures for abelian varieties and K3 surfaces
ThuNov 1816:00Myrto MavrakiTowards uniformity in the dynamical Bogomolov conjecture
ThuNov 1116:00Avi WigdersonRandomness
ThuNov 0416:00Katherine StangeAlgebraic Number Starscapes
ThuOct 2815:00Dimitris KoukoulopoulosTowards a high-dimensional theory of divisors of integers
ThuOct 2115:00Johan CommelinLiquid Tensor Experiment
ThuOct 1415:00Jean-Marc DeshouillersAre factorials sums of three cubes?
ThuOct 0715:00Henryk IwaniecRemarks on the large sieve (A talk in honor of John Friedlander's 80th birthday)
ThuSep 3015:00Anish GhoshValues of quadratic forms at integer points
ThuSep 2315:00Alina Carmen CojocaruBounds for the distribution of the Frobenius traces associated to abelian varieties
ThuSep 1615:00Martin SombraThe mean height of the solution set of a system of polynomial equations
ThuSep 0915:00Emmanuel KowalskiHarmonic analysis over finite fields and equidistribution
ThuSep 0215:00Lars KühneThe uniform Bogomolov conjecture for algebraic curves
ThuAug 2621:00Alexandru ZaharescuSome remarks on Landau - Siegel zeros
ThuAug 1915:00Zeev DvirThe Kakeya set conjecture over rings of integers modulo square free $m$
ThuAug 1215:00Francesco AmorosoBounded Height in Pencils of Subgroups of finite rank
ThuAug 0515:00Frank CalegariDigits
ThuJul 2915:00Arno FehmIs $\Z$ diophantine in $\Q$?
ThuJul 2215:00Kumar MurtyPeriods and Mixed Motives
ThuJul 1515:00Ricardo Menares$p$-adic distribution of CM points
ThuJul 0815:00Brian ConreyMoments, ratios, arithmetic functions in short intervals and random matrix averages
ThuJul 0115:00Manjul BhargavaGalois groups of random integer polynomials (A talk in honor of Don Zagier's 70th birthday)
ThuJun 2415:00Annette Huber-KlawitterPeriods and O-minimality
ThuJun 1715:00Shou-Wu ZhangAdelic line bundles over quasi-projective varieties
ThuJun 1015:00Matthew YoungThe Weyl bound for Dirichlet L-functions
ThuJun 0318:00Antoine Chambert-LoirFrom complex function theory to non-archimedean spaces - a number theoretical thread
ThuMay 2715:00Robert TichyEquidistribution, exponential sums and van der Corput sets
ThuMay 2015:00Alice SilverbergCryptographic Multilinear Maps and Miscellaneous Musings
ThuMay 1315:00Alex KontorovichArithmetic Groups and Sphere Packings
ThuMay 0615:00Akshay VenkateshA brief history of Hecke operators
ThuApr 2915:00Pietro CorvajaOn the local-to-global principle for value sets
ThuApr 2215:00Renate ScheidlerComputing modular polynomials and isogeny graphs of rank $2$ Drinfeld modules
ThuApr 1515:00Jonathan KeatingJoint Moments
ThuApr 0815:00János PintzOn the mean value of the remainder term of the prime number formula
ThuApr 0115:00Boris AdamczewskiFurstenberg's conjecture, Mahler's method, and finite automata
ThuMar 2520:30Vitaly BergelsonA "soft" dynamical approach to the Prime Number Theorem and disjointness of additive and multiplicative semigroup actions
ThuMar 1820:00Shabnam AkhtariOrders in Quartic Number Fields and Classical Diophantine Equations
ThuMar 1120:00Chantal DavidMoments and non-vanishing of cubic Dirichlet $L$-functions at $s=\frac{1}{2}$
ThuMar 0420:00Sanju VelaniThe Shrinking Target Problem for Matrix Transformations of Tori
ThuFeb 2516:00Ben GreenNew lower bounds for van der Waerden numbers
ThuFeb 1816:00Gabriel DillUnlikely Intersections and Distinguished Categories
ThuFeb 1116:00Don ZagierAnalytic functions related to zeta-values, cotangent products, and the cohomology of $SL_2(\Z)$
ThuFeb 0416:00Oleksiy KlurmanOn the zeros of Fekete polynomials
ThuJan 2816:00William BanksOn the distribution of reduced fractions with squarefree denominators
ThuJan 2116:00Lior Bary-SorokerRandom Polynomials, Probabilistic Galois Theory, and Finite Field Arithmetic
ThuJan 1416:00Peter SarnakSummation formulae in spectral theory and number theory (A talk in honor of Zeev Rudnick's 60th Birthday)
ThuJan 0716:00Imre RuzsaAdditive decomposition of signed primes
TueDec 2210:00Jianya LiuMobius disjointness for irregular flows
ThuDec 1716:00Gisbert WüstholzBaker's theory for $1$-motives
TueDec 1510:00Adam HarperLarge fluctuations of random multiplicative functions
ThuDec 1016:00Maksym RadziwillThe Fyodorov-Hiary-Keating conjecture
MonDec 0722:00Jacob TsimermanBounding torsion in class group and families of local systems
ThuDec 0316:00Alexander LubotzkyFrom Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes
TueDec 0101:00Dragos GhiocaA couple of conjectures in arithmetic dynamics over fields of positive characteristic
ThuNov 2616:00Michael StollAn application of "Selmer group Chabauty" to arithmetic dynamics
TueNov 2410:00Jasmin MatzQuantum ergodicity of compact quotients of $SL(n,R)/SO(n)$ in the level aspect
ThuNov 1916:00Chantal DavidCANCELLED--Moments and non-vanishing of cubic Dirichlet $L$-functions at $s=\frac{1}{2}$
TueNov 1701:00Jason BellA transcendental dynamical degree
ThuNov 1216:00David MasserPencils of norm form equations and a conjecture of Thomas
TueNov 1010:00Gérald TenenbaumRecent progress on the Selberg-Delange method in analytic number theory
ThuNov 0516:00Par KurlbergDistribution of lattice points on hyperbolic circles
TueNov 0310:00Jens MarklofThe three gap theorem in higher dimensions
ThuOct 2916:00Will SawinThe distribution of prime polynomials over finite fields
TueOct 2710:00Gal BinyaminiPoint counting for foliations in Diophantine geometry
ThuOct 2215:00Sergei KonyaginA construction of A. Schinzel - many numbers in a short interval without small prime factors
TueOct 2009:00Jörg BrüdernHarmonic analysis of arithmetic functions
ThuOct 1515:00Cameron L. StewartOn integers represented by binary forms
TueOct 1309:00Alexander GorodnikArithmetic approach to the spectral gap problem
ThuOct 0815:00Philippe MichelSimultaneous reductions of CM elliptic curves
TueOct 0600:00Alexander SmithSelmer groups and a Cassels-Tate pairing for finite Galois modules
ThuOct 0115:00Wei HoThe Hasse local-to-global principle for some genus one curves
TueSep 2900:00Julie Tzu-Yueh WangPisot's $d$-th root's conjecture for function fields and its complex analog
ThuSep 2415:00Emmanuel BreuillardA subspace theorem for manifolds
TueSep 2209:00Ilya D. ShkredovZaremba's conjecture and growth in groups
ThuSep 1715:00Özlem ImamogluA class number formula of Hurwitz
TueSep 1509:00Dzmitry BadziahinApproximation by algebraic numbers
ThuSep 1015:00Bianca VirayExistence of quadratic points on intersections of quadrics
TueSep 0808:00Maryna ViazovskaUniversal optimality, Fourier interpolation, and modular integrals
ThuSep 0315:00Kevin FordPrime gaps, probabilistic models, the interval sieve, Hardy-Littlewood conjectures and Siegel zeros
TueSep 0109:00Umberto ZannierTorsion in elliptic familes and applications to billiards
ThuAug 2715:00Hector PastenA Chabauty-Coleman bound for hyperbolic surfaces in abelian threefolds
ThuAug 2015:00Christopher SkinnerSolving diagonal diophantine equations over general $p$-adic fields
ThuAug 1315:00Carl PomerancePractical numbers
ThuAug 0615:00Bjorn PoonenTetrahedra with rational dihedral angles
ThuJul 3015:00Joseph H. SilvermanMore Tips on Keeping Secrets in a Post-Quantum World: Lattice-Based Cryptography
ThuJul 2315:00Jordan EllenbergWhat’s up in arithmetic statistics
TueJul 2108:00Wadim ZudilinIrrationality through an irrational time
ThuJul 1615:00Jennifer BalakrishnanA tale of three curves
TueJul 1400:00Ken OnoVariants of Lehmer's speculation for newforms
ThuJul 0915:00Lillian PierceOn Bourgain’s counterexample for the Schrödinger maximal function
TueJul 0708:00René SchoofAbelian varieties over ${\bf Q}(\sqrt{97})$ with good reduction everywhere
ThuJul 0215:00James MaynardPrimes in arithmetic progressions to large moduli
TueJun 3000:00Kannan SoundararajanEquidistribution from the Chinese Remainder Theorem
ThuJun 2515:00Peter SarnakInteger points on affine cubic surfaces
TueJun 2308:00Igor ShparlinskiWeyl sums: large, small and typical
ThuJun 1815:00Elon LindenstraussDiagonalizable flows, joinings, and arithmetic applications
TueJun 1608:00Harald Andrés HelfgottOptimality of the logarithmic upper-bound sieve, with explicit estimates
ThuJun 1115:00Yuri BiluTrinomials, singular moduli and Riffaut's conjecture
TueJun 0900:00Felipe VolochValue sets of sparse polynomials
ThuJun 0415:00Timothy BrowningRandom Diophantine equations
TueJun 0208:00Kaisa MatomäkiMultiplicative functions in short intervals revisited
ThuMay 2815:00Trevor WooleyBracket quadratics, Hua’s Lemma and Vinogradov’s mean value theorem
TueMay 2608:00Bas EdixhovenGeometric quadratic Chabauty
ThuMay 2115:00Zeev RudnickPrime lattice points in ovals
TueMay 1900:00Kristin LauterHow to keep your secrets in a post-quantum world
ThuMay 1415:00Valentin BlomerJoint equidistribution and fractional moments of L-functions
TueMay 1208:00Michel WaldschmidtRepresentation of integers by cyclotomic binary forms
ThuMay 0715:00Andrew SutherlandSums of three cubes
ThuApr 3015:00Andrew GranvilleFrobenius's postage stamp problem, and beyond...
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